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Adopted Minutes
May 16, 2005
Regular Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.


Present: Brannan, Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Thomas
Absent: None


Trustee Brannan led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Chairperson Laverty asked to move the National Community College month scholarship recipient item up in the agenda before the Limited Public Comment.

Chairperson Laverty tabled the Trustee Indemnification item to the June meeting.

President Cunningham asked to move the PT-CTU to Action Items under the President's report.


Chairperson Laverty introduced the recipient of the scholarship that covers 24 credits at LCC. This year?s recipient is Benjamin Lambert of Dansville. Benjamin was born at Sparrow Hospital at 12:09 a.m. on April 1, 2005 to Ben and Tammy. Benjamin is the 12th child born to the Lamberts. He offered congratulations to Benjamin and his family.

Mrs. Lambert thanked the Board for the scholarship.


Lynn Savage - Good evening, my name is Lynn Savage and I am speaking to you again tonight on behalf of the LCC Labor Coalition with respect to the proposed budget for the coming year. The coalition is highly supportive of the proposed tuition increase and believes the amount of the increase, while substantial, is necessary and essential. With this increase all four of the College's priority need areas including quality programs and services, state of the art facilities, superior technology, and the highest quality faculty and staff will find badly needed support. Without this level of support we may find that we will lose quality programs and/or faculty and staff in an effort to balance our budget. We know that this is a difficult decision to make. We have not reached our own decision to support this budget without a great deal of thought and effort on our part. We urge you to adopt the budget as presented tonight including the proposed tuition increase for all students. Thank you very much for your attention.

Eric Wilmoth - Good evening Ms. President and Board members. My name is Eric Wilmoth and I am the president of the Lansing Community College Comics Coalition. It is actually a student group here on campus and recently we heard that the proposed budget for the 2005-2006 year will be decreasing visual arts and media department and in fact will be combined with the Information Technology Department. There have been a number of rumors concerning all this. We are not exactly certain of all the facts and how this will be playing out over the next year but there is definitely a lot of concern with the students as far as the future of the program and what it means to become a part of Information Technology as opposed to being an actual art department as it stands right now. we're basically wanting to come here today to express these concerns and to also essentially share with the community the awareness of what our particular program and our particular department has done to actively promote both the art department and the school and in this last year we have, actually I failed to bring a copy with me today which I apologize for, but we actually produced a book that actively promotes the college and the program that we distribute to high schools and book shops throughout Michigan. In fact we are just coming back from a weekend of being in Novi at a convention where we had a large display promoting the school and the program and also promoting the students themselves and giving them an opportunity to get real world professional experience out in their chosen field to meet with individuals who would sell their artwork.The bottom line is we just wanted to make sure we expressed to everyone here how much we appreciate the art program and how we want to make sure it is as strong as it possibly can be as it moves into the Information Technology department and that everyone?s aware of the potential our group has to actually promote the school and I would ask that that be taken into consideration as the budget is evaluated so it is clear that we are out there wanting to promote the school and make it better. We would like to see that same support in your evaluation of the budget. I actually have a number of letters from concerned students that I?d like to leave with you (the letters are on file with the official Board materials.)

Todd Heywood - Good