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Abby's Inklings: Joining 'The Lookout'

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Abbigail Cowels

By Abbigial Cowels
Staff Writer

I am Abby Cowels, a psychology student in my second year at LCC. I have always had an impulse to discover new information and answers, share those with the community and create a more expansive awareness to those who seek it.

Taking an interest in cultural anthropology and politics in the last few years has led me to this very point.

While always having a passion for writing, I was later discouraged for having an erratic and unconventional writing style. Through some years of self-education, the extraordinary help of LCC staff and a lot of hard work, I have landed this great opportunity, working alongside the talented voices of The Lookout staff.

To disseminate information in an eloquent manner for the public that will later be used in my career, and discovering a new passion and hobby, is an opportunity that I am eager to seize. Optimism to share new and compelling information is the impetus of being a part of the staff writing team.

As an information seeker and having an affinity toward analyzing articles read and stories heard, I have found that student journalism through The Lookout will play into my studies in psychology gracefully.

This will further broaden my perspective through new colleagues and friends, as I learn a new style of writing and step outside of my comfort zone. I am looking forward to the challenge.



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