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Piece of Mind: Low-budget winter fun

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The Lookout Staff Writer Alexandra McCluskey

Alexandra McCluskey

By Alexandra McCluskey
Staff Writer

As the holiday season speeds up, our schedules can become hectic and our time to ourselves limited. This, in turn, creates this funny little thing called burnout.

That, along with the entrance of seasonal depression, means the end of the year becomes a wonderful, yet dreaded time for me.

I’ve never been one for the holidays. Yes, it is a beautiful time to build memories and enjoy the end of the year. But it’s all geared toward money.

Buy dozens of gifts to be happy. Spend hundreds on decorations, food and activities. While those are all roads to memorable experiences, there exists a stigma around spending money during the holidays.

I see no issue spending nights in, watching movie marathons snuggled up in blankets. Not Christmas movies, though. Please don’t bite my head off; I’m just not a fan.

Or, you could go for a beautiful walk, simply appreciating the falling snow and blanketed buildings. The pastime of sledding should definitely be brought back. It’s not just a kids’ activity, you know!

The list goes on of ways you can create memories this holiday season without spending heaps of money. Make a day out of crafting your own decorations. Have fun in the kitchen by making simple and delicious recipes. The options are out there, so take advantage.

Go on a sledding adventure with friends. Turn on some music and bake some goodies with family. Or take a breathtaking walk under the stars and falling snow one evening by yourself.

There are so many wonderful ways to cherish the closing of this year and create lasting memories, in a variety of ways, without emptying your bank account.



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