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Athlete Spotlight: Runner Haley Ellis

Haley Ellis

Haley Ellis is a sophomore cross country runner for LCC. She graduated from Leslie High School in 2021.  Courtesy photo

Jayden Hewitt

The Lookout Staff Writer Jayden Hewitt recently spoke to cross country runner Haley Ellis about her sport. A sophomore at LCC, Ellis graduated from Leslie High School in 2021.

What’s one personal or team goal you have for the rest of this season?
“One team goal I have is to win nationals again. My personal goal is to get top three at nationals and a PR (personal record).”

What’s your most embarrassing moment while running for LCC?
“My most embarrassing story at LCC is how my coach always ends up with random socks, and asks the team whose they are, and I always have to pretend they aren’t mine.”

Do you have any pre-run routines?
“Before each race I usually listen to music and not think so much about the race.”

Is there one piece of advice you’ve been given that sticks with you?
“To always be confident in yourself and trust the process.”

When did you begin running cross country?
“I started running my eighth grade year.”

Do you have any music you listen to that gets you pumped up for races? 
“I usually listen to Taylor Swift or MGK before the race and outside as well.”

Who’s someone that inspires you, in the sport, or out of it?
“Someone that inspires me is my LCC Coach (Jim Robinson).”

What are your plans after LCC?
“I’m not exactly sure what my plans after LCC are, but I believe I am going to continue running and pursue a degree in business.”



finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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