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Abby's Inklings: Aquascaping relaxes

Abbigail Cowels

Abbigail Cowels

By Abbigail Cowels
Staff Writer

The importance of learning to manage stress in everyday life can seem stressful itself.

Many work multiple jobs or have enrolled themselves into school while working full-time. The addition of mental illness, or disability, can overwhelm.

Some of the most beneficial practices are the smallest ones, which is why I would like to introduce one of my favorite past times of aquascaping.

Sharing similarities to a traditional terrarium, aquascaping can include different types of driftwood, stones, plants and animals like shrimp or snails. Of course, it will be under water!


With water comes responsibility, which is the biggest difference between aquascaping and terrariums. With landscaped terrariums we do not necessarily have control over how much nitrogen, oxygen and CO2 there is in the air.

In aquascaping, it is crucial to maintain proper nutrients, oxygen flow and filtration. So, do some research into it before jumping in to the project.

Once you have your aquatic garden settled with a proper filter and additives, this is a once a day, compact hobby that you can start in any space available, and it is so satisfying to watch it thrive.  

Creating something, growing something in particular, has quite the effect on our minds. BBC News has said that there were observed, “…significant drops in heart rates and significantly lower blood pressure.”

Nurturing and giving life to plants can nurture the mind, bringing balance and moments of peace to our fast-paced lives. 

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

The filter I use: click here

The container I use: click here



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