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Abby's Inklings: MSU tragedy revisited

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The Lookout Staff Writer Abby Cowels

Abby Cowels

By Abby Cowels (She/Her)
Staff Writer

Tuesday, Feb. 13, marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting that took three students’ lives, and injured five others, on the Michigan State University campus.

Take some time to remember Arielle Anderson, Brian Fraser and Alexandria Verner and the many lives that are forever changed.

Understandably, the individuals and families affected are still mourning the losses, and learning to live in the absence of their friends and loved ones. Additionally, many are presently struggling with the psychological aftermath of the event.

On June 9 of last year, MSU officials announced the Spartan Strong Fund distribution plan. Donations were collected to help pay for out-of-pocket medical bills for injuries both physical and mental. Nearly $2.6 million was collected and about half has been used so far.

Many in the student body have yet to feel the support of the millions donated. According to the Lansing State Journal, students are still waiting almost a year later for these reimbursements. Over $900,000 of the funds spent so far are on non-specific expenses shown in the charity’s financial records, including “Scholarships,” “Faculty and Staff Support” and “Donations.”

The unclear nature of the spending is partly due to the redactions made in the information being provided to ensure spender privacy, though this leaves many wondering the equity of the funds being spent.

I believe it fair to hope for the rectification of distrust that has now stricken communities so closely affected by this adversity. May we band together in kindness and solidarity for those who have lost their lives, and for those who are still suffering.

There does not feel as if there is much hope in institutional reform. So, in the face of hopelessness, we can reach out to our friends, classmates and neighbors because there is strength in kindness, and resiliency in numbers.

A great philosopher once said, “Act in such a way that you always treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never simply as a means, but always at the same time as an end."

Be kind to each other, and if you or someone you know is suffering, call the 24/7 Crisis Hotline by dialing 988. If you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to report to local authorities at 517-355-2221.

Students can sign up for either the LCC or MSU Active Violence Training classes offered. And I wish I did not have to say this but, in the event you find yourself in a situation where there is an active shooter nearby: Run, Hide, Fight.



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