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Adopted Minutes
November 19, 2001
Regular Meeting

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Absent: None.

Additions/Deletions to the Agenda

There were no additions or deletions to the agenda.

Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

Sharon Banks, Superintendent, Lansing School District - Thank you so much. It is indeed a pleasure to be here this evening. To the young people in the audience, to the guests, and especially to the Board of Trustees and to President Cunningham. We were in a Board meeting over in our office, but I asked to be excused because tonight is a special night for me in that I am able to give back. When I first arrived in Lansing there were a few people who extended the olive branch and wanted to help me in any way that they could and Paula was one of those individuals. We had a lot of late night conversations, and a lot of soul searching and asked for someone greater than ourselves to be our guide. Many educational institutions of higher learning are aloof, not friendly, and definitely considered ivory towers. That is not the case with Lansing Community College. So I am here tonight to tell you that it's a like a big brother that treats you like an equal. It's a like having a power of strength that you know you can lean on. Not only for yourself and for your colleagues, but most importantly for your students. The Atlanta connection. Oh, an awesome opportunity for our young people to envision to realize and to ultimately achieve an opportunity to attend a historical black university in Atlanta, Georgia all through the gifts of the Lansing Community College. The Star Institute a program where your employees have stood tall, helped us supported us, and we try hard to give students and I vow to do everything in my power to do better and to do more. Because we know that the Star Institute works. I am a witness because Satitra Singleton is my cousin and she?s in college now here doing her first year after her senior year and will be leaving here and going on to Ferris State, so she got her first year of college over at Sexton High School and being involved in the Star Institute. So, I have a witness and a testimony in my own family. We've got to do more and better. The Lamp Program. Paula waves the flag and taught it to me very quickly. We have more students this year than we've had in the past and we know that this is a successful program allowing our students an opportunity to be involved at the GM plan to do more, to learn more, and most importantly to let those in the community know how intellectually astute our students are, and how they are as problem solvers. Last year I had the opportunity to go and observe my students in the Lamp Program problem solve publicly, and boy was I proud. But just as proud was the parent who knocked on my door on that Monday morning and said, "Gee that was nice of you, the President and other individuals to come and see our students be involved in the Lamp Program." Gifted and talented. we're able to matriculate our students right here through your university because they need more course work. that's important for us to know that we don't have to look outside an astronomical amount of money to do any other type of learning, when we can send our students right here to our big brother and big sister. Educational Advisory Group. I can't think of one time that I've called to talk to Paula or asked her for help that she has not sent a staff member to the Lansing school District to make what we would like to do happen. Instructional Assistance Certification. We are in the process now in talking because we have a large number of instructional assistants, but we would like them to be paraprofessionals and we know that we can work with your program, allow them some help and incentives to be in your two-year program. And we think that with the partnership with Lansing Community College and Lansing school District we are going to get some teachers and grow our own out of that group of paraprofessionals. Support for the bonding. We had everybody in the community helping us, but boy it really warms my soul to get a message on the numbers of people in the Lansing Community College who telephoned for us. A labor of love. So I am here tonight to tell you that Atlanta Connection, Star Institute, Lamp Program, Gifted and Talented, being educational advisors to a large number of my staff and always to myself, the Paraprofessional Program, support for the bond, that you are never nor will you ever be considered an ivory tower, aloof, and uncaring, but a big brother and a big sister who have put your arm out around and just hugged us. Thank you so much. I'm here to support your president, her contract, and to tell you that we love you and we see this partnership being forever, bigger, wider, and a model for the country. Thank you for allowing me to speak tonight.

Carol Wood, Lansing City Council ? Good evening. Thank you for allowing me to be here this evening. My name is Carol Wood and I am wearing many hats this evening. I sit on the Lansing City Council as an at large representative and I'm part of the neighborhood community. I work with neighborhood groups and with the community at large and which is part of my heart. Coming here this evening I thought of the leadership we have before us this evening. The Board of Trustees who so wisely asked Paula to take the helm of the community college. And I think of all the things that, and Dr. Banks alluded to many of the things that you do with schools, from Star Institute to the Lamp Program, as a matter of fact, we on the City, one who works with our web page is someone who is part of Star Institute that works with you. His name is Noah and if it wasn't for Noah and my calling him making sure that I was doing what I was supposed to on my web page, we wouldn?t be up and running sometimes. But the other part of this whole scenario is what you do for the community every single day. And what Paula with the Board's blessing has also done. When I think of the fact that you have stepped forward and first of all, put your footprint out for those of us in the community so we do know where you are going. What the College's plans were and how we could look at achieving what was best for the university and what was best for us in the community. I thank you for that. I also thank you for the fact that you have embraced the neighborhood around you. When I think of the fact that coming to you and asking you to look at adopting the home ownership program and that you stepped forward and you did that. And by your example, when we brought this on the first part of the month, the Accident Fund, the first private concerned to say that they would allow 400 of their employees to apply through their process and put new ownership in Lansing, and we appreciate that. When I think of the greater Lansing Housing Coalition and how many times you have opened your doors for their presentations that they have done in the community by opening this facility especially and the different things that you have in the community. This is community. This is part of what makes us be a family here. This is part of what allows us to come before you and say you are part of our family, part of our friends, and how much it means to us that you have given the trust to Paula and how much she has given back to us with your blessing. We also think about the fact through that neighborhood group who try to promote themselves and putting forth brochures, videos on what they stand for and what is going good in their community and Paula has said that there were students that would help them with that. And so I ask you this evening, as not just a council member who can say that through part of the leadership of Paula we now have your millage passed and when we say some of the other things that haven?t passed, the counties, the school districts, we thank you for that because you are part of our community. And when I also look forward and say thank you for being that friend and part of that community that has uplifted us as neighborhood people, that has uplifted us as a city, and I hope that we?ll keep her in that role to continue to move forward in stride for what's best for Lansing Community College. Thank you.

