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Web Guidelines - Page Layout/Design

The following guidelines should be followed for all web pages to ensure accurately and consistently LCC's navigation, brand and image. Failure to do so may result in modifications made by LCC Web Management.

Overall Look & Feel

  • Pages must be designed to complement the look and feel of the overall website and organizational identity.

Navigation Menus

  • Buttons within the left navigation menu should be listed in alphabetical order, with two exceptions.
    • If a website is part of a division or department, then the division/department should be at the top of the navigation menu.
    • The last button in a navigation menu should be for contacting the division or department.
  • It is recommended that the right navigation menus also be alphabetized, if possible.


  • Follow templates with minimal use of additional colors.
  • Make sure images are of small size to minimize overhead in page download speed.


  • Must be consistent throughout each website.
  • Make certain to differentiate between defined elements.
  • Maintain a consistent format for links, headers, etc. More on Fonts
  • Maximum width - Any item with a width greater than these dimensions will break the layout of the template.
    • 367 pixels - three column layout
    • 530 pixels - two column layout


  • Test all links.
  • Notify user when link connects to a PDF file. This can be done with text or by using PDF icons.
  • Notify user when linking to an email address.
  • Avoid redirects as this can be very confusing.
  • Use virtual links, see examples.
    Example of correct path:
    Examples of incorrect path:
  • Links should clearly state where the link will take a user. Example: "Register Now" instead of "To register, click here"
  • Notify user when link opens a new page or popup window.
  • Text should not repeat for different links. The first word or phrase in a link should not be repeated in other links. Multiple links that point to the same page are an exception, in which case they should use the same link text.


  • To ensure the look and feel of the overall site is maintained, graphics and photos must be approved by or requested from LCC Web Management.
  • Photos in the right navigation - you can use your own photos. These must be in the proper format. Contact Web Management for information.

Web Management at Lansing Community College

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