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Piece of Mind: Visiting the majestic U.P.

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Alexandra McCluskey is a first-year staff writer for The Lookout.

Alexandra McCluskey

By Alexandra McCluskey
Staff Writer

Whether you’re new to Michigan or have lived here your whole life, we’re all aware of the Upper Peninsula. This summer I had the privilege to visit the U.P. for the first time, and I am convinced my life is changed because of it.

The ever-present excitement and overall obsession about going up north always existed around me, but I had never really understood it, until now that is.

I have always been one to always see and appreciate the beauty around me, no matter how insignificant or odd it may be, but the Upper Peninsula is filled with blatant beauty wherever you look.

From the towering forests stretching out of sight, to the winding singular road snaking through the miles of wilderness, the U.P. is simply built differently.

Despite the miles of basically no civilization, the U.P. also has its towns and cities, though fewer and farther between. Some stops along my trip north included Traverse City and Mackinac City, both gorgeous lake towns filled with bustling life.

Once crossing the impressive, slightly unnerving, Mackinac Bridge, my family and I made our way up to the norther city of Marquette, the largest city in the U.P.

Every trip has its staples, and ours included: stopping for mouthwatering food from Clyde’s Drive-In in St. Ignace, visiting the beach practically every day, taking a tour of the wonderful Pictured Rocks in Munising, and even cliff jumping into Lake Superior off of Black Rocks in Marquette itself.

The entirety of the Upper Peninsula is an experience I wish everyone could appreciate It was a beautiful, soul-satisfying drive, trip and memory.

Take the day to simply drive north; bring a friend or two. Let go of the excuses and do what you can, and I promise it will make you happier in the end.



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finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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