Tony Benavides, Cristo Rey Community Center - Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your public comment this evening. My purpose tonight is to submit a letter and comments reaffirming my support for our president, Paula Cunningham. During this past year, she has made sure that we, the community, know that she has a vision that is meaningful not only just for the College, but also for the entire community for which it serves. She has worked for additional programs. She has made sure that the public knows the assets and its strengths of the College and the impact that this institution has in preparing well educated students to strengthen the workforce and if so desired, to continue on to the four year institutions. She made herself available to the public and has initiated many contacts with the community attending meetings, serving on community boards, and speaking at various functions. She has made it possible for more citizens of this community to have input and to feel comfortable in sharing their needs and ideas. Ms. Cunningham has faced all the challenges that this position brought with determination and with a professional energy that speaks of her commitment for this institution. The passage of the Lansing Community College millage is a result of all of the above. She and her staff have worked many hours to inform the citizens of this community. The votes that the millage received speaks of the trust that the citizens have in her leadership. We the Spanish speaking community stand behind her and we look forward to working with her for many, many years to come.

Alisha Mosher, student - Good evening. I am privileged to be here today. I'm here to share a little bit of myself and at the same time give support to our president, Paula Cunningham. As a student I see Paula Cunningham as trustworthy, approachable and committed. And having a leader like Paula Cunningham whose decisions can be trusted makes a difference in how students view their school and education. It determines the volume of students that get more involved on campus while moving towards a higher education. Our school?s president has succeeded in her decisions and goals for this college. Having an approachable disposition as a leader is a quality that Paula Cunningham has strongly displayed among the students. I find it refreshing and also encouraging that someone with her job title can sit among us and listen to our ideas and concerns coming directly from our mouths about our classes. Paula really takes to heart the experiences of the students and includes those in the decisions that are made to make Lansing Community College a better place for education. It's difficult to be successful in any one thing unless you have the commitment for both the pleasant aspects as well as the not so pleasant aspects for the tasks set before you. I believe Paula Cunningham has shown a high level of commitment for both. Which has reflected in the increase of student enrollment, student participation, which has given the students motivation needed to transfer to a higher educational institution. Her level of commitment has proceeded the growing amounts of success stories for many people of all ages including myself. I'll be receiving my associates degree in the spring and will be moving on to a higher education. I have learned to apply trust, commitment, and approachability to my every day life by getting involved in my school and in my community outside of just going to classes. Lansing Community College has been the encouraging factor for me and for many other students looking for more than a college experience. President Paula Cunningham stands behind that and we all stand behind her. Thank you.

Paul DeWeese, House of Representatives - Good evening. I am pleased to have the opportunity to encourage the Board of Trustees to extend the contract for President Paula Cunningham. President Cunningham along with the Board of Trustees has really achieved something quite remarkable. With quiet confidence she stepped into an unstable situation. Fought with recrimination and distrust and with gentle strength she has restored confidence, reestablished trust, and reenergized the mission of the College. In thinking about what she has achieved I've thought of a similar model that we deal with in the Legislature and that is I think it similar to asking an investor to invest in a toxic brown waste field because that also involves risk and heavy personal liability. But transformational leaders take risks on behalf of the broad public interest. And that's what she did. Because she is a person of integrity because she is accessible and she is very present to the broader community she is a tremendous and outstanding leader. I think it is also important to reflect on how Lansing Community College is really a critical part of the matrix of our broader community. When the college community is healthy and when it is energized, it becomes part of the vital strength of our region. Institutions like Lansing Community College don't just exist on to themselves. They directly impact all of our lives. They literally shape the image we have on ourselves and our community. President Cunningham has made us all proud again. The recent successful millage election I think is a direct reflection of the public?s affirmation of her leadership. So I'm very proud to stand before you and the public to thank her for what she?s done. I'm looking forward to working with her and the Board in the coming months to continue to serve our community and provide opportunities for the community.

Dennis Muchmore, Muchmore, Harrington, Smalley & Associates - I just want to thank the deer in the state for being in existence or otherwise the legislature would probably be in session. I would have a little opportunity to come in hear to give you all our annual festive holiday greetings to you and also congratulate all of you in getting this college out of, that I thought, was in a very difficult situation. With great effort and great grace on all your parts. I particularly appreciate President Cunningham and the efforts that she?s made to stabilize what the College does and how it operates. Well, Sandy and I will tell you that when you deal with the Legislature it is very difficult to deal with legislators that don't think they will be talking to the same person more than once and the opportunity to stabilize that especially with the capital outlay. Because when we are talking about long term projects for Lansing Community College it is extremely important for all of you who have dealt with the legislation, that's just about everyone in this room, it's a small town and we all basically do the same thing, knows that it is very true in having trust and the feeling that you have a long term relationship is particularly very important. I have an interest, especially from spending many years on the Lansing Community College Foundation as chairman for a term, having the opportunity to work with Gretchen and Chris Laverty, who I consider a great friend of mine, we worked together for a lot of years raising a ton of money for scholarships and programs for Lansing Community College students all of which we saw took a big dip and is slowly working ourselves back into a level of trust in the community. Where we can all go out very easily, whether it is KP or Olga or Brian or any of us go out and just ask people to stand behind Lansing Community College students and stick up for them and help them raise scholarship money because the most important thing for the kids that go to Lansing Community College is not that we have this program or that program it's that they get a chance financially to have an opportunity to get a higher education. And that all has to do with stability and that all has to do with leadership and we congratulate each and every Board member for the efforts that they?ve put into it and the President and her administration for leading the way towards bringing us back into a situation where all of us can benefit ultimately with these kids education.

