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Adopted Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2002
Special Meeting

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:40 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Absent: Canady
Trustee Holden was present via conference call.

Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

David Weiner, Mayor Hollister?s Office, City of Lansing - Chairperson Jeffries, President Cunningham, members of the Board, staff, and administrators of Lansing Community College. I am here to express the perspective of the Mayor on your M-TEC discussion, a very complex and important decision that has ramifications for the City. We, you and I, you and we, have been strong and effective partners for almost one half of a century. And even tonight in Dart Auditorium when the Mayor gives his State of the City Address, he will reaffirm a new major initiative of a Hope Scholarship program that will bring future students to LCC and provide scholarship money to them. Obviously we believe that it is in the City?s best interests to keep the M-TEC and the new community college technical campus within the City?s boundaries. It continues the growth and revitalization of the City. It is critical for the future economic development. It supports the City?s tax base. It reaffirms our commitment to reutilizing core City property including Brown Fields instead of building up on green fields. We've had many discussions and explored many options over a long period of time. We believe, the City believes, that we can meet and exceed your considerations for the Delta site including free land, reduced building costs, reduced infrastructure costs, and lease options that provide flexibility for incentives. Over the past week we've sent a number of messages back and forth. We've engaged assistance of lobbyists and intermediaries, but we've not actually sat together and analyzed the numbers, what are the options. We would hope that you would reconsider several of the sites we proposed. To cite two in particular the original site on MLK Boulevard in proximity to the new Grand River assembly plant offers the college an opportunity to showcase to the world a training center that meets the needs of what is arguably the world?s most sophisticated new manufacturing plant and suppliers. The Hill site next to the Hill Technical Center offers a synergy between the M-TEC and the new technical campus for LCC and the Lansing School District technical center. And it creates new opportunities for career paths for Lansing and mid-Michigan students. Other sites offer other community redevelopment opportunities and synergies. Whatever your decision we will respect it and look to the bigger picture of how we thrive as a region sustain economic growth and provide quality education for all our citizens, but we hope that if you have an uncertainty or believe that we can think out of the box for a creative solution, then lets take a few more days to meet together and find an alternative that will be in the best interest of the College, General Motors, the City, the school district, and the region.

Joan Bauer, Lansing City Council - The issue of the location of the M-TEC site is obviously extremely important to our City, and it is also extremely important to our City Council, so important that we're meeting at 5:00 p.m. tonight and I left at 5:20 p.m., while they are still meeting, to come here and by physically being present and reiterating our position that we strongly urge you to locate the M-TEC center within the City of Lansing. We are partners and as Mr. Weiner said we have been partners for many, many years and tonight we will be partners on a stage as the Mayor gives his State of the City address. We have the same goals. we're all about improving the quality of life for people for ensuring that our workforce is able and ready to replace our fine workers that we have today in our region. we're alike in that we support building strong families, strong communities, strong businesses. We try to do it through public policy and governmental initiatives. You do it through providing a strong educational system, but we are partners. On behalf of the Lansing City Council, again, I urge you to locate the new M-TEC at one of the sites that we are presenting. We present several options. We pledge to you at our end, as the legislative end of city government, to do all we can to make the numbers work, to provide the assistance that you need to make it feasible to remain in the City. Because we feel this is so vitally important to our City and to our community. The decision you have before you has long-term ramifications, and I know you know that, for the City of Lansing. I know it is a really difficult decision and in my role, I get a lot of decisions like this, and I don't envy you. But, again, on behalf of the Lansing City Council, I urge you to at least reconsider the sites we are offering and pledge our very sincere wish to keep the M-TEC facility in the City and to do all that we can to make that possible for Lansing Community College.

