Lansing Community College

Thank you LCC Community for making the WLNZ Listening Event a success!

We want to continue to hear from you...
  • In your opinion, what distinguishes WLNZ from other radio stations in the area?
  • Do you have any programming ideas that you would like the college to consider?
  • Do you feel that WLNZ can add value to a student’s education even if it is not connected to their academic studies? Why or why not?
  • Many successful public college and university radio stations are listener-supported. What motivates your financial support of charity, non-profits and other entities that rely on public support?
  • If you are a public radio listener, would you be more inclined to purchase products or services from an organization that financially supports WLNZ?
  • Are you currently financially supporting WLNZ or any other public radio station through monthly or annual giving commitments?
  • If you are not currently supporting WLNZ, would you be willing to financially support the station in the future?
  • WLNZ is currently financially supported by the College. However, we are exploring other options. Do you have any ideas that you would like to share related to a sustainable business model for WLNZ?
  • Compared to radio, do you listen to music through other methods (iTunes, etc.) more, less, about the same?
  • When listening to a radio station, how important is localized and community-based information to you?
  • With the rise of informational resources, radio has been referred to as "antiquated" by some. Do you believe this statement to be true or false and why?

Please send answers to these questions to Thank you in advance for your feedback!

For over 25 years, WLNZ has been a part of Lansing. A broadcast learning facility with a focus on community, it is truly where community and college come together. LCC Radio, your community station.

LCC Radio WLNZ 89.7