Larry Leatherwood, University of Michigan - Mr. Chair, Board of Trustees, I did not prepare any comments tonight for a reason. The reason is that one does not need to prepare comments when one speaks from their heart. And I speak from the heart tonight because I think Lansing Community College, as was pointed out by my friend, Mr. Muchmore, that the Board has provided leadership with the guidance and tremendous support to our president, President Cunningham. Perhaps this is out of the ordinary, but I think this deserves it and I would like the Board to stand up. Will you please stand up? Let?s give them a round of applause (applause). While I don't sit in your seats I can understand and appreciate what you must endure in deliberating and making decisions for this college. I think Superintendent Banks and others have eloquently talked about the accomplishments of the College and this Board of Trustees and most certainly our president, President Cunningham. I would be redundant if I would repeat all of that on the other hand I would be remised if I didn?t point out other things that would also compliment with some of what was said about such as things as the 2+2 Program, the Star program and one that I am really familiar with is the M-TEC program. While that has not come to a reality as of yet I have no doubt that it will under the leadership of our president, President Cunningham. And obviously the passing of the bond didn?t just happen. It took a lot of work by the leadership of President Cunningham and the Board of Trustees and most certainly all of you. Through a joint effort the results were obtained and I think everyone should be commended for that. Then I could go on and I could talk about again about what I think you already know that President Cunningham is a very considerate person. Considerate because she listens to people. She takes into consideration what they may say weight it and then makes a decision. She?s understanding. She understands what's she?s listening to, what she hears. She is very intelligent. You don't get where she is by not being intelligent and that is why she is sitting there. She is willing to provide leadership and I've seen that happen. She didn?t hesitate, she said, "this is what we're going to do" and I said, "don't argue, do it." I can go on forever and ever and talk about the all attributes of our president. I could go on and talk about all the attributes of this Board of Trustees. I could go on and talk about all the attributes of this institution. I think it is more important to say to you that why, why mess with a team. You got a winner. You remember last year when I came to speak I said I?d offer the first vote for Ms. Cunningham. While I recognize this year, I won?t offer my vote. I came here to say to you to please, please take into consideration what you have. You have a jewel and don't destroy it. Allow it to grow and glow and provide the kind of leadership that this community, all of us need, our president, Paula Cunningham.

Chris Laverty, UAW Training Technology Representative, Local 652 - I rise in support of President Paula Cunningham and the job she?s done since she?s been in her current capacity. I've worked with her in several different arenas throughout the community. First and proudly foremost back at the plant we have several different contracts with Lansing Community College. She?s always been there when we have had any kinds of issues or concerns...(inaudible) the College as far as the different things that we're trying to do over there as far as keeping work in town and keeping a well qualified, well trained workforce over there. Secondly, I serve on the Capital Area Workforce Development Board so, therefore, I work a lot with Paula regarding our M-TEC for the Lansing area. I've gone with Paula on several other tours around the state to visit some of the other M-TEC?s. I commend her on the job she?s done as far as putting a together a community wide coalition of businesses, labor, educators, different community leaders to take a look at that entire process. She?s had no problem when it came time to make a tough decision and that was to go back and tell General Motors that one-acre wasn't going to work. That wasn't easy, but she?s gone back and done that and I'm very confident that we're going to get more property, we're going to get more acreage and with other things that have gone on since that point in time I feel that as Paula said we are going to have the best M-TEC in the state. It will be the last one probably (laughter). we're looking forward to working with Paula and her leadership to make that happen. I also serve on the EAG, which is the Educational Advisory Group, which is a subcommittee of the Workforce Development Board where all the different superintendents from all three ISD?s from all the counties. Dr. Banks and several other community leaders also working there to improve the education within our area. Hopefully that will create more jobs and create more work into this area. Paula is always there and she always participates and she?s been a true leader in that group. I commend her for what she?s done there also. That committee has been very influential within the community since Paula came on board. I guess last but not least is the current chairman of the Lansing Community College Foundation. I work closely with Paula and we worked closely on the millage and in several other areas. She was right there when we needed her for Lip Sync. I see a few others here in the room, although I don't recognize the men without their dresses on (laughter). Paula?s always there when we've needed her. Currently we're doing a lot of benchmarking with other colleges throughout the state and even the country. She?s been very supportive when we went to her and asked for her help and assistance in giving us a hand with benchmarking with some of her staff here at the community college. Then also she?s been very helpful and supportive of what we're trying to do as far as developing a fundraising strategy for the Foundation. With that, Paula, I?d just like to thank you for everything you?ve done since you?ve taken over the helm at Lansing Community College. You?ve done a great job of establishing trust and credibility and getting the College back on track.

