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Adopted Minutes
October 16, 2000
Board Meeting

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Canady, Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Absent: None.

Additions/Deletions to the Agenda

There were no additions or deletions to the agenda.

Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

Mayor David Hollister: I am here because I understand you have before you the consideration of making the temporary interim appointment to Paula Cunningham a permanent decision and I am here to support that. I have worked with Ms. Cunningham in many capacities over the years. Most recently in the legislature we worked on the new student service high-tech facilities (Abel Sykes Technology & Learning Center) on the corner where she represented the college. As I transferred over to mayor, she was the liaison. We have worked together on career education, and Path Ways working on data collection. She was appointed, and served with distinction, on the Blue Ribbon Committee to keep GM throughout the last couple years, and I don't think a national search would find a finer candidate. I am here to enthusiastically support her and I hope you confirm that. 

Tony Benavides: Mr. Chairman, my name is Tony Benavides, I live at 3337 South Catherine. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your public comment this evening. Earlier in the week I submitted a letter of support for Paula Cunningham being confirmed as the President for Lansing Community College and wanted to be here to give additional support. Knowing your agenda tonight is long my comments will be brief. Later on in this meeting you will be making some very important decisions regarding the future of Lansing Community College. I have come tonight to express my support for Paula Cunningham as our permanent Lansing Community College President and urge you for unanimous vote. I have known Paula's family for 30 years and I know she has a commitment to this community. She knows your dreams, she knows your needs. Her 19 years of service to this college and her almost six months as interim President has demonstrated she is also a strong leader and the one that can continue the fine reputation that Lansing Community College has and can take it to the highest levels. Lansing Community College and this community will be well served with Paula Cunningham. Thank you.

Carol Wood: Good evening, my name is Carol Wood. I live at 1018 West LaPeer in Lansing. I would like to address this body. Mr. Chairperson and members of the Board, I have a letter that I will be handing out, after my comments, for each of you. My purpose this evening for being here is to explain to you the commitment that we as a community have seen from Paula. I want to talk to you from the community's aspect. Having worked with Paula with the downtown master plan and the hours that were put into that plan and the amount of commitment on Paula's behalf, working with us as a community with the loyalty for the College and the desires of what was best for both. Having Paula step forward along with this Board and a recent decision to adopt a pilot program for our community, which is again, a step showing this college's commitment to the local level, to the community, to the neighborhood you embrace. Also, as I look at this position and I think of the qualifications of Paula Cunningham, I think of a decision that our mayor made just recently for our chief of police. As he looked at that position he realized of the African Americans that applied there were several that were home grown. Home, people that had stayed in the community, people who had given years of loyal service and when that decision was made he looked at those years of service. I would like you to do that similar look as you look at the selection of a president for this community college. Paula is a person who is more than qualified, but also brings a loyalty to the College and community because of her number of years of service to LCC. To understand the American dream of hard work, tireless effort and loyalty will be judged in advancement gives each one of us hope today. I believe it is time for this Board and the community to look for a new and brighter future and Paula Cunningham makes that possible. I urge you as a community person, a tax paying resident of Lansing, and a member of Lansing City Council to look no further, but appoint Paula Cunningham as the President of Lansing Community College. Thank you.

Frank Garrison: I likewise come tonight to support the idea of Paula becoming permanent. I have spent my entire life representing the interest of workmen and women, and a community college plays such an important role in the education process of working people. You could do a national search, you could probably find a longer pedigree than Paula's, but one of my political heroes once said experts are on tap. They don't necessarily have to be on top. The thing that brings great leadership to an institution as much as brains, and I think Paula has all the brains she needs, but it is really heart. David Hollister is an excellent mayor because he loves this community, and it shows. That is what you will get from Paula. You will get a dedication that you will never get on a national search. I have a personal interest. I have two grandchildren enrolled in this community college. So I have a personal interest. I just hope you will all make it unanimous and let Paula lead us to where we need to go. Thank you.

