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Honeysett loves academic adviser job

Lorin Honeysett

Lorin Honeysett has worked as an academic adviser at LCC for nearly nine years.  Courtesy photo

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Associate Editor

Lansing Community College offers a lot of useful resources for its students, from counseling to resume building. One of these resources includes academic advising.

LCC has an entire department dedicated to helping and advising students in their classes and their next steps moving forward.

Lorin Honeysett, a full-time faculty academic adviser for LCC for nearly nine years, said she enjoys getting to help students.

“During my time at LCC, I’ve served as an adviser for students in business-related programs and for those in all majors that plan to transfer to a four-year university to pursue their bachelor’s degree,” Honeysett said.

“Most recently I’ve started to split my time between main campus and west campus to start helping students in LCC’s Technical Careers programs. The trades are in demand and I’m excited to help others find a program that fits their interests and learning styles.”

Honeysett graduated with a BA in communications, with minors in psychology and business administration in 2008 from Aquinas College. She earned her Master of Education in College Student Affairs Leadership Degree in 2010 at Grand Valley State University.

She also got her start as a graduate assistant academic adviser within GVSU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

“Aquinas was the place where I fell in love with college and the college experience,” Honeysett said. “I wanted everyone to feel like I felt while attending Aquinas: accepted, supported, comfortable, challenged and capable of being successful. So working in higher education seemed like a natural fit for me as a profession.”

Between that job and her LCC position, Honeysett worked at Residence Life at Truman State University, as a residence hall director, and in an academic advising role at Oakland University.

Chelsea Brandon, the director of Academic Advising and Honeysett’s supervisor, said Honeysett is a very detail-oriented person.

“I consider Lorin one of the most detail-oriented people I know – and that’s a major asset to have on any team,” Brandon said. “She is my go-to for proofing my writing and helping me to organize ideas on a new initiative or project.

“Lorin also has this drive to just make things better, and is always willing to be the first to volunteer on things that aim to make improvements for the student experience. But more than anything, and not unlike all of our academic advisers, she advocates fiercely for our students and will tirelessly ensure they are getting to their goals.”

Outside of work, Honeysett said she enjoys being outdoors.

“(Whether it’s) hiking, kayaking, going to the beach, road tripping up north, trying to see every waterfall in Michigan …” Honeysett said. “I golf and bowl with my husband, Scott, and we enjoy cooking together too. We are currently trying to master ribs and brisket on our smoker. It’s a delicious hobby!”



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