James Butler, Chairman of the Board of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce - One of the things when you measure a person in reference to what they have done you have to have some type of benchmark or you have to have some form of documentation to determine if they have done what it's expected to be done. What I did is that I went back and pulled out the document that was dated July 26, 2000 and this is in reference to the strategic plan. The strategic plan mapped the road map. What it said is that these are things that we would accomplish starting in 2000 and would extend to 2007. Based upon my assessment I can say that Paula has done an outstanding job. As far as I'm concerned as I look at it she has done an outstanding job as president and also as a leader as well. She has far exceeded the requirements of the job. She has been able to accomplish the basics of the job with ease and with excellence. There is not only less management in reference to direction, but also great judgment, resourcefulness, and the depth of knowledge are of the highest quality. She has the ability to anticipate and adapt to changes in the job environment. But not only that she has been able to create new ways of doing things that change the nature of the job. So, in short what Paula Cunningham has done is she has broken the bounds of the job. Paula Cunningham has done an excellent job as a leader and also as president of the College and I say let her lead, let her continue to lead. Thank you.

Bob Every - I've been a part of this college every year since 1966 either as a student or as an employee. Boss, I have some heavy hitters here for you. I just want to talk to Paula a minute about what has taken place at the College over the past year since you?ve been president. You came in some pretty difficult times. I don't think anybody would argue with that. I've seen the students come alive again. I've seen faculty come alive, staff members come alive. I've seen the campus grow and grow in enthusiasm and it's good to see that type of freshness and that positive outlook that people have. It wasn't so long ago that that wasn't there. When people were talking in little groups about this and people were talking in little groups about that. Now everybody seems to be pointed in one direction and that's the direction of how can we make this a better institution. You certainly have done more than your fair share in the short period of time that you?ve been here to get that done. I'm not going to stay up here a long time and talk about this and about that, but I can see the change on this campus and believe me it's a change for the better. Now, have we've gotten where we want to be? Of course not, you never get where you want to be in a campus environment. You continually build and build and build and always strive to be better than you are the day before. And we're getting that way with the millage being passed and the 11% growth in student enrollments since you took office. Those are positive directions that we need to keep going in and as long as we don't lose sight of that we're going to be fine. I?d like to gear down a little bit into some locker room lingo. You were talking about teams, well I'm a coach. that's what I do best. that's what I enjoy doing and God gave me I think a little bit of a gift to do that and that's what I'm going to continue to do until I can't do it any longer. But I can tell I like your determination, I like your desire, I like your guts, and I like the fire in your belly to get something done. If my ball players had those attributes (laughter), we?d never lose a game. I just want to tell you we need not to look any farther, what are we looking for? We have what we need. This college is now starting to live again and it's all because of a few people. Just like a good football team you need a quarterback. Without a quarterback you're nothing. We have the quarterback we need. Thank you.

Lynn Savage, Interim Chair of Physical, Fitness and Wellness and Interim President of the Lansing Community College Administrative Association - I'm really pleased to be standing here tonight, Paula, because I believe in the mission and vision that we have now. And I agree with Bob we have some life back, we have some commitment back. I made a summary, because I can't speak without notes very well. So, I just want to summarize some of the things that I think are important for us all to hear tonight. You did assume your presidential duties during a time of intense turmoil on campus. And that was a tough time for anybody to answer a call to be a leader and you did that and we all appreciate that. I think you bring a great deal of energy and a great deal of vision to that role and I think that can be seen as we implement the strategic plan. I think you?ve shown an ability to listen to many sides of all questions and I think that is a difficult thing. Many of us don't have that attribute. The ability to form coalitions is a real strong, strong attribute and you?ve done that. And I'll site the millage, because I was personally involved in the millage effort, I think that bringing together the labor groups on campus and the other employees on campus bringing together the leaders of the community, bringing together all of the various elements that it takes to pass a millage. that's your leadership speaking to us and to you. I think you?ve shown the ability also to address some of the important labor issues that face us here at the College particularly in terms of equity. And I'm very pleased with the contracts that have been settled in the last year and half. I think they are fair, I think they're equitable. No we're not where we need to be, but we're getting there and that's quite a tribute. We don't have that history necessarily. We have a rather bumpy road in the past. So I'm proud of that. And finally, I think you have shown the ability of accountability. Not only yourself, but all of us to a very high level of accountability. And I think those of us who appreciate excellence value that a great deal. I thank you for that I thank you for your ability to listen and carry on.

Gary Van Kempen - I have been an employee at the College for over 25 years most of the time as a faculty member and more recently in the human resources area. As I look back on those 25 years I can't remember a time when I've ever felt more confident about the future of Lansing Community College. In human resources alone, we have seven labor agreements in place and for the first time in the history of the College we approved a new faculty agreement before the old one expired. Also, for the first time in the history of the College we have salary structures for over 500 of our employees that will provide internal equity as well as external market competitiveness. And thanks to the passage of the millage we will be able to fully implement those salary structures next year. I sometimes wonder why were we able to do this in the past year when we haven?t been able to do these things previously. It certainly had a lot do with the hard work and dedication of those involved in the process. The original wage and class committee, the individuals on the various negotiating teams. There was also excellent human resources advice and guidance provided by Dave Davidson. The Board of Trustees was very helpful throughout the process. Chair Jeffries provided some extra leadership at crunch time when deadlines were approaching. In addition to all that and in my mind at the hove of all that was President Cunningham. My sense is that Paula had a vision of where she wanted us to be in the Fall of 2001 and we're pretty much there and it's a pretty good place to be. Though I just want to say to Paula publicly thank you for your leadership and support throughout this process and I also want to express my sincere hope that you will continue to provide that leadership for LCC in the future.

