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Web Procedures - Develop an LCC Web

Web Identification Form

Please notify LCC Web Management if you plan to develop a new college web or redesign an existing web.

New Web Development

If you are developing a new web, create the new folders and web pages directly on the site. You must use the LCC templates (and styles) to create your web pages. (A template folder containing the LCC templates is created at the same time that the web account is created.) Do not link to the new web from any other college web pages until it is completed (and approved).

Web Redesign

If you are redesigning an existing web, develop the new folders and web pages within a folder on the current website. You must use the LCC templates (and styles) to create your web pages. The current website will remain "live" (and should continue to be updated) as you develop the new site.

Web Review

When you complete your new or redesigned web, contact LCC Web Management to have the website reviewed. LCC Web Management team members are available to assist you with any of the required changes, if needed. After completing the required changes, contact LCC Web Management to get final approval to launch the web.

Launch New/Redesigned Web

To launch your new web, simply request that it be linked up from other appropriate college webs (such as your divisional website) and/or from the LCC gateway pages.

Before launching a redesigned web, you need to archive the old pages, either in an "old_files" folder on the website (to be deleted after a short period of time) or copied to a CD. After the old pages are archived, launch the new web by replacing the folders and files for the old web with the folders and files for the new web. Please contact Web Development if you need help in launching your web. After your new web is in place, be sure to verify that none the links were broken during the process.

If the structure or names of the folders and files of your redesigned web are different than the old web, you may need to notify other college websites that the links to your web pages have changed.

If you need help at any time during the process of developing and launching a new web or redesigning a current web, please contact LCC Web Management. The web designers can offer any level of assistance you need.

Web Management at Lansing Community College

Web Management
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