Forms & Standards

Each semester, all veteran and dependent students must complete the Intention form and initial the Statement of Understanding and Compliance in order for VA Education benefits to be certified. Once registered for approved courses, students should visit the Veteran Resource Center located in the Huron Building to complete the necessary paperwork. All forms must be completed in person. If you believe you have an extenuating circumstance please contact the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs at (517) 483-5246 or

Standards of Progress

The academic policy for students enrolled at Lansing Community College is applicable to all students. However, in order to make explicit a few guidelines which are in compliance with the DVA, Lansing Community College and the Michigan Approving Agency's standards for institutions certifying veterans educational benefits; the college has established the following standards and guidelines for veterans and their dependents.

Satisfactory Progress

Veterans are required to make satisfactory progress toward graduation. If a veteran is placed on Academic Probation, DVA benefits may be terminated. Veterans who are not making satisfactory progress are required to report mitigating circumstances to the Veterans Service Representative within 30 days. Veterans and eligible dependents are permitted a maximum of two semesters on probation before their benefits will be terminated due to unsatisfactory academic progress.

Veterans and eligible dependent students will be placed on Veterans academic probation if their cumulative grade point average (GPA) at Lansing Community College falls below a 2.00. The minimum GPA for graduation is 2.00.

Mitigating Circumstances

Veterans or dependents should use the following as a guide for determining mitigating circumstances. Some general categories are as follows:

  • Serious illness of the eligible veteran or dependent. (Medical documentation required)
  • Serious illness or death in the eligible veteran's or dependents immediate family. (Medical documentation or death certificate required)
  • Financial or immediate family obligations which require a change in terms, hours, or place of employment which precludes pursuit of a course.
  • Call up to Active Duty

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades are assigned when course requirements are not completed due to "unforeseen but fully justified circumstances. DVA allows payment for Incomplete (I) from the last day of the semester that the grade was issued for a maximum of one year. All incompletes must be made up by the end of the next regular semester (summer session is excluded) or earlier if an earlier date is established by the instructor or department. An extension may be granted if requested in writing by the student and approved by the instructor and department by the last day of the deadline; otherwise the "I" will be converted to the grade specified if no further work is completed. If the converted grade is 0.0, the student must report the last date of attendance to the Veteran Service Representative at LCC.