Bill Turowski, Athletic Director at LCC - I'm a little nervous. I once heard a story that Mark Twain told about a man who was seized by the town?s folk for a perceived offense. He had been tarred and feathered in the tradition of the early frontier was being ridden out of town on a rail. Someone asked the culprit how he liked what was happening to him. The gentlemen answered if it were not for the honor of the occasion I would just assume miss it. President Cunningham I'm sure you can relate to that story. But I didn?t come with tarred feathers tonight rather to lend my support for you in the job and the performance you have given LCC over the past year. Kind words were spoken tonight I couldn?t say it any better. I fully and completely 100% support everything that has been said so far this evening. But I just wanted to thank you for your leadership and your vision. For bringing your honesty and integrity to the position. For your open communication. For challenging us to be our best and not accepting less. For your support and offering a helping hand. I certainly look forward to working with you in the years ahead.

Dorothy Jones - I speak as a citizen of Lansing and the community college district. I am not surprised that Paula has done such a fine job. I knew years ago that she was going to do this someday. So, stay with success. I also want to say to all of you thank you for having the courage to take the millage to we citizens and gave us the opportunity to give you the support that you need to move on in that area. Thank you.

Mayor Hollister - Thank you. I just want to reinforce my enthusiastic support for the partnership that is represented by Paula and her administration. She serves on our EDC Board and is a very conscientious member. We are currently working on Hope scholarships for 500 sixth graders and we couldn?t do it without the school district and the community college. We've been over to Flint working with Kettering. There?s just a number of initiatives and the affirmation of the millage is really a tribute to her administration and the leadership of this Board. I think we have a real ace here and we need to keep her.

Chairperson and Board Member Reports


By-laws Policy Committee Update

Chairperson Jeffries stated that at the October meeting he indicated that in December the By-laws Policy committee would be forwarding a recommendation to the Board on the policies and revised Board by-laws. The policies will not be brought before the Board at the December meeting as planned due to the necessity of receiving feedback from various labor groups. He stated that in February or possibly March the committee will bring forward a recommendation related to the policies. However, it is planned for the December 10 Board meeting for the by-laws to be on the agenda for the Board's consideration. There is a work session to review the by-laws on December 4 at Noon.

President's Performance Review & Status

Chairperson Jeffries stated that every year the Board reviews the President's performance and the President has the option to do it in closed or open session. President Cunningham has chosen to conduct the performance review in open session.

President Cunningham presented her performance review to the Board. (The report is on file with the official Board materials.)

Chairperson Jeffries stated that most of the performance reviews conducted by Boards are usually done in closed session. It is something that usually requires frank discussion. He thanked President Cunningham for allowing the review to be conducted in open session. He asked each Board member to ask questions or make comments about the President's performance review.

Verbatim transcript:

Trustee Rasmusson - No questions, but I'll comment briefly that I think Paula has done a good job and I'm impressed that she knows the people in industry, the people in business, people in labor, people in education, and in the community. This is very important and it's something no outsider can come in and do. She knows the job and she has my support.

Trustee Holden - Thirteen people spoke and I don't think there is anything magical about that number nor anything we should be afraid of. But I just captured some of the words that were said I heard vision, mission, plan, provided direction from at least five other people that spoke. As a matter of fact one had a letter, and I don't have a copy of that July 27 letter where Paula went to the community and said, here is our plan. I heard words like restored trust, stabilized leadership, listens, a coalition builder, broken the bonds of the job. And there was one that I missed. We heard from faculty, administrators, a student, and community leaders, and some in our political arena. The one I liked was the faculty member who said that this campus has come alive and I'm glad to be living in this alive campus. So, Paula, thank you for your leadership.

Trustee Canady - I know that the President often says that we make her job a lot easier, I don't know that that is true, but I know she certainly makes our job a lot easier. Since this is the second administration that I've gone through. I can understand how differently things can operate in having been in politics in one level or another for more years than what I want to remember. I know that this type of tranquility is a rarity. I think that stands as a strong testament to Paula?s temperament and her ability as a leader of this college. If I may have your indulgence, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the moment. Because I know these things don't always come along in this type of situation. I want to thank you, Paula, for making this possible.

Trustee Patterson - It's a great moment for me to listen to the public?s comments about the President. Reflecting on a very troubled past year, few months for me and I think for many people on this Board and in this room. But one of the real shining lights for me this year is that I liked Paula from the start, I liked her before and I like her now. But she?s proven to me a toughness that I truly admire and a steadfastness that is just amazing at times. When it looks like it is going another direction, and Paula pulls it back. So, I really much appreciate that. I think that I'm the first page in Paula?s report. It talks about the greatest achievement of the College in the past year is that it represents a continued confidence and goodwill of our community towards LCC. Believe me I never lost confidence in that, but I think a lot of people did. And I think we have been able to pull that back. I not only want to thank Paula tonight for helping with that, but I think Brian has done a good job with that with this Board in calming us down, putting us into a better format at times and I really appreciate that. I think that was necessary. There have been times that I haven?t agreed with it. I've learned a lot in this last year and I'll repeat myself that when I travel around and have the privilege in representing this institution, this is a very, very fine community college. It comes across time and time again and it takes a leader to continue that on and take it to a new level. Our strategic plan, which was put together and lives today and our ability to put the money to the literally bottom line with our facilities master plan to prove that is just a tremendous credit to this community and Paula I would be excited as we go forth to fulfill it. You certainly have my support. It's a pleasure to work with you and I will gladly support you.