John Pollard, Lansing resident - I can only echo what you?ve heard here from the City. I know this is the 11th hour, but it's not the 12th hour. We could still have a little more time. I think we can come together and reach a win-win situation here as opposed to what look likes a win-lose situation for the people of Lansing. I praise you President Cunningham. If I was sitting in your seat, I?d probably put down the same proposal that I see here. Because your job is to take care of us taxpayers? money and to do what is feasible for this community college. But I really do believe that we're not that far off at least getting the GM tech center stand-alone here in Lansing. I don't know if we got land enough for all of them, but then maybe we could work this out. Remember we're Lansing Community College, not Delta Township Community College. We will be economically devastated by you moving those kids from the Gannon Voc Tech center out to Delta Township. we're also the engine of this region. Our tax dollars for your millage that passed on the 6th of November 40% of that money is coming from the City of Lansing ? $7.8 million, $3.12 million City of Lansing. And your assessment. As we assess every year, I watch your assessments historically and they are far above the cost of living. That $7.8 million you get this year is going to turn into $8.2 million next year. Just a 5 or 6% increase in everybody?s assessment in your district would stretch it from here to New England it seems. Because the following year you're going to go up another $400,000. Maybe some of that money that we're talking about can show up on the table to help offset your costs. The last thing in the world I?d ever want to do, because I've been a college student, God knows I sent my son to MIT, the last thing I?d want to do would be to raise tuition. However, maybe we all have to give something here. For one more dollar of tuition generates about $290,000 for LCC. You heard the people from the City. They're willing to sit down, meet, talk. I know it's the eleventh hour, but I really do think we could come together. These numbers are not that big to me. And I'm a poor man. These numbers are not that large to me. Even during economic recession. I see $800,000 to $2 million. I saw another category $200,000 to $250,000 a year. That is significant. And then I see one more category of $500,000. I haven?t seen $3 million yet. I'm willing to bet we can get our heads together. We are Lansing. we're used to making it happen. Now lets get together and make this happen and have a win-win situation for not only Lansing, but for the region.

Brian Smith, Chairman of Citizens for a Better Lansing - Madame President, honorable Trustees, I am here to address the Board on the M-TEC. I'm requesting that you do all that you can to please keep this in the city limits of Lansing. It was very disheartening to read the newspaper Friday and today about this proposed Delta Township site. I'm an alumni of this college and to me as Mr. Pollard said, I'll repeat again, L stands for Lansing Community College. This is not Delta Township Community College folks. If you don't build the facility in the downtown portion of the City of Lansing, the City of Lansing will be the biggest loser. All those students will be spending their time and money out in the Mt. Hope I-496 region instead of downtown Lansing. It is also no secret that you're looking at dismantling and selling the Old Central sometime in the near future. I'm just wondering how all this fits together in some funny equation. I'm also very upset that the Lansing resident and homeowner, that we Lansing residents fund over 40% of the money that LCC gets each year from the one mill increase which was passed last November. And I want to point out to you here that that millage failed in the City of Lansing. It was the outlying areas that brought this millage through for you people. So that's something else to keep in mind. We residents are the back bone that drives this region. The residents of Lansing. People like myself and my fianc?who have a house, have a mortgage, and have a stake here. I ask you, Madame President and honorable Trustees, to roll up your sleeves, sharpen your pencils, and go back to the drawing board to do all you can to keep this M-TEC center here in the city limits of the City of Lansing. Thank you.

Charlene Decker, Lansing resident - Everyone has given the financial end of this let me give the heart and soul end from my view. I moved here in ?62 and one of the things I was impressed with at the very beginning was the community college for Lansing was in Old Central. I've lived here watching you grow. I've gotten to know the students and people that live in this community. The thing that impressed me was when the community college - when there were nay sayers, and there were nay sayers about the community college, when I came here. The people of Lansing, the residents of Lansing nurtured, if there is no other term that I can think of, nurtured this college because to them it meant ?my child will be able to go to college.? Because the tuition was not very much, it was right here they could live at home and the (inaudible) if they needed rooming we had the type of smaller boarding houses. I even lived at the YW for a while when I first came here. I can tell you that this is community. When all of this was here and was built in here and it expanded out. In fact, when I went to the Board of Education one of my thoughts was let us work with LCC, Davenport, Cooley Law School and combine work with General Motors. I worked with General Motors and I know how the people of General Motors felt about the jobs. They were very prideful, full of pride. And their children went here and it is important to maintain easy access. When you start climbing onto buses, and I work with a young woman who is a mentally challenged woman. She is now taking classes here to have her go all over the place to get to two of her classes will change this. It will be difficult. Now her (inaudible) won?t be affected by this. But there are others like her who are searching to have this type of training and they're living within Lansing. And to me we can't change the heart and soul of this beautiful community college. It is for the people and the people worked so hard to nurture it, to bring it along and I now know people who come in outside the region because the name of Lansing Community College (inaudible.) I think we residents of Lansing deserve the right to have this facility within our borders. I do hope you will think about the heart and soul because this comes from my heart. Thank you so much.

