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Web Guidelines - Websites/Folders

The following guidelines should be followed for all web pages to ensure accurately and consistently LCC's navigation, brand and image. Failure to do so may result in modifications made by LCC Web Management.

Below is an explanation of the standard folders and files found in the Folder List Task Pane, when Web is open in SharePoint Designer.


  • _styles folder contains local_styles.css (file). This is for any styles that are unique to only your web.
  • navigation folder contains the right and left navigation (files) named, right-nav.master and left-nav.master.
  • templates folder, not to be confused with _templates. Contain two files these are the primary Web page templates.
    1. template-standard-layout.aspx - standard 3 column layout, with right navigation bar
    2. template-two-column-layout.aspx -
      2 column layout, which omits the right navigation
  • index.aspx (file) resides on the root of the Web and is the home page

Index Page: All websites and each folder must have a page titled "index.aspx".

  • Must include a paragraph detailing services or other relevant information.

File Names: All file names must be in lowercase and relate to the content of the page.

  • Example: A web page discussing academic resources would be named "academic_resources.aspx".
  • Do not use special characters in files names, such as + ? /, use an underscore or hyphen. These characters are not recognized by the new server and code.

File Storage: Do not use your website directory as a storage area for files not relevant to the website.

  • These types of files will be deleted by LCC Web Management.

Outdated Files: Files that are no longer being used must be deleted within 14 days.

  • These files will be deleted by LCC Web Management.

Shared Topics: Departments that share related subject topics must request that their information be added to an intermediate web page administered by LCC Web Management.

  • Example: The Employment Opportunities web page discusses Student Employment Opportunities, Faculty and Staff Employment Opportunities, Co-ops and Internships and Employment Resources.
  • Questions regarding this should be directed to LCC Web Management.

Web Management at Lansing Community College

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