NEW SPEAKER: Good evening Mr. President, councilmen, Trustees, I had no intentions to come up because I didn't think she needed it. But our good mayor and others indicated about the hiring from within. I am the former Lansing police commissioner. I was on the commission when we went out the first time to get a police chief, at that time it was necessary to do so. Our new police chief, the mayor, and everyone else indicated it was right. We had the person within to do the job, and I think we have that person now. So what I am saying is we have that person in Mrs. Cunningham to do the job and I don't think there is anyone else in the community or nationwide that can do better. I also have a son enrolled here. So I am paying money and I want the best for my money.

Mike Ryan: Hi, my name is Mike Ryan. I would like to speak on behalf of Paula on a personal basis. For over 30 years I have been best friends with Paula and her husband, Darius, who is my best friend. I am fortunate to have two best friends in them both. We were in business together, we have done different projects together and I found Paula to be very workable, she helps people. She continually helps people on a daily basis. I never met anyone more dedicated to her kids than she is. That is one of the things my wife and I love about her. We love her so much she is the God Mother of our child. When I was going into business, and my partner at the golf course, I wanted to buy him out. Paula came to me and said, Mike, if you want to buy him out, we will do all our credit cards up, whatever it takes to do it. That is not a typical woman now, I know women like to spend, but she was doing it out of love and dedication, nothing against women. That is the way my wife is. She was doing it out of dedication from our friendship, that is the type of person she is. Her husband is the same way. I was born and raised in Lansing. I would be very proud for her to be President of LCC because she would do an excellent job and she would treat everyone like she treats my wife and I and my daughter. Thank you.

Tony Glascoe: Hello, Mr. Creamer. First of all I would like to encourage the Board. I am not a novice to serving those who have been delegated authority as I served Mr. Creamer and Mr. Benavides when I was with the city of Lansing and had faith in the decisions they made. I have faith in the decisions you make in the delegated authority you have been given. Paula Cunningham and I go back about 10 years. I can echo everything everyone has already said. She is a woman of integrity. As the former pastor of the Children at Living Word Outreach Church, Paula and I worked together for five years. She was actually my subordinate, a volunteer, and now I work for her. What I find is she is as great a follower as she is a leader. She is a personal friend who will be there, who set aside everything when my mother passed a year ago to give me a word of encouragement. She is an individual who never stops doing the work of the College. She is forever talking to the children, the young people about LCC, about the opportunities at LCC, about what they want to be when they grow up, and how they can fit into the fabric of this College so not only are you getting a person who works 8 to 16 hours a day, but you are getting a person who lives Lansing Community College. Who is dedicated to this College, who feels this College is part of her family and that she will do whatever she can do to promote the College, not herself, but to promote the College and what is in the best interest of this community. Thank you.

Monica Zuchowski: Good evening my name is Monica Zuchowski. I live at 329 North Walnut. I am President of the Lansing Neighborhood Council. As many of you know, LCC is totally encompassed within the boundaries of the downtown association. It has been recently, probably the last six months that the DNA and Lansing Community College have really started communicating at a deeper level than we have in a long time. Part of that is because we have not, as an organization, reached out to LCC, but LCC has not always reached out to us. And that is changing. I welcome that, I see a sign of that from the incentive program for home ownership within my neighborhood association boundaries to the involvement of Lansing Community College and the recent home tour that the Greater Housing Coalition and the DNA cosponsored and brought people to LCC who have not been here in probably 30 years and not been on campus, have not been to this wonderful facility. We packed them in. I thank Paula and her staff for their involvement in that. One of the things I look at when I consider our relationship as a neighborhood group with LCC is, "Are they good neighbors?" And I am in discussions with the State of Michigan about some things, we talked with other neighborhood organizations and the city on a regular basis, and with Paula, as our President, and hopefully, continuing as the permanent president, I see that relationship developing and growing further. Acknowledging that they are not a community of their own, but part of our neighborhood and we are part of theirs and I hope that you folks will make the best decision. Thank you.

Mary Ettinger: My name is Mary Ettinger. I am the President of the Capitol Area CAB Council, UAW. In your packet there is a letter from our regional director Cal Rapson, I am here to speak in support of Cal's letter and say that Paula has done a good job, keep her. Thank you.