Sam Singh, East Lansing City Council - I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for making some very difficult decisions. I am not here to say which proposal is the best proposal. I think they all have some significant merit, but as I've watched this process move forward I'm concerned that we might lose an opportunity to take some State dollars and build a regional facility. It is my understanding that extensions to this process is fairly limited, if at all even possible, and if that's the case, we need to make some decisions almost very quickly to meet the State timeline. If that's the case, we will support you in whatever decision that you make, but my urging is to make it as quickly as possible so we can meet those State deadlines. I?d hate to see the taxpayers of this region have to pay again through local dollars to build this facility if we lose the State dollars. You?ve done a good amount of work in finding a number of locations for this facility and I could say, once again, we will support whatever endeavor you decide on. You know East Lansing has a strong commitment to LCC and I think that was very evident in the recent millage. East Lansing residents were overwhelmingly in support of that. I think it not only says something about how we view education, but also how we view this Board and the leadership of your president. I would hope that you make this decision in a rapid sense, as we will work as regional partners throughout this community so we can make it that the State dollars stay in this community so this facility can be built. Thank you for your time and your consideration on a very important issue.

Joe Drolette, Delta Township ? I can tell you that your job is very difficult. We will support whatever decision you make. Whether it's in Delta Township or the City of Lansing. I want to make it very clear that since we started working together on getting the General Motors facility with our friends from the City of Lansing, we've talked regionalism. And I don't want it to get one against the other, this is not. We talked about the education of our children, the need for the technical training of the plants and the jobs you hope to bring in here as a team. As with our partners from Lansing and East Lansing and everybody. You have a tough job. You have a vision. Delta Township and the outlying regions are very strong financial supporters of your community college. So, let?s be clear, Delta Township is a supporter of whatever you do. Thank you.

Chairperson and Board Member Reports

Chairperson Report

President's Contract

Chairperson Jeffries stated that at the November 2001 meeting, as result of the President's Evaluation, he was directed by the Board to enter into negotiations with the President. He stated that all of the Board members have received a copy of the proposed contract. He said that it is the first time in the history of LCC that a term of five years is being proposed. It is the longest term that can be provided to a community college president under the Michigan Community College Act. It demonstrates to the public the Board's strong commitment to the President for her leadership and what she has done during her whole tenure at the College and particularly in her tenure as president. Chairperson Jeffries stated that the proposed contract is a fairly standard contract in terms of wages and other benefits that are provided therein.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Rasmusson to approve the President's contract.

Trustee Patterson stated he is concerned with Provision 8 of the contract regarding the accumulation of vacation days. He said that it is a poor administration procedure and does not agree with it. He stated that for this reason he will not be supporting the contract. Trustee Patterson stated that he supports the President 1000%, but it is not in the best interest of the College to set up a system by which it is encouraged for people to not take vacation and to not take care of themselves. He said that he strongly believes that portion should be changed, and without it being changed, he will not support the contract.

Trustee Rasmusson stated that they will never agree on every provision, but feels it is a good contract.

Trustee Heywood stated that he shared Trustee Patterson?s concern, but after speaking with President Cunningham and she reassured him that she could take care of her well being, then he said he would support the contract.

Trustee Holden stated that she is pleased with the length of the contract because it shows, on behalf of the College, that the Board is asking the President to provide continuous leadership.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: Patterson
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

Board Member Reports

There were no Board member reports.

