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Abby's Inklings: Entranced by Glassing

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The Lookout Staff Writer Abby Cowels

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By Abby Cowels (She/Her)
Staff Writer

Back in February, I was lucky enough to have the chance to see one of my favorite bands perform live. The opening acts were great, but there was one for which I was entranced.

Glassing is a black metal band from Austin, Texas: not what you would imagine coming from the southern state.

Most recently, Glassing released its album “From the Other Side of the Mirror.” It is a well-produced, 40-minute run time of layered guttural vocals, shoegazing guitar, on top of rolling double base. The album is the band’s fourth released, and one of its best, in my opinion.

“From the Other Side of the Mirror” features many more vocals than its previous, more ambient and instrumental tracks – though I can appreciate the fluidity of those tracks – and the production is so clean and well balanced.

Other sideAside from the actual music, I think the band has some really creative artwork. Each has been evolving into something more monotone, more geometric. I am a little disappointed I did not buy any merch when I saw Glassing live.

In hindsight, I forgot that at one point there was no Instagram, Tik-Tok or algorithm feeding into the content. I forgot that the way I used to discover new music and new artists was from going to local house shows, concerts and performances at the original Mac’s Bar, may it RIP.

We kind of fell out of it after the pandemic. Concerts were one of those things it took a lot longer to bring back after COVID, because of the sheer amount of people and close contact. I feel appreciative, and excited every time I get the chance to go out and experience these luxuries again.

You can find Glassing on Spotify and Apple Music, or streaming wherever you listen.



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