Lansing Community College

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  • Redesign Focus

    Your Feedback

    Over the course of the recent Web Refresh, over 500 support/help tickets were submitted. Each of these tickets were analyzed and grouped together to determine most reported issues and most requested functionality. We understood from this feedback that we needed to take a step back, reevaluate our approach, and redesign our website.

    The main focus of the redesign is to create a more user-friendly experience and simpler navigation. It is imperative that all visitors to our site are able to quickly find the information they need in as few clicks as possible.

    Another primary point of focus was developing an aesthetically pleasing site. We want our visitors to have the ability to have a glimpse of our many state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge programs before they come visit in person. With minimal scrolling, remote visitors can learn more about LCC and find relevant information, resources and pages.

    As work continues to progress, the focus will shift from immediate improvement in functionality to continuous quality improvement. Please see “Where we are going” updates on our next steps.

    Data & Research


    We performed analysis of our existing website – both internal and external – to understand what was being searched for, which types of data were reported as missing or hard to find, how items were being sought out, etc.

    The information gained from this analysis made it a priority to ensure that:

    • Site visitors had easy access to most-used features: MyLCC, D2L and Banner
    • There was a quick path to information on our degrees and programs
    • Prospective students could quickly learn how to get started at the college
    • Our top webpages within the site were simple to find: LCC Library, Careers, Transfer Information

    Extensive research was completed by our redesign team. We started with the 2018 Top 50 Best College and University Websites in the country and expanded our view to look at many more colleges across the United States to understand what types of navigation have worked really well and which things they have moved away from. We reviewed other customers who are using the same web platform as LCC to match up functionality and capability with desired outcome.

    We took all of this gained knowledge, in conjunction with the knowledge we have regarding web design and available technology and packaged it in this new collection of pages. Please provide feedback, so that we can continue to move forward in the direction that works best for all of you!

    Some best practices incorporated from the research were:

    • Identify and provide quick access to information for target populations
    • Focus on User experience
    • Offer key features and functionality
    • Ensure Accessibility
  • Provide feedback and keep checking back here to see updates to our plan. While we have ideas of what our next improvement will be, those plans could change based on the feedback we receive. In the near future, we plan to:

    • Work through the remaining internal pages to convert them to our new format and location
    • Increase accessibility across our pages
    • Improve search capabilities
    • Meet with all divisions and departments on campus to understand what information they need to share and the best way for them to share it and either build new or modify existing pages
    • Take a look at how our events are being managed and shared
    Web Redesign Team

    The redesigned is the effort of a collaborative team comprised of members from Marketing, IT, and Media Creation & Design.