Dwayne Vernon: Hi, my name is Dwayne Vernon, I live at 4315 Wagon Wheel in Lansing. I am really happy to be here tonight. I told Paula I would come tonight. I have known her through Rotary, and community activities. I speak to the Board and all of you in the audience. I was at the awards day a few weeks ago, I guess it was a few weeks ago. Time flies. I felt a great spirit in that room of the Lansing Community College people, students, staff, people that were there, awardees. I just felt that after what Paula said there was a rebirth feeling, and it really felt terrific. I spend a lot of time out in Spartan country, but I felt real good about LCC. I think one of the things I would like to see is more cooperation, and I talked to Paula about this, between Lansing Community College, Cooley, Davenport and Michigan State University. Mayor Hollister has said many times we want a world-class city. We want to be known for our educational facilities, in addition to our industrial side and the State Capitol. We have great opportunities here, and I think under Paula's leadership we can do this. I really feel that this is the right person to lead Lansing Community College as we go into the 21st century and I give my whole heart of support to her. I think she is good for all of us. She is good for the community and the best thing I can say about Paula Cunningham is she is a good person and we need a good person to lead this college as we go forward into the next century. Thank you.

Debra Harris: My name is Debra Harris, I thought it would be good to have student representation here. I am on the student advisory committee to the President. We meet with Paula every two weeks, I have known her about a month, month and a half, but in the short time there has been a great impact on myself and the other students, about 10 students. To my knowledge with one student she had a concern, she wrote a letter and had not got a response to whatever person she wrote. Paula took her aside, got her E-mail, got information and said, "I will respond to you. E-mail this to me and I will give you a response." Sure enough that day the response was there and the support was there and that is very important to us as students to know someone really cares. I agree with the fact that Paula is a great person, but on top of that she has taught us a lot about leadership, and we need to look up to people like Paula who have good concepts. In the end I did a paper on Paula as a choice of a leader of the community, and I think all the students feel the same.

Barry Stearns: My name is Barry Stearns, I live at 8034 Corson Road, Grand Ledge, I serve as faculty here at Lansing Community College. I want to thank the community people who have come; I appreciate the comments that you have made. As an insider for 34 years, over the last several years there is a cancer that has been growing inside the institution, it is a continuing rift between the leadership of the institution and those of us who are employees working here. One of the things I really like about being here tonight is having worked with Paula for many years I see that Paula knows who we are. She will listen to us. She will interact with us. She will fight with us. And that is all we ask for. We ask for someone who will play even handedly. We need to get a hold of what is going on here and over the last several years it has been getting continuously worse. Morale has not been good here over the last eight years. So we welcome Paula, and your openness, we certainly welcome your positive attitude. And as an individual faculty member, I would like to work with you to make this place back to what it was at one time. Thank you.

Howard Jones: My name is Howard Jones, I am in good company here. I see other former city council people here on the Board of Trustees, as well as Tony here. Do you know there are a couple reasons I really like Paula. Number one, she is a very fine athlete. She plays golf. She is a good tennis player. I have been at conferences, with my wife who was on the Board of Trustees, down in Florida and Paula will even let you win occasionally. Which as an old feller I really appreciate. Also, I think something you folks should know is that Paula is in demand by a lot of community colleges. If you don't snap her up, believe me, she will be gone soon. She is a very good ambassador for this college. I have seen her working with other people in community colleges all over this country, conferences that I have been to. So, Paula, I am glad you are where you are and I am glad you have decided that you would be interested in being President of Lansing Community College. You are a fine person, we respect you because you respect us. Thank you.

Satnam Bhugra: I am President of the Arab American Association. I also worked with Paula for 19 years. I was here longer than she has been. It has been a pleasure to work with her. I am glad to see the dust is settling and things are moving forward and with the help and support, I think with David Hollister, I think things will move forward. All the best. Thank you.

Sally Pierce: I am Sally Pierce, I have already talked to the Board members about the concerns that some people here on campus have as Barry alluded to. We are looking forward to working with you, Paula, and what I want to address is the lab lecture issue. As you Board members know, we had a labor management team working on this issue after our last round of negotiations and we were unable to reach agreement about it, although the team did define issues and cost at that time. Today I heard that the College is preparing to hire a consultant to get data about what is happening at other community colleges. I think getting data is a great idea, but one of the things I am continually hearing is a need for revenue stream for the cost of upcoming faculty negotiations and I want to make an offer today to help work collaboratively with the College. I don't know if you know that the MEA has data bases which include data about the community colleges that aren't necessarily bargained for by the MEA, and the NEA has data bases which include data from community colleges all around the country. So to work together, we would be happy to work with you to find that comparative information and maybe we can take the money that was going to go to the outside consultant and put it towards contracts here at LCC.

