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Copy and Paste a Table from a Word doc

Creating a table in SharePoint will have less excess code, creating faster page download times. If recreating the table is not feasible below are steps to copy/paste the existing table and contents from a Word document.

Select table in Word and copy.

  • In SharePoint place cursor on web page where table is to be placed and Paste (Edit menu).
  • The table may break the page, sending the right navigation to the bottom of the page.
    If this occurs:
    • Place cursor in table and right click, select Table Properties
    • In Layout section, check box Specify width and check radio in pixels. Set table to fit into content area.
      3 column layout (with right nav.) = 367 pixels
      2 column (without right nav.) = 530 pixels
  • Apply formatting to content and cells as needed.
  • Save page and preview in browser.

Column A

Column B

Column C

Column D

Text A Text B Text C Text D 
Text AA Text BB Text CC Text DD


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