Trustee Pelleran - I'm just delighted to have been on this Board when we made the decision to put Paula Cunningham in the drivers seat as the full time president. At the time when we did that not only did I recognize the fact that everyone in this community came forward from the business sector, from the labor sector, from the legislature, from civic organizations. Organizations that touch this college not only through its humans, but through its boundaries. They like Paula Cunningham. Paula Cunningham had done a good job while she was here. She did a good job as interim president healing a wound that was so deep and so bloody that this community and the students here didn?t deserve it. That healing has continued while Paula Cunningham has been our full time president and she has kept the support that she had a year ago and she has garnered the respect and greater support of other entities and individuals that are touched by this college. Community colleges are here to serve the community. Its students, its taxpayers, and all of us who look to it for cultural diversification and opportunities as well. The workforce development needs, the financial responsibilities here I don't think we could have a better person at the helm steering our course and keeping us on target and focused. In my line of work I tell people constantly focus, focus, focus and I want to say that I believe that Paula Cunningham has kept on the course true to the mission that we as elected Trustees are here to preserve and protect. And she has done an admirable job and I am pleased to serve Lansing Community College and all of you with President Cunningham helping to steer that course. Thank you, Paula, for a job well done.

Trustee Heywood - Paula and I go back many, many, many years. When I was a student raising cane, I suppose you would say, and I actually came to this place on the Board by raising cane and asking questions. And I think there is no misstatement when I say I was very reluctant when Paula was appointed to this position permanently. But I think I can be one of those people that you can proudly say is a convert. Now, let me be careful on that. With what I have been most impressed with, I may not agree with every course that Paula takes, I may not agree with every recommendation that she makes, but what I have been impressed with is that she has been forthright with me. We've had our yelling matches, whether it be on email or by phone or wherever it may be. But that I think for me is part of the process of synthesis and I think it's been interesting to watch her interact with the different Board members. And I think she understands how people operate and works with them in which ever way functions best. And to me, as a leader who is someone that has led the community, I value that more than anything else is that you work with people where they're at. And that has been the power of what I've seen as your ability to build coalitions. Your ability to work through problems. Your ability to build an administration that is very strong. So, you?ve won me over. Write it down because it might be that last time I'll ever say something like that.

Chairperson Jeffries - I agree with what everybody has said here tonight and particularly with what the public has brought forward. I was very curious to hear tonight with some anticipation what was going to be said and the variety of folks that came out whether it's the internal constituencies, in terms of faculty, staff and students or the external constituencies, the business representatives or just plain lay people that have come here tonight and talked on Paula?s behalf. And I think that's speaks volumes about the type of representative we have. I look at the President as the representative of LCC as she goes out, not only on campus, but off campus and represents us and I think the quality type of job that she does has been spoken well of here tonight and that is something that was very, very important for me to hear. The one thing, I hate the term "the care and feeding of the Board", and that's one thing that the President is supposed to do. But one of the things that Paula does best and I think that Todd was alluding to this is that she is very responsive to the concerns, whether it's request for information or concerns about whatever issue it is that you have, she responds quickly, very thoroughly. And, I think Dave can attest to this, the information we get is very quality information, it's very condense and concise and it's quality information. And I think it's due to the nature of LCC through the strategic plan and it is being implemented. And I?d like to thank Paula and her staff for the work and effort that they put into that. Certainly I will be supportive of Paula in the future. I think that it was very grateful for me to hear from you all in terms of your thoughts. Thank you.

End of verbatim transcript.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Holden and supported by Trustee Heywood to authorize the chairperson to enter into contract negotiations with President Cunningham and to submit a proposed contract for consideration to the Board at its January 2002 meeting.

Chairperson Jeffries stated that the President's contract is up in June 2002 and under the terms of that contract that is the schedule the Board is to follow in terms of any renewal or action against the contract.

Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None.
Absent: None.

Motion carried.

The Board took a short recess.

President Cunningham thanked the Board of Trustees for their support and appreciates their continued support. She stated that she had turned down this position, but when she looked at the work that had been done with the strategic plan and the direction the College was going in, she said she did not want someone to come in and move the College in a different direction. She was committed to the direction that had been established and still does. President Cunningham made comments about each Board member.

President Cunningham addressed Trustee Rasmusson. She said that she is getting to know Trustee Rasmusson more and appreciates his candor. She appreciates his support and his work with the Funding Task Force, the Bylaws Committee and she appreciates his presence considering it is difficult at times for him due to his health. She stated that thanks to Trustee Rasmusson CASE Credit Union now has a branch on campus.

President Cunningham addressed Trustee Holden. She said that she has known Trustee Holden for many years. President Cunningham stated that Trustee Holden took an unfair beating when she was the chairperson of the Board and still has the enthusiasm and love for this college. During those hard times she never gave up and continues to be committed to Lansing Community College.

President Cunningham addressed Trustee Canady. She stated that Trustee Canady is a delight and he is the person she can spend the least amount of time with. She said that Trustee Canady is always there to listen and provide feedback.