Larry Leatherwood: Mr. Chairman, members of the Board of Trustees, audience, friends and everybody else. You have a copy of a letter that I wrote to Mr. Jeffries supporting the appointment of our President, interim President, of LCC. I think it says very clearly and explicitly why I think it is important that we remove that title interim and make her the President of this college. I did not intend to speak here this evening, however, I would be remiss if I did not point out to you in case you did not pick up on the various comments made this far this evening some very key words that I think are very descriptive of why our person should be President of this college. The first word is leadership. She has exhibited leadership in this community. She has shown leadership at this college and she is going to continue to show leadership and continue to bring this college in the forefront of this community, in this state, and in the nation. She is qualified, she has the academic credentials, she has the experience at this college, therefore, she would be able to do what is necessary to provide the leadership. She has intelligence. Exhibited today by her being here waiting for that moment when the Board says you are now the President of this college. She is resourceful. I know she is resourceful because she comes quite often to the community, and says not will you, but you will offer your services. And we appreciate that and we do that willingly, Paula. She is capable. She exhibits capability in terms of providing leadership for this college and without being redundant I won't dwell on it, that she has integrity, which someone else pointed out a few moments ago. I think one of the attributes that is necessary for a leader, is to have integrity. Someone also said a new beginning. A rebirth of a college, I think that is encouraging and what we are looking for. We want new directions, we want leadership, we want someone to bring us forward and I think Paula will do that. She is a good person. Very good person, and I can vouch for that. She is a good Christian. She is a good parent. She is a good friend. She will also fight for her staff. I heard that said and I think that is an admirable quality. Because we can provide leadership, or think we can, but if the people we provide leadership for doesn't feel the same way, then we have a problem. We heard staff come forward and say she provides leadership and I think that is an excellent quality. She has a positive attitude and I think, again, that is an excellent trait that she exhibits and I think she will continue to do so. And I think the final comment is she is willing to let others win. And I think that is an excellent quality, and therefore, Mr. President, I now call for the question. 

Dorothy Jones: Well, before we call for the question I have to have my say. When I look at this Board I think that the people who tell us that, I studied this kind of thing, we have to get adjusted to more rapid change. When I see this Board compared to two years ago, it is true. I am real pleased that you are about to name Paula Cunningham to be your permanent President. I like to think that I recognized her skill before any of you did. Unfortunately, she and I were the only ones who heard the conversation as we were driving to Traverse City one time. I said, "Paula, you would make a good President. Why don't you get your Ph.D.?" She said, "No, I don't want to do all that, I am not a President, I want to continue what I am doing. I love Lansing Community College." But here she is, and without the Ph.D. I think we learned in the past year that just a Ph.D. is not really the requirement for being a President and we are going to learn or have learned that it isn't necessary to be an outstanding President. This past year has been really traumatic for you, especially the three of you that were here all through this. But I want to say, maybe you had to go through that to recognize that you really didn't have to have a Ph.D. person and you didn't have to go far to find one. You might not have even realized what a jewel Paula is without it. When I look at the wonderful things she has done in less than six months and the diverse group of people that are here supporting her, I think we better send her to Egypt to settle the dispute there.

