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Web Guidelines - Content

The following guidelines should be followed for all web pages to ensure accurately and consistently LCC's navigation, brand and image. Failure to do so may result in modifications made by LCC Web Management.

Getting Started

  • Develop a navigation plan and informational structure before development begins
  • Be certain users can find what they need easily
  • Organize the information into easily understandable, manageable pieces
  • If assistance is needed, contact LCC Web Management

Web Audience

As content is developed, keep in mind that the website should be written and navigated to respond to audiences in the following order:

  • Students
  • Business and Community
  • Faculty and Staff


  • Use student/public language and avoid educational jargon
  • The goal - make information easily accessible, particularly to students
  • How to write for the web (PDF)

Relevant Information

  • Do not include information that pertains only to faculty and staff on web pages directed to students, business and community. A separate web page should be developed for this content.
  • Internal information intended for "employees only" should be placed in the LCC workspaces.

Duplicate Content

  • If content presently exists elsewhere, a link should direct users to the information.
  • Example: Course schedules and registration information, course descriptions, academic calendars, etc.

External Links

  • If linking to a website outside of, launch the website in a new window.

Web Administrator Link

  • Email is directed to Information Services and College Development.
  • Email is reviewed daily and questions are directed to the appropriate areas on campus as needed.
  • This link should not be replaced under any circumstances.
  • Contact information should be made available in the contact section of each individual website.

Writing Styles and Grammar

  • Refer to the Associated Press Style book for content style/guidelines (for punctuation, grammar, abbreviations, etc.).
  • If a reference cannot be found, consult the Webster's Dictionary.
  • How to Write for the Web (PDF).

Under Construction

Under no circumstances should a page be listed as this.

  • If a web page is incomplete, do not link to it.
  • Images with "Under Construction" themes should also not be used.
  • Web pages of this sort will be removed by the LCC Web Management.

Web Management at Lansing Community College

Web Management
Administration Bldg, Room 205
Phone: (517) 483-1423
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