President Cunningham addressed Trustee Patterson. She said that the core of Trustee Patterson is his wanting to serve and the love for this college and this community. He is always willing to listen and has so much passion about the work that is accomplished at this college.

President Cunningham addressed Trustee Pelleran. She said that Trustee Pelleran is always willing to help in any way she can. She is willing to put on an apron or serve on a committee, and she is very active in the community.

President Cunningham addressed Trustee Heywood. She stated that she is very appreciative of his support. She realizes that he has been challenging. He has called her a liar, that she was incompetent, and that he would never support her candidacy. She said that his support tonight meant a great deal to her.

President Cunningham addressed Chairperson Jeffries. She said that she appreciates his accessibility and his willingness to always help when it came to participating on radio shows, television shows, or with negotiations. She thanked him for caring enough to lend his time to the College. President Cunningham stated that the Board meetings are now run so much more efficiently and the Board is as informed, if not more informed, than before.

President Cunningham thanked everyone in the audience. She stated that everyone has pulled together and improved this institution and the students are better off as a result of it. For example, Ms. Cyndi Rooker stayed late one night to get a mailing out and never saying one word. Ms. Jan Stuart stayed up until midnight along with Sally Pierce to get the contract language completed. That is why the College is successful because of people like them.

Board Member Reports

Trustee David Patterson - Facilities Master Plan

Trustee Patterson reported that on October 31 the Facilities Master Plan committee reconvened to discuss the capital outlay submission. It was decided to alter the request that was submitted to the State of Michigan. Trustee Patterson stated that the committee is recommending that the capital outlay request of $50 million be reduced to phase one only, which is $29 million.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Holden that the Facilities Master Plan committee?s recommendation of reducing the capital outlay request to be submitted to the State of Michigan to $29 million, which is phase one be accepted.

Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None.
Absent: None.

Motion carried.

Trustee Heywood stated that he attended the first dance concert since the program review process and was disappointed. He said the performance of the students and the skill was there, but the technical support and the structural support were not. Trustee Heywood stated that he hoped that would change and there would be support for a dance program similar to what the college had in the past.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she attended the CQI breakfast along with Trustees Patterson and Holden. The program included President Cunningham and Mr. Ray Turner who made a presentation regarding the strategic plan. She said it was a wonderful program.

President's Report


Human Resources



Gary VanKempen, Director, College Academic Affairs, Provost?s Office Executive Office Division


Martha Ehle-Madigan, Counselor, Counseling Services, Student and Academic Support Division



Keith Mino, Director, Counseling Services, Student and Academic Support Division


Kenneth Hamilton, Faculty Member, Humanities and Performing Arts, Liberal Studies Division


President Cunningham thanked everyone for their assistance and support of the millage.

Action Items

Approval of Minutes - October 15, 2001

Chairperson Jeffries stated that he had forgotten at the October Board meeting to thank Trustee Holden for having participated in the presentation at the ACCT conference on his behalf. He asked that the minutes reflect his statement.

Trustee Holden stated she was proud to have participated in the presentation.


Year-End Financial Audit Report?

Vice President Barbara Larson thanked Sue Maloney, director of Accounting and Payroll, and her staff for their work with the audit report.

Vice President Larson introduced Mr. Bruce Dunn from Maner, Costerisan and Ellis.

Mr. Bruce Dunn presented the year-end financial audit report to the Board (the audit report is on file with the official Board materials.)

Chairperson Jeffries asked if the student loans on page 21 are loans that the College gives.

Ms. Maloney responded that these are loans that the College issues. They are short-term loans.

President Cunningham thanked Mr. Dunn and Vice President Larson and her entire staff. She stated that the College continues to receive outstanding financial audits.

Approval of Bids?

There were two bids presented for the Board's approval. One proposal presented was for Continuous Improvement/Organizational Development/ISO Consultant Services. Mr. Lee Whipple of Bellaire, Michigan was awarded the bid. The second proposal was for replacement of the roof on the AOF building. Stephenson and Sons of Burton, Michigan was awarded the bid.

President Cunningham stated that there have been comments made regarding Mr. Whipple?s expenses. According to the College's records, Mr. Whipple is the most inexpensive consultant the College has had.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Holden to approve the President's Report as presented.

Trustee Heywood asked that the motion be amended in that the President's Report be approved with the exception of Mr. Lee Whipple?s contract.

The Board agreed to the amendment.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Holden to approve the President's Report with the exception of Mr. Whipple?s consulting contract.

Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None.
Absent: None.

Motion carried.

Trustee Heywood stated a complaint had been brought to his attention about Mr. Whipple?s behavior. This complaint was brought up during an exit interview of a former employee.

President Cunningham stated that exit interviews are not generally made public at all and it is in order for people to be open, honest, and direct.

A portion of the exit interview was distributed and is on file with the official Board materials.

Trustee Heywood stated that he is concerned that the College is spending this type of funds on someone that has been accused of being abrasive and insulting to employees of the College. He asked that the Board recognize that this type of complaint has been made.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she did not believe a complaint has been made because it is an exit interview.

Trustee Heywood stated that he received a letter with the same document that has been distributed. That is how he became aware that this was an exit interview.

Chairperson Jeffries asked where was the letter.

Trustee Heywood stated he did not have the letter with him because he was waiting for this information.

Chairperson Jeffries asked if the letter contained the same information as they have in front of them.

Trustee Heywood responded yes.