Glenn Kirk: I am Glenn Kirk of Lansing. I would like to take a couple of minutes, the refrigerator light comes on and I do more than two minutes, so I will try to be brief. Paula I am here to first of all tell you our prayers and thoughts are with you. I know Paula on several different levels. First of all, on a business and professional level I know Paula and I know her as a leader. I won't repeat all that, I will just say that it is absolutely true and I will put heavy emphasis on leadership and integrity. I know her on a coworker basis for a lot of organizations that we both volunteer for and our paths cross. Paula knows how to keep things going, keep things moving and how to make things happen and that is important when you are in the role of a President and leadership role of any organization. But most importantly to me in the five years I have been in Lansing with General Motors, I have gotten to know Paula and her husband as friends and as good as she is at all the other things mentioned tonight she is much, much better at being a friend, and I appreciate that. I was coming here tonight fearful quite honestly that a couple of incidents in the past would be connected to the incident that we are hoping happens tonight and, Board, I would urge you, don't let incidents of the past interfere with the job and the task that you have before you tonight. They are not connected. Only to the fact that we have to name a President, but they are not connected. We have the right person to be President sitting at the lead table tonight. I will tell you that when I first heard that Abel Sykes was leaving and retiring, I made one phone call. I called Paula Cunningham and I said, Paula, whatever you want me to do, whoever you want me to call, or beat up, if that is what we really need to do, I am totally supportive that you would at that point in time be the right person to be President of Lansing Community College. And she told me at that point in time that was not her interest. That was, I don't know, a year and a half, maybe two years ago when I made that phone call. I stand before you tonight, Board, and ladies and gentlemen, if I believed that then, I know in my heart tonight that more than ever before, this is the right person to lead this institution. So, Board, I will say three things to you. I would like for you to do three things. First of all, give her the job. She deserves it, she will do a great job at it and she is the right person for it. The second thing I will say to you, Board, is give her the support to do the job. She is going -- she has a big job ahead of her, there is a lot going on in this arena, a lot going on in this community, she is going to have to draw from you folks for your leadership, your contacts, and your support. Support her in doing that job. The last thing I will say to you is get out of her way and let her do the job, we have you here as a Board of Trustees, not as a board of operations. I don't know that that is happening, but if it is, get out of her way, you have the right person, let her lead. Thank you for your time.

James Butler: My name is James Butler. I live at 1476 Stonegate in East Lansing.

I am a business unit executive for IBM and also for the chamber. I would like to let you know because I know, Paula loves Lansing Community College with a passion. Paula is committed, she is focused and she is dedicated. She has outstanding management skills, outstanding leadership skills, and programmatic type skills. Not only that, Paula and I have had the opportunity to work on several boards together. We have worked on the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, UNCF, several major task forces and not only that, if you ask Paula at any point in time to help she never hesitates. In my opinion, Paula has earned the right and what we need to do as citizens and as the Board is to do the right thing. As far as I am concerned what we need to do is to make Paula President, but also remember we are on the verge of greatness. Paula is not a diamond in the rough. She is a fine jewel; so let her shine as President.

Chairperson and Board Member Reports

Chairperson Report

November Board Meeting Location

Chairperson Jeffries informed the Board of the location change for the November meeting. The meeting will be held at the GM Powertrain, Machine Tool Operations plant at 1600 N. Larch St.

Special Meeting, October 30, 2000

Chairperson Jeffries stated there would be a special Board meeting on October 30, at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will be an information only session on the Facilities Master Plan and the Lansing M-TEC. Dr. Bill Mothersell and Dr. Michael Moore will present the M-TEC report. This will hopefully begin LCC deliberations as it moves forward to the new year dealing with the application the College will be submitting and allow the Board to make a very informed decision.

Presidential Status

Chairperson Jeffries stated he has heard a couple of issues expressed in conversations he has had with other Board members and members of the public as it relates to the presidency. Some of the processes the college is involved in were mentioned. The Facilities Master Plan and how does a president vs. an interim president effect the implementation of that. The Lansing M-TEC, those negotiations are going on with the College, the State, as well as GM. Chairperson Jeffries asked a couple of people to come to the Board to address these issues for informational purposes, so the Board can get some understanding of how these issues are effected.

Mickey Knight, Knight Consulting: Members of the Board it is a pleasure to be here. I served in the legislature for 12 years. Incidentally, Lansing Community College, once I left and went to lobbying business, was my first client. So there is a little bias in the direction of Lansing Community College. One of the things we are involved in, representing your interest before the legislature, is in the competitive area of capital outlay. The reason I say competitive, there is probably no process that is more competitive or perhaps more political. Having said that let me explain a little more carefully what I mean. It has a joint committee, eight members of the Senate, and eight members of the House. The chairman of that committee shifts each year, goes through a cycle so during a two-year session it is one year with the Senate, second year with the House. The criteria and dollar amounts vary from session to session. The criteria depends largely upon management and budget of the collective branch, but also the interest of the individual chairs of both the House and Senate. So it becomes a highly competitive process. It isn't who is most qualified, but how we discount certain applicants. As was mentioned, there is a five-year plan requirement through management budget. One of the things that it implies is certain continuity or at least a certain long-term approach before the state is interested in spending millions of dollars on a facility. It becomes a matter of how we can discount an application such as the one that might be applied for by Lansing Community College. Having the year and challenging year of representing this institution in the legislative process we had in this past year, I think most of you are really familiar with what transpired, having a solution to that kind of instability, I think becomes extremely important and I say that because it makes my life easier in representing you in that process. I don't want you to lose out on a very good potential application because of something that could really be handled in an easy fashion.