President's Report

President Cunningham thanked the Board for the vote of confidence. Their decision gives the College the energy, enthusiasm and support to move forward with the strategic plan for the next seven years.


Sale of Bonds Update

President Cunningham stated that they were in New York for a day and a half to get a bond rating for Lansing Community College. She reported that a bond rating came in and the College is able to maintain its AA bond rating. She shared the bond ratings for other community colleges throughout the state. Grand Rapids Community College has a AA-, Macomb Community College has an AA-, Oakland Community College has an AA-, Washtenaw Community College has an AA-, Mott Community College has an A-, and Glen Oaks Community College BBB+. For Lansing Community College to have maintained an AA rating is outstanding and it sets the College apart. She thanked Vice President Barbara Larson and her staff that have made certain that the College maintain a budget that is full of integrity. There is one more rating the College is waiting for. This information will allow the College to borrow money at a good interest rate.

2001-2002 Budget Status

Vice President Larson provided a budget update to the Board (the report is on file with the official board materials.) Internally the budget process has begun for 2002-2003. Staff is preparing for several scenarios. The best of which that the College maintains its state funding next year at its current level this year. The worst of which is a five to seven reduction in state aid. The goal is to identify an additional $1 million in learning support areas, and this represents about 3% of the overhead costs. In terms of the budget status for this year, preliminary lag hire savings is projected. There were a number of full time faculty vacancies and enrollment is strong in terms of an 8 to 11% increase in credit hour enrollment. Approximately $1.2 million is projected in additional tuition and fee revenue. This brings the projected surplus for this year to about $1.8 million. This is subject to change as the spring enrollment data becomes available. She stated that a reconciliation would be brought to the Board in the spring with a recommendation as to how any surplus is used.

Human Resources



Stephen Appiah-Padi, Coordinator, Multicultural Center, Student and Academic Services Division

Julie Atkinson, Program Director, Diagnostic Sonography, Human Health and Public Services Division


Cameron Dean, Faculty Member, Computer Information Systems Business and Media Careers Division

Linda Goodman, Faculty Member, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Business and Media Careers Division

Leslie Hoover, Faculty Member, Nursing, Human Health and Public Services Division

Jean Lynch-Brandon, Faculty Member, Social Science, Liberal Studies Division

Pamela Miller, Faculty Member, Business Careers, Business and Media Careers Division

Steve Smith, Faculty Member, Computer Information Systems, Business and Media Careers Division

Kevin B. West, Faculty Member, Emergency Medical Services, Human, Health & Public Services Division



Kuan-Chou Chen, Faculty Member, Business and Media Division

President Cunningham thanked the Human Resources Department in filling seven full-time faculty vacancies in a short time.

Chairperson Jeffries asked how many were hired within the College.

Mr. Davidson responded that four were hired within the College and three were not.

Enrollment Update

An enrollment update was not given.

Action Items

M-TEC Recommendation and Application Approval

President Cunningham thanked the Board M-TEC committee, which was comprised of Chairperson Jeffries, Trustees Patterson and Pelleran as well as Dean Bill Darr and Vice President Barbara Larson. President Cunningham provided the public a brief history of how the M-TEC recommendation was arrived to. Approximately two years ago Lansing Community College had 20 acres at the Lansing airport for about 15 years. President Phil Gannon purchased the property with the intent of having the Technology Careers programs located there. Approximately two years ago, the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Lansing, and others approached the College to sell the airport property to a supplier of General Motors. With the understanding that in exchange for the sell of that property, at less than market value, the College would receive 20 acres at or near a GM facility and in particular at the Platinum site in Delta Township or the Main Street facility. Since last March at a press conference it was announced that General Motors would donate one acre to the College to move forward with the M-TEC. Discussions continued and General Motors has graciously increased to 6.5 acres at the Grand River site. However, usable acreage, according to architectural reports, is 5.8 acres. The original agreement was an exchange for 20 acres. On December 11, 2001, City officials and General Motors representatives informed the College to move forward in looking for land. The Board of Trustees was so committed to the M-TEC and to make certain that this happened the Board asked administration to review the budget and determine if there were funds to purchase land since the land was no longer going to be gifted as originally agreed upon. Since December 11 the Committee reviewed over 30 pieces of property. She is confident the information before the Board is extremely thorough. She stated that they consistently asked for help from the City of Lansing and Delta Township regarding providing land. The committee has completed the due diligence on the proposed three properties. President Cunningham asked Vice President Larson to review the disadvantages and advantages of the three proposed sites which are as follows: the former Jackson National Life site, Delta Township site (Mt. Hope and I-496), and the Main Street site. President Cunningham stated that since the land will no longer be gifted and in terms of long-term financial feasibility and not getting land locked in the future, the acreage was increased to 40 acres from 20 acres.

