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October 16, 2006

Regular Meeting

Adopted Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Brannan, Canady, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson, Smith, Laverty

Absent: None

pledge of allegiance

Trustee Brannan led the pledge of allegiance.



Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

No public comment.


Chairman's Report

Foundation Board Report

Chairman Laverty reported out that the Foundation Board met on September 26, 2006 and at that meeting concerns were expressed about what was going on at Lansing Community College. He stated that they revisited the Foundation Board's mission statement and strategic plan. Chairman Laverty said that they will continue to strive on portraying the College in a positive image.

Information and Announcements

Chairman Laverty announced the following events:

The NAACP's 41st Annual Freedom Dinner on Saturday, October 21, 2006. Reverend Al Sharpton will be the guest speaker for this event.

The Cooley Law School Stages of Law plays, To Kill a Mocking Bird (Oct 12 - 22nd), Adam's Rib (Nov 3 - 11th), and Voices of Good Hope (March 14 - April 8th).

October 27, 2006 will be the ground breaking ceremony for the University Center.

Committee Reports

Trustee Brannan - Audit Committee

No items to report.

Trustee Rasmusson - Finance Committee

No items to report.

Trustee Smith - Personnel and Compensation Committee

Discussion on Board Administrative Assistant Interviews

Trustee Smith reported that the Board had completed their interviews and would like to move forward the name, Ms. Benita Duncan, for the Board Administrative Assistant.

MOVED by Trustee Smith and supported by Trustee Pelleran to accept Ms. Benita Duncan as the new Board Administrative Assistant.

Roll call vote:

Ayes: Brannan, Canady, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson, Smith, Laverty

Nays: None

Absent: None

Motion Carried.

Trustee Smith thanked Ms. Anita Evans for all of the hard work and assistance she provided to the Personnel and Compensation Committee.

Discussion on Board Liaison Interviews

Trustee Smith reported that the interviews have been completed but that the Board has not had the opportunity to complete their deliberations. She requested that a Special Meeting be held where a recommendation could be forwarded at that time.

Chairman Laverty announced that a special meeting will be held either the week of October 23rd or October 30, 2006.

Board Member Reports

Trustee Proctor

Presidential Search Update

Trustee Proctor reported that there was a reception last week for the Presidential Search Committee. He stated that the reception went well and was an introduction to the committee members of the task ahead of them. Trustee Proctor reported that the next step will be a series of forums to take place on October 23, 2006 and October 24, 2006. He stated that this will be the process for identifying a Presidential profile.

Workforce Development Board

No items to report.

Association of Community College Trustees

Trustee Proctor reported that he has not completed his report but did attend several workshops that included Presidential Searches, Contracts and Evaluations. He reported that he also attended sessions on college workforce development. He stated that he will have a full report at the next regular meeting.

Trustee Smith

Association of Community College Trustees

Trustee Smith reported that she would like to present a full report at the next meeting with Trustee Proctor. She stated that she was a member of the National Diversity Committee and that they adopted the new mission statement for diversity. Trustee Smith reported that she also attended the African American Committee which is a smaller ad hoc committee. Trustee Smith stated that from that meeting she learned that nationally 69% of the college attendees are female, 31% male and of that 5% are African American males. She stated that she will be presenting a full report on this as well.

Discussion followed.

Chairman Laverty asked Trustee Canady about the new Japanese Garden.

Trustee Canady responded that is was very nice and appropriate dedication. He further stated that is was nice to have something to recognize our relationship with Japan. He made comments about the Michigan Boat and the apartment building named the Michigan House that is in Japan. Trustee Canady stated that the Japanese Garden was a fitting memorial to recognize Japan.

Trustee Pelleran also commented on her trip to Japan. She stated that during their trip they evaluated the College's international programs. She encouraged others to meet with students that have been in the Japan Adventure program to learn about the opportunities they have had. She stated that they met with the leadership at Myongji College and that President Cardenas and her staff will be presenting the Board with information on the college. Trustee Pelleran reported that the students are enjoying themselves in the emerging opportunity of language and culture.

