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Piece of Mind: Oh, these crazy seasons

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The Lookout Staff Writer Alexandra McCluskey

Alexandra McCluskey

By Alexandra McCluskey
Staff Writer

You would think the fact that I was born and raised in Michigan would acclimate me to its bizarre weather patterns, but no, it never ceases to surprise.

It’s as if all four seasons no longer know who is who. Fall is practically non-existent, winter is delayed, and summer is either brutal or disappointing. There is no middle ground anymore.

I may not be all that old, but even I can remember when we had months of beautiful sweater weather, crisp, color-changing leaves and hot drinks. This fall was more miserable than ever, here and gone seemingly within a week.

Michigan is known for being a northern state. Yet for years our winters have been slacking. According to the NOAA Winter Outlook, “there’s a 40-50 percent chance Michigan will see above average seasonal temperatures through February 2024.”

It’s honestly a little disappointing, not having the main features of each season. When the winter months rolls around, I have come to expect the beautiful snowfall and magical atmosphere, but last year just felt off.

I guess we’ll see how the rest of this winter plays out, and if the transition to spring is as stop-and-go as it has been.

I feel like I complain about the weather all the time, yet I don’t really look into or consider how it has changed. And that this is the new normal.

This is a shame. Whenever we have a nice day, take the time to appreciate it and do something. Go on a walk at sunset, take the time to play with a pet outside if you have one, or even sit by a window and watch our beautiful world outside.

I’ve found that connecting with nature, simply taking a moment to take in the surroundings, can help with releasing a bit of that stress, worry and anxiety that creeps up. Get out there; make time. 



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