Vice President Larson provided the advantages and disadvantages to each site (the document is on file with the official Board materials.)

President Cunningham stated that due diligence was completed within the timeframe to meet the deadline that was presented. She stated that additional property has been proposed to the College since this was presented to the Board's M-TEC committee. The College received a letter from the Lansing School District regarding the Hill High School property, but no dollar amounts were attached to it. President Cunningham thanked General Motors for having come up with the 6.5 acres. General Motors indicated that if they had more time they would come up with more acreage. Lansing Community College has only had this on their plate since December 11. She thanked the staff and the Board members for the amount of time they have spent on this issue. President Cunningham stated that the recommendation is not to close the door on the City of Lansing, but to move forward with the Delta Township site for the M-TEC location. However, if the College is in jeopardy of losing the $4.2 million grant and the only place that would be acceptable to the State and General Motors would be the M-TEC stand-alone facility, then the College would ask for assistance to offset the costs. A stand-alone facility would be a financial burden to the College. President Cunningham stated that she has reviewed all of the M-TECs throughout the state and almost all of them have received some type of financial assistance from the community. Most recently, Henry Ford Community College received $1 million from Ford Motor Company.

Chairperson Jeffries stated that it has been the expressed intent to build a combined facility with the M-TEC and the College's Technical Training Center. By combining the two facilities the College would save construction costs and on-going operational savings. The successful M-TECs are those that combined those operations together. He stated that the stand-alone M-TECs in Michigan have had a difficult time surviving financially. Since the College will be solely responsible for the operation and therefore responsible for the success or failure of the M-TEC, combining the two facilities was the best configuration. He referred to a letter that will be going to the State of Michigan, the City of Lansing, and to General motors regarding the additional costs that would be incurred if a stand-alone facility were built (the letter is on file with the official Board materials.) Chairperson Jeffries stated that the additional costs to build the M-TEC stand-alone facility would be the following: $800,000 to $2 million for construction costs; $200,000 to $250,000 in annual operation costs; and $500,000 in equipment that would be duplicated in building two facilities. These costs have not been budgeted by the College and were not contemplated while planning the M-TEC.

President Cunningham stated that there has been discussion in leasing the property versus purchasing it. She said that they have not seen any proposals that would be to the College's advantage in leasing the property.

Trustee Pelleran stated that the work that has been done by the administrative staff, the committee and the regional partners to provide a venue that would be appropriate for Lansing Community College has been excellent. She said that this process has not been easy. Most of the Board members reside in the City of Lansing and are committed to Lansing and are committed to the heart and soul of Lansing Community College, which serves a tri-county region. Trustee Pelleran thanked the entities in the region for all of their work on this important project.

Trustee Holden asked if any of the M-TEC stand-alone facilities in Michigan have proven to be profitable.

President Cunningham stated that it was too soon to make any financial analysis on the stand- alones, but one of the models that has the reputation for being the most successful is the integrated model in Battle Creek. The integrated model has been very successful not only in terms of numbers, but also financially.

Trustee Holden stated that she sits on the Workforce Development Board and in the very beginning when the College was invited to submit the application for the M-TEC grant for the Livingston County center; the College was encouraged to look at the model in Battle Creek. She asked if the annual operating costs, suggested in the letter to the City, would help break even if the College went with the stand-alone facility.