Having said that let's not give them a reason to discount Lansing Community College. Give them stability and makes it easier to sell to the legislature. I am looking out for my own interest, I want it easy and get money for the college, we have been successful because of the nature of this board, and the activity, and projects, participation from the mayor's office, but we need to have that sense at least a permanence to the extent that we won't be discounted, so your application won't be just completely thrown to the wayside, it is a very political process, don't give them a reason to discount you.

Bill Mothersell: Thank you very much. Brian gave me a call and asked me my thoughts about the interim status and it's impact on the M-TEC and I will be very specific on this. I really have only dealt with the M-TEC issue with Lansing Community College. We were asked to get myself, myself and Mike Moore, we are both professors at Michigan State University. What I would like to do is maybe provide my view of the interim status, three different levels, one from a general perspective and perhaps a little more specific.

I think first off if you think of organizations and the kinds of partnerships that we are working on with this M-TEC with Lansing Community College there is some really simple, easy to understand reasons why organizations look for stability. One is if you have a single contact person you have the opportunity to have a common perceptive and understanding of what that institutions views are. Two, that there develops a common history and a better understanding that when issues and problems arise they know where the institution will go. And I think thirdly, at the common level is the shared mind sets, shared common mind set of the direction an institution is going in this particular M-TEC and the effort that is with Lansing Community College. The local employers, General Motors, etc., that it is important that they develop a strong partnership model as they move forward. I would also like to talk in a more specific level of the information I have received as a result of talking to about 50 or 60 people, both local employees as well as within Lansing Community College the faculty, staff, etc.

When I talk to the employers a common theme was, which is not surprising, is they would like to put the issues of concerns, that have been in the press a lot this last year, is put it behind them. They would like to move forward and the interim status seems to be a hindrance of being able to move forward.

Again, I have only known her for a few short months so it is interesting to hear from people who have known her for a long time. But what I have heard from local employers is strong support for Paula, and working with her over these last few months, she has been there. In working with LCC and the interviews with faculty and staff you often here strong support for Paula. It is a common theme that comes through.

I would also like to talk a little bit from my perspective working with Paula, again, just in the last few months, since July, June, when I started working with Paula and what I have noticed in Paula is sort of from a personal perspective, this isn't from working with the interviews and local employers and General Motors, but my own view. I have found her very focused, confident individual who is decisive. I think the most important part relative to M-TEC is she is collaborative. That is very important in this effort. So, yes, we have known other focus people, other decisive people, but to link those with someone who is collaborative is an important challenge when we think about this M-TEC, sort of in brief and short as my own perspective, I found her a pleasure to work with and I think of the leaders I have known in 21 years in this industry, you don't find many stronger leaders who are decisive and also collaborative so I find it refreshing she is able to combine those traits.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she had spoken with faculty, staff, students, people inside LCC, people in the city of Lansing, people in East Lansing, Okemos, Leslie, Grand Ledge and Charlotte. There has been overwhelming support by the people she has spoken with for Ms. Cunningham. She felt that appointing Paula Cunningham to the presidency was the right thing to do. She did hear a few negative comments and they were of deep concern to her. She received a letter from someone at the College that stated if the Board appointed Paula Cunningham they would not do anything to support a bond issue or work on any committees. Trustee Pelleran asked people not to take that attitude. She asked for everyone to work collectively with the president and support her in any way possible.

