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Abby's Inklings: Business bounces back

Abby Cowels

The Lookout Staff Writer Abby Cowels

Abby Cowels

By Abby Cowels
Staff Writer

Since 1976, the East Lansing Food Co-op (ELFC) has provided its community with organic bulk options and produce, and has sold many Michigan brand goods.

In 2016, a new Whole Foods Market opened up directly across the road from the ELFC.

With the rise of eating organic and more “natural” foods, and more abundant options, it was a death sentence for surrounding grocery businesses.

So in 2017, after 41 years of business, the ELFC closed its doors due to its lack of patronage.

There were talks of a re-opening, though years passed and it felt as if the closing would be permanent.

In 2022 I had moved to a neighborhood on the east side of Lansing. Later that year, to my surprise, I saw a familiar sign out in front of a small strip mall on Kalamazoo Avenue.

To say I was elated was an understatement. I truly had no hope that the ELFC would bounce back. I made a concerted effort to stop in shortly after the re-opening. It still had that familiar and welcoming atmosphere.

With fresh bread and delicious pastries, local honey and jams, bulk spices and chocolates, pre-packaged local meals, hummus and garlic sauce from Jerusalem Bakery, it was almost overwhelming with options.

Having a conveniently located and affordable grocery store in my neighborhood is exactly what I felt this side of town needed to thrive a little more.

Located at 1605 E. Kalamazoo St, no membership is required. Go to the new East Lansing Food Co-op for your next shopping trip.

For support and volunteer options, visit here for more information.



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