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New LCC Art Club promotes creativity

Art Club

Madison Rasico, Henry Cleveland, Ami Bond, Lauren Keesler, Tara Mingus and Brian Kohls are among the charter members of the new LCC Art Club.  Photo by Alexandra McCluskey

Alexandra McCluskey

By Alexandra McCluskey                                                                                     
Staff Writer

There are so many different people at LCC; a myriad of groups, types and interests all bundled together. Therefore it makes sense that there are new student clubs popping up, including the Art Club.

Making its grand opening at the Club Fair this past Halloween, the Art Club had its first meeting Tuesday, Nov. 7 in room 1235C of the Gannon Building, from 9 to noon.

It was a casual event, filled with introductions, art games and collective doodle-time. There were also donuts and bagels, courtesy of art professor and Club Adviser Susan Hardie. 

“We need to make art something more collaborate and social,” Club President Tori Ericks said.

And the club did just that. The members present gathered around a giant square of paper to doodle collectively, get to know one another, and share stories, pet information and knowledge.

“Anyone and everyone can join,” said member Kaity Silengo. “We all need an outlet, and within art there are many ways to do just that.”

Despite its newness, the club is gaining traction. The discord chat alone has a decent number of members already, and the traffic within the 9 to noon meeting time was impressive.

“I think it’s going to become a huge thing,” Ericks said. “A lot of people are lost with what to do with their art. The club is a place to find and foster close community.”

The Art Club meets next on Tuesday, Nov. 14 in the Gannon Building room 1235C from 9 to noon. For any further questions regarding the club, contact Adviser Susan Hardie at



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