Trustee Holden stated she wholeheartedly supports appointing Paula Cunningham to the presidency at LCC. Like Trustee Pelleran, she has spoken with a number of community members. She also stated there had been a large number of people who had approached her to offer support of Ms. Cunningham. The other point that Trustee Holden made was that she made a request to find out how many presidents in Michigan community colleges had been appointed. Michigan has nearly one-fourth of their community college presidents appointed from within. The third point she made was regarding Ms. Cunningham?s leadership. She has always respected her leadership but never as much as in the last six months when she took it at a very difficult time. Ten days after she was appointed to the interim position, she came to the Board with a list of priorities, and handled one of the most difficult things the College was facing, the Livingston County M-TEC. She has handled all decisions in a most masterful way. She stated Paula Cunningham and her leadership is exactly what LCC needs, and she would be supporting her appointment.

Trustee Patterson stated he chose a little different tactic, although there were many people who approached him and gave support of Ms. Cunningham. It has been great to see the support of the community for her. He felt during the last year there were several people that he has had previous relationships with and in a couple of those cases the people were good friends that had strong disagreement with his actions over the past year. Many of those people attended Board meetings and it was a very uncomfortable situation at times. He spent the last month talking to these people. He said that without reservation they stated they have problems with some of the things at LCC, but none of them had a problem with Paula Cunningham. Some of the biggest critics from the past year are now willing to listen and become reinvolved. He feels this is very important. He also pointed out the number of Michigan community colleges who have promoted from within. He stated that the College has been on hold way too long, and he shares with many of the people in the room, a much bigger vision of LCC in the community, and that is what he works for. He would definitely be supporting the appointment of Paula Cunningham to the presidency of LCC.

Trustee Creamer stated that in any decision the Board needs to gather information and that has certainly been done over the past several weeks. Above and beyond, you need to feel good about the decision. He stated this decision is one that he feels very, very good about. It is truly the right thing to do.

Trustee Canady stated that whenever you have a situation where you can hire from within, you don't need a search. He further said that unqualifiedly a search wouldn?t change anything. He has heard comments from others that it hasn?t been easy. Since Paula Cunningham has been in the interim position, it has made all the difference in the world to him. He has great admiration for her knowledge. He has never asked a question where she had to pick up the phone and ask someone else. She knows how to get things done. Without any reservation he said he will support appointing Ms. Cunningham to the presidency.

Trustee Rasmusson stated he felt Ms. Cunningham has good qualities of leadership and everyone who has spoken has said it better than he ever could. He has talked to a number of people who supported the previous president, and many of them, without exception concluded that she should be the choice. He stated he sees her as a unifying force.

Chairperson Jeffries thanked everyone for coming out to address the Board. He stated it is the Board's due diligence to listen to all of the constituencies whether internal or external. He said it is critical to hear from the public and do it in a public way and that has been done. He agreed with everything that had been said about Paula Cunningham at the meeting tonight. He believes it and supports that Ms. Cunningham is the person that everyone has described.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Patterson and supported by Trustee Canady to appoint Paula Cunningham to president of Lansing Community College. To enter into contract negotiations with a term ending June 30, 2002, with a roll over, exercised on or before the January Board meeting 2002.

Ayes: Canady, Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None.
Absent: None.

Motion carried.

President Cunningham: I am not usually speechless. But I was first approached and asked to consider having the interim removed from my name, my title, I said that there was particularly one thing that had to happen, there was a contingency or condition before I would consider that. I would not consider a four to three vote. I would not consider a five, two vote. But to consider a unanimous vote from this Board of Trustees gives me the energy I need to move forward and I very much appreciate that. We will move forward together. I appreciate what you all have gone through and I particularly appreciate your courage in terms of what you have done for this institution. I know this is a decision none of you arrived at carelessly. As I sat and listened to the various community speakers and read the letters of commendation I am humbled by your support not only tonight but ever since I have been at the college, particularly in the last six months, it is wide spread, I have felt it and it has driven me and given me the energy I need. I am honored by the comments from the students, that is why we are here and what it is all about. It is gratifying to know that hard work, integrity, experience, candor, and intelligence still pays off. I commit all of those resources to you as we move forward. I ask you to hold me accountable, this Board and this community, that you judge me by my performance. I give all those qualities to you to move this institution forward. I consider it an honor to represent Lansing Community College and to serve this community, thank you very much.