President's REPORT

Informational Items

CFO Position

President Cardenas reported that they have completed their initial interviews and will be interviewing seven final candidates. She stated that from the final interviews they would like to forward a name for approval at the November regular meeting.

Investment Reports for September

Reported per the Purchasing Policy.

Sole Sources Purchase Report

Reported per the Purchasing Policy.

Action Items

Approval of Minutes:

June 19, 2006 Regular Meeting

June 28, 2006 Special Meeting

August 8, 2006 Presidential Search Firm Presentations

August 8, 2006 Special Meeting

Discussion followed.

Trustee Smith commented that although the minutes are a summary and that some comments are not recorded in their entirety, Trustee Pelleran has requested that her comments be entered into the public record in their entirety.

2006 Campus Master Plan

President Cardenas reported that the 2006 Campus Master Plan is a five year plan due to the state November 1, 2006.

Trustee Pelleran asked about dates used for the data given under the enrollment section.

Chris Strugar-Fritsch responded that the data is only from 2005 and that the 2006 data has not been completed.

Trustee Pelleran asked that the Science building request be saved for further discussion by the Board. She had a question about the Michigan School Readiness Preschool program being awarded a grant from the Michigan Department of Career Development. She stated that the Michigan Department of Education is the only department that awards those grant and asked that this information be verified and corrected. Trustee Pelleran also asked what the EDBT stood for.

Chris Strugar-Fritsch responded that EDBT stood for Environmental Design & Building Technologies.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she notice there were more tutoring needs for the nursing students and asked what the level of retention was for our nursing students' She also asked what the graduation rate was.

Dean Peterson responded that she did not have that exact data but would get that information for Trustee Pelleran.

Trustee Pelleran asked that President Cardenas expound on the Center for Economic Development and Global Business Solutions.

President Cardenas responded that this is an initiative that the college is undertaking this year. She stated that it is imperative for the college to become more of an active and proactive player in the area of economic development as well as look for additional funding streams to the institution. She further stated that BCI is one funding stream that comes into the institution but with decreased state appropriation funds it would behoove the College to look for additional funding streams. President Cardenas stated that the college is looking at other types of business solutions that may be able to be package in such a way to people outside of the State of Michigan as well as internationally.

Trustee Pelleran asked who was serving on the committee.

President Cardenas responded that she and Bo Garcia were working on the initiative to ensure that it has stability and success.

Chairman Laverty asked for the timeline on the completion of the HHS Building 3rd floor renovations.

Chris Strugar-Fritsch responded that currently it is for Fall Semester 2008.

Capital Outlay Project Request

President Cardenas presented the Capital Outlay Project request. She stated that its focus was on the Math and Sciences.

Trustee Pelleran thanked the staff for their presentation of the Capital Outlay Project Request and the 2006 Campus Master Plan.

Trustee Smith thanked President Cardenas and the institution on their forward thinking and planning.

Senior Citizen's Tuition Discount Proposal

President Cardenas stated that at the last Board meeting questions were asked with regards to the proposal and that the questions have been addressed in the new proposal being presented today.

Discussion followed.

Transfer from Contingency Fund

The transfer from contingency funds was requested for the following items:

  1. Internal Auditor position for $123,512.45 (salary and benefits) as directed by HIRING AND CONTRACT APPROVAL policy adopted by the Board of Trustees on June 28, 2006.

  1. Strategic Enrollment Management initiative - Contract with Noel Levitz for $190,600 for fiscal year 2007.

Total Transfer from Contingency: $314,112.45

General Fund Proposed Revised Budget FY 2007

Changes in the budget, due to the contingency fund transfers, are reflected in the FY 2007 budget.

Finance - Approval of Bids

Ms. Beckie Beard presented the following bid for the Board's approval:

The Microsoft Campus License in the amount of $70,178 for 1 year and $210,534 for 3 years. The recommendation was to award the bid to Insight Public Sector.

MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Pelleran to approve the President's action items.

Roll call vote:

Ayes: Brannan, Canady, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson, Smith, Laverty

Nays: None

Absent: None

Motion Carried.


