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LCC Web Functional Roles

College Web Management recognizes the importance of the web in disseminating information about LCC to students, the community and employees. In order to ensure that information appearing on the website is accurate and reliable, we work with many others throughout the college who are assigned to various functional roles. Listed below are the responsibilities for each group.

College Web Management

College Web Management manages the LCC website, including the administration of the gateway pages and the function of all college websites (excluding personal webs) that reside on the FrontPage web servers.


  • Develop and maintain the overall structure of LCC and the alignment of pages within the website, including, but not limited to, the overall look and feel, content and navigation.
  • Approve all site development for LCC and assign access to the webs.
  • Work with divisional web coordinators, web content managers and web maintenance people to ensure that websites follow the LCC guidelines, assist with "how to" questions and handle all graphic, animation and interactive needs.
  • Assist divisional web coordinators with new site development and redesign needs.

Divisional Web Coordinators

Divisional Web Coordinators serve as liaisons to divisions, departments, programs and services in regard to web development needs and progress.


  • Oversee the websites within their respective divisions. This includes maintaining a list of web content and maintenance assignments, as well as monitoring the websites to ensure that web guidelines are followed, content is updated and links are not broken.
  • Assist in the identification of individual training needs.
  • Monitor requests for new webs and assist in identifying webs requiring redesign.

Web Content Managers

One "primary" web content manager is assigned to each site on LCC.


  • Responsible for the index page to the particular site, if other individuals are assigned to pages within the site.
  • Make decisions regarding overall content, focus, curriculum and program and service needs.
  • Work closely with the web maintenance person to ensure that the site is up-to-date and follows web guidelines and the web infrastructure.

Web Maintenance

One "primary" web maintenance person is assigned to each site on LCC.


  • Responsible for the index page to the particular site, if other individuals are assigned to maintain pages on the site.
  • Develop the site plan in coordination with the content managers, divisional web coordinator and a representative from College Web Management.
  • Create, develop and maintain the web pages within the site as stated in the web guidelines.
  • Maintain the web identification sheet that outlines the folder and file structure of the web.

Web Management at Lansing Community College

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