President Cunningham responded that they are not assured because of the numbers. The Livingston County M-TEC has 11 students enrolled. The College has a commitment, which is part of the project, from over 60 employers in terms of the number of people they anticipate sending to the M-TEC. The beauty of the integrated model is that the students would also be able to access the facility. By it being integrated the students would use the lab, the equipment, the entire facility and that would help offset the costs to run a facility that may have only 7 or 10 people in it.

Trustee Holden stated she wholly endorses the recommendation for the Delta Township site. She is a strong supporter of Lansing and always has been. Trustee Holden reminded the Board that Lansing Community College is a regional community college. Lansing is only as good as the greater region and the greater region only as good as the City. She was pleased to hear Mr. Weiner pledge the City?s support despite of the decision made by the Board.

Trustee Patterson thanked the staff, in particular Dean Darr and Vice President Larson, who went way beyond their call of duty. He said that he agreed that the College represents the region and strongly supports regionalism. There have been some narrow definitions of regionalism regarding this issue. He said that the College has a presence in downtown Lansing and the Facilities Master Plan shows a commitment to the downtown area and will continue for a number of years. He said that in speaking with other community colleges, as the representative for the College on the Michigan Community College Association Board and the Association of Community College Trustees, they have indicated that some of the stand-alone M-TECs are a financial burden.

Chairperson Jeffries thanked everyone for their efforts and time spent on this issue. It speaks very well of the people that work at the College and has been impressed with their commitment. Everyone has come in with their eyes wide open trying to find the best solution for Lansing Community College, and he thinks that the Delta Township site is the best solution. Chairperson Jeffries thanked Trustee Patterson for having spent a tremendous amount of time on this project. He said that this is a difficult decision, personally, for him to make because he knows a lot of the people from the City of Lansing, he lives in the City, and have committed, he and his family, to live in this town and make it a better place. Chairperson Jeffries stated that he really would like to locate the M-TEC in the City; however, the Delta Township site is in the best interest for the College and the region.

Trustee Heywood stated that he has walked the properties that have been considered and he will be supporting the Delta Township site. He said that it is a fair offer and a good place. He is not turning his back on Lansing. He is committed to Lansing.

President Cunningham asked the Board to approve moving forward with the M-TEC Committee and administration?s recommendation to build the M-TEC and the Lansing Community College Technology Training Facility at the Delta Township property located at Mount Hope and I-496 with the caveat that if the City of Lansing, General Motors, and/or the State of Michigan are able to come forward with the contingencies that have been stated by Chairperson Jeffries then this Board of Trustees would consider those conditions and reassess. Barring the aforementioned the College would continue to move forward.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Heywood and supported by Trustee Patterson to accept the recommendation of the M-TEC Committee and administration.

Chairperson Jeffries stated that as Mr. Sam Singh pointed out that there is a short timeframe. The application deadline is at the end of March, but the College's deadline is to get the application to the Workforce Board by February 6. The letter containing the contingencies for the alternative site requires a very short turn around time for the contingencies to be met and for the Board reassess the recommendation.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

Public Comment

Joe Drolette, Delta Township ? We appreciate the support. I want to make sure that this is never Lansing against Delta. It will never happen as long as I'm there. You have a tough job. We all together have (inaudible) for a long time for a vision for the future. You were an integral part of this. We appreciate your consideration of Delta.

Trustee Pelleran - I really appreciate Dave Weiner and Councilwoman Bauer for being here tonight. You know that we have had a long-standing relationship here with Lansing Community College and the City of Lansing. We will continue to support you in your efforts at whatever you do. And we really do appreciate the strong partnership that we've had with Mayor David Hollister. So, thank you.

Joan Bauer, Lansing City Council - On behalf of our City Council, I can't speak for anybody else but, we know it was a difficult decision. We had to give it our one last hoorah. But we, obviously, will be cooperative and positive because it is important for all of us to get the M-TEC and it stays with us. Again, thank you for listening to our concerns and good luck.


IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Patterson and Trustee Pelleran to adjourn the meeting.

Ayes: Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:48 p.m.

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