Chairperson Jeffries asked if there were any formal complaints made against Mr. Whipple.

Mr. Rich Howard responded that no formal complaints have been made.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Holden to approve the consulting contract for Mr. Lee Whipple.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: Heywood
Absent: None

Motion carried.

Public Comment

Linda Birchmeier - I joined the LCC staff in March of this year as an instructional designer working with Tim Brannan. I wanted to go back to that point because I know a lot of you have been with Lansing Community College for a long time, but one of the first individuals that Tim had me meet was Lee Whipple. Since that time I have had the opportunity to work Lee almost on a daily basis since I was announced as the Organizational Development director. I've never seen, since I've met Lee in March, Lee exhibit any unprofessional behavior. In fact I rate him as a first class mentor. I worked for Michigan State University for almost 13 years and in a short amount of time that I've known Lee I can't think of anyone that I?d rather have the acquaintance with and work with to lead us through the ISO and the AQIP process that President Cunningham mentioned in her evaluation. He?s just an outstanding individual who has a true passion for Lansing Community College and he had the opportunity to sit with me and go through the strategic plan step by step. And that was not his role. That was something that I could have easily done on my own. He took the opportunity to do that and he really is a first class citizen, a first class leader, and a first class mentor for me.

Nancy Lombardi - I'm the current director of Quality Assurance here at the College. It's a new position and it began in July this year and I work very closely with Lee. I have found him to be extremely professional, very well informed. He?s made the time to spend with me. I think mentor is another good word for it. The only time I have found Lee to be abrupt is when people are being stupid (laughter). If you want a diplomat, that's not what the position calls for, but Lee always phrases and expresses himself in a very intelligent manner if people are willing to enter into a dialogue with him. People who want to go on and attack will not get very far. They will not intimidate him. And I think sometimes when people are looking to intimidate another person and it doesn?t work they feel intimidated. Thank you.

Ray Wawro - I work in Information Systems and College Development division. I was on the selection committee when we chose Lee as the consultant. Lee did a very professional job in his presentation. I've been on a number of selection committees and don't always choose the lowest bidder and don't always choose the best presentation, and we try to balance that. In this case I think Lee was a very obvious choice. I think he was also the low bidder if I remember correctly. Since that time I've worked with Lee in beginning to implement ISO and he?s done a very good job at explaining ISO and what that really means and how we go about implementing that. And I fully support Lee in this. Thank you.

Ray Turner - I've worked with Lee Whipple closely for the last year and a half or so. I'm not going to speak to his qualifications or skills or his intelligence. I'm going to speak to his illegit abrasiveness. Lee is a consummate professional and way beyond being a consummate professional is he is the kindest man that I can remember working for. The kindest man and that counts for more than anything else with me.

Glenn Cerny - That is the contract that is mine when I inherited the division in July. One of the biggest things that I asked for when we go out to get a consultant is, number one, the person delivers. That they actually do what they said they were going to do and it goes right to ISO, which says, do what you say and say what you do. that's what Lee does. In this contract it was very easy for me to look at and see the work ethic that was provided, plus the thought that goes in. This is a person that works day and night for this college. The other key component was that my staff that we're developing in the ISCD division I wanted to make sure that we would have a mentor. Somebody that would instill confidence, direction, leadership, and be able to when they left our staff be a lot better off than when we started. And that is the key component. And I take any offense to anybody that says abrasive or any kind of that language because I've never seen it. All I've seen is that he puts his cards on the table and he lets you know where he stands and that's a perfect opportunity for us to say where you stand and any kind of component in terms of abrasiveness is really just more individuals not really understanding the confrontation that occurs when you have a change agent on a campus. That is what we are. The ISCD division was developed into a change agent. So, I look forward to working on this contract with Lee and instilling that mentoring ability in our staff.

Trustee Holden - Todd, as a fellow Board member, I guess I?d really like to encourage you to relax a bit and try to see some of the goodness of what's gone on in this campus. Earlier Paula commended me for a difficult year, I think it was a commendation, and let me tell you that every morning before I get the newspaper, I would think about what was helping the direction of this college and it was in fact our Vice President of Planning, Paula Cunningham at the time and this plan. I urge you to relax a bit because this is not new your resistance. You resisted long before you were Board member and I'm not sure what personal kinds of things went on, but I would encourage you to relax a little bit and try to learn what the truth of what many of these comments were and the power of this plan.

Chairperson Jeffries - I just want to say one thing, and it is not to you, Todd, it's to Lee. I want to thank you for all the work that you?ve done here at Lansing Community College. I think anyone who spoke here tonight that knows what's going on at LCC is because of the strategic plan. And you certainly had, I mean your fingerprints all over that, and I appreciated the help you provided me individually as a Board member. And I know as a Board when we sat down and started working on the strategic plan, I mean, I hate strategic plans. They're boring and everybody gets them and puts them on the shelf and they don't do anything with it. This is the first time, Lee, that one, the plan is excellent, and it is being implemented. And I think everybody, I know everybody?s behind it, and the fruit of that plan we heard about tonight. And you have a lot do with that and I don't want you for a minute to think that this type of crap and the other stuff that's been going on with you, I know a lot of what's been going on with you personally, the hits you?ve taken here on campus, reflect what the majority of this Board feels about you and thinks about you. we're glad you're here and I'm glad you're going to stay for a couple more years at least with us. And we got to appreciate the work you're going to give us. Thank you. (applause)


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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