Larry Leatherwood stated that it would be remiss if the audience did not in addition to recognizing the new president, not recognize the Board of Trustees. They should be commended for standing up and unanimously approving the appointment of the new president.

Chair Jeffries thanked Mr. Leatherwood and called for a five minute recess.

Board Member Reports

Trustee Canady attended the RED Team breakfast. He didn?t get a chance to stay for the entire event, but he did stay long enough to hear about the proposed commuter rail from Lansing to Detroit. It will be around an $85 million expense. They are hoping it will be operational by 2005. It will have stops in Lansing, East Lansing, Howell, Ann Arbor, Dearborn at Greenfiled Village, and Detroit. Ridership will be about 1,400-1,500 a day and as high as 5,000. This has significant implications on the economy and educational aspect.

Trustee Creamer reported it is time for the LCC Lip Sync. At this point they have raised $235,000 in scholarship dollars. He mentioned that he had tickets for sale if anyone needed some. He recognized the outstanding job by Pam Bergeron as interim director of the Foundation.

Trustee Patterson reported on the facilities sub-committee. There will be a meeting on October 23, at 12:00 noon. There has been tremendous work done by the committee. He feels it serves the real needs of the college and it will be an exciting plan for the Board to consider.

Trustee Patterson also distributed a hand out of a survey that was handed out by the Michigan Career Development Department. It has a lot of statistical information about former students. He thought that one very interesting and glaring statistic was that 91% of the people surveyed felt they were getting their money?s worth at a Michigan community college.

Trustee Patterson reported that he attended the MCCA Fall Conference. President Cunningham also attended. He felt it was very beneficial. He feels LCC would benefit from working with MCCA more closely. One of the issues discussed was the bond cap in the State of Michigan. LCC will have to work with this to get the capital outlay appropriation money for building improvements, etc. There is not a lot of money left in the bond cap.

Trustee Rasmusson stated he raised three issues at the September meeting and the administration is aware staff is handling them. He didn?t have anything additional to report.

Chair Jeffries asked if the Board will get additional information on the I-496 closing.

President Cunningham stated she has a meeting scheduled with a representative from the Michigan Department of Transportation to look into this issue. The meeting will take place on October 31.

Chair Jeffries asked if Trustee Rasmusson would like to hear an informational piece on this after President Cunningham has her meeting.

Trustee Rasmusson said that he would be interested to know what the plan is.

President Cunningham said she will report on this after her meeting with the Department of Transportation.

President's Report


Lansing M-TEC - There will be a meeting on October 30. General Motors has not designated a site, and without a site a lot of panic can occur. We don't know specifically what training they would like to have inside the M-TEC. After the College hired the consultants, the deadline was extended from September 15 to January 2001. The consultants have been out and about and will provide the Board with a lengthy report at the meeting on the 30th.

Tuition and Fees - In the next couple of weeks you will receive a packet regarding our recommendation for July 2001 concerning LCC tuition and fees and course fees as well. The College is looking at an increase in course fees, which has been reviewed by staff, deans, and others before being brought before the Board. In November we will need a decision on the course fees. The proposed changes will take effect beginning 2001-2002.

Lab/Lecture Ratio? This item is still being worked on in terms of coming to some unanimous agreement with faculty. There was some discussion earlier about getting the consultant to do research for us in terms of what other community colleges have been doing. It has been completed and that information will be brought forward for discussion with the Board and MAHE. They will continue to work on this.


Approval of Minutes, September 18, 2000 ? Trustee Pelleran stated there was an error on page 9 with the roll call vote. Rasmusson was present and not absent.

Human Resources


Jean S. Kemper, Learning Services Executive, BCI,

Charles Parker, Finance Officer and Adjunct Faculty, Careers Division

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Pelleran to accept the President's Report as presented.

Ayes: Canady, Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None.
Absent: None.

Motion carried.

Public Comment

Tom Ferris: Tom Ferris, speaking on behalf of MAHE, LCC-ESP and Technical Union. It is gratifying to see the Board action tonight; we have some permanence that we can go forward with our negotiations. We currently have negotiations under way with faculty on several issues with support staff on wage and classification and part-time clerical union on a full contract so we look forward to having those negotiations wrapped up soon.


IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Creamer to adjourn.

Ayes: Canady, Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None.
Absent: None.

Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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