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Check out 'Love Gods' novel by Brom

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The Lookout Staff Writer Abbigail Cowels

Abby Cowels

By Abby Cowels (She/Her)
Staff Writer

“Lost Gods” is a novel written by Brom. The story is a horror/fantasy story that explores the terrifying realms of purgatory.
When a newly reformed drug dealer is murdered for arcane reason, he searches for the man who has claimed his soul, and is soon to claim the souls of his wife and her unborn child.

I have read one other of Brom’s novels in the last year. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to explore more of his work. I was drawn to “Lost Gods” because of its dark themes of witchcraft and mythology, and my love for all things horror.

The story takes place in Alabama, where Chet Moran is freshly out of jail for the fourth time. He is eager to prove to his pregnant wife, Trish, that he is a changed man and never plans on going back to the way he was living, which he was surprisingly honest about.

Their love being greatly contended by Trish’s father, they run away and find refuge at a relative of Chet’s; his grandmother who he had not seen in many years. He knew she had her ways, and that she would be able to safely assist in the birth of his child. But his grandmother has different plans for their child, and Chet.

One of the many things that I have loved about Brom since reading his work, is how colorful his words are. He has this incredible way of painting a vision in your mind while reading.
His great articulation truly adds to the horrific images detailed in the story. Like all of his novels, the pages will be gladly interrupted by some gruesome work of art he created as part of his vision for the gods and monsters described.

You can find “Lost Gods” at most Barnes & Noble stores, Amazon Kindle, and at the Capital Area District Library, where you can check out many of Brom’s other stories.



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