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Child Care Grant

The Child Care Award is designed to provide eligible custodial parents with child care assistance while the parent is attending Lansing Community College. The award provides partial payment of licensed child care services for the recipients.

You may be eligible even if....

you have a Bachelor's or Master's degree.
you are not a US citizen.
your children are not going to an LCC childcare.
you do not live in district.

All applications must be completed and received by the Women's Resource Center/Returning Adult Program on the deadline date. All applications must have complete information about the child care facility and the child care license number filled in. Proof of income and custody must also be attached.  All incomplete applications will be determined ineligible.  

If you need assistance in finding a provider, please call the Office For Young Children at 887-4319 or 1-800-234-6996 before the deadline.

A recipient must be enrolled and attending class during the time that a child is in day care.

A student may be eligible for child care assistance for one semester regardless of past academic performance. Students who fail to earn a 2.0 gpa in subsequent semesters may be ineligible or may receive a child care award for a limited number of credits. Withdrawals ("W") and Incompletes ("I") will affect subsequent eligibility. No Repeat ("R") courses will be funded unless approved by a staff member.

This award is limited to 12 credits unless the student's curriculum requires more. Fewer than 12 credits may be taken.


The family's gross income must not exceed:

$ 25,000

self with one dependent

$ 27,000

self with two dependents

$ 29,000

self with three dependents

$ 31,000

self with four dependents


Add $ 2,000 for each additional dependent

Dependents: The number in the family who are claimed on the income tax return or children for whom you have custody or joint custody.

Proof of income and custody must be included with the application. Examples  include: paycheck stub with year to date; document from employer; letter from Friend of the Court; Department of Human Services or Social Security.

No funds will be given directly to recipients of the Child Care Grant. Checks will be made out by Lansing Community College and sent directly to the approved day care provider with recipient's name as the second endorser.

Women's Resource Center at Lansing Community College

Women's Resource
Gannon Building - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1199
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