MOVED by Trustee Smith and supported by Trustee Canady that the Board go into closed session for the purpose of discussing the negotiation strategy of the collective bargaining agreement and to consider a written legal opinion.

The Board entered into closed session at 6:55 p.m.

The Board returned to open session at 7:42 p.m.

Moved by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Brannan to authorize HR to move forward with the separation agreement and release of claims discussed not to exceed $53,000.

Roll call vote:

Ayes: Brannan, Canady, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson, Smith, Laverty

Nays: None

Absent: None

Motion Carried.


Trustee Pelleran read the following letter to the Board of Trustees:

Open Letter to Chris Laverty, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Lansing Community College:

Dear Chair Laverty:

It is with deep regret that I am writing this letter. A little more than three years ago, when the membership of the Board of Trustees changed, I hoped that we would be moving into a new period of collegiality and professionalism that would serve the best interests of our students and the voters who elected us. Unfortunately, we have now found ourselves at a point where I believe it is necessary for me to request that you step aside as Chair of the Board of Trustees of Lansing Community College so that an organizational election can be held to select new officers.

The bases of my request are the following:

  1. You have consistently disregarded the line between the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the President of the College. As a result of your disregard for the differences in roles, you have attempted to direct the President on important administrative, policy and personnel issues.

  1. You have unilaterally engaged professionals and obligated the College without the express permission to do so by the Board. You have ignored resolutions brought by the Board in May and again in July to curtail your behavior.

  1. You have attempted to usurp the authority of the Board to engage in self-discipline to the extent that you have attempted to impose disciplinary action on Board members who disagree with you, even though you have not been directed by the Board to do so.

  1. In direct violation of our Bylaws and Governing Procedures, you have failed to seek Board direction and approval before you have made public statements on behalf of the Board and the College.

  1. You lack the necessary parliamentary skills to conduct a meeting and yet have consistently refused to hire a contract parliamentarian for the Board.

  1. You have failed to maintain the confidentiality that is required in order to protect all parties involved during times of delicate negotiations with personnel.

  1. You have engaged in a pattern of bullying and threats aimed at Board members who do not agree with you on issues or the manner in which you are proceeding.

  1. You have also engaged in a pattern of bullying and intimidation of staff in an effort to curtail their interaction with other board members.

  1. You have engaged in a word of mouth campaign in the community aimed at discrediting board members who disagree with you.

As a result of your behavior, you have jeopardized the credibility of this fine institution that we have been elected to oversee. I urge you to begin the healing process by stepping aside so that we can reorganize and get on with the business of educating our students and serving the community.


Kathy G. Pelleran, Trustee

Lansing Community College

Trustee Pelleran also submitted a copy of her formal complaint addressed to Trustee Proctor to the Board Secretary. This document is on file with the official Board materials.

Chairman Laverty responded that he would not step down unless the Board agreed that he do so.

Discussion followed.


Trustee Smith stated as part of the Board Evaluation the Board should look at how comments are presented to the public by individuals that are apart of the Board as well as the chain of command for presenting information. She further stated that there should be a process for which a Trustee would be able to present the problems.

Trustee Canady stated that expressing an opinion in an open meeting whether right or wrong is entirely appropriate for a public Board.

Trustee Proctor stated that at the ACCT conference he attended a session on evaluations of President's as well as a Board self assessments. He further stated that he had knowledge of a website that the Board would be able to access as a tool to determine whether the Board is functioning effectively as a Board.

Chairman Laverty stated that there was nothing that was going to hurt the Presidential Search more than to show that the Board is in turmoil and that it is going to affect the quality of the President the Board is going to find. He further stated that he will continue to try and communicate with the Board and that he wants what is best for Lansing Community College.

Trustee Smith stated that the Board has been clear about the Board working together to complete a successful Presidential Search. She further stated that one of the items that will hindered this process is the Board not working together and urge the Board to come together and to get back to the business of educating the students in the community.


MOVED by Trustee Proctor and supported by Trustee Canady for the meeting to adjourn.

Roll call vote:

Ayes: Brannan, Canady, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson, Smith, Laverty

Nays: None

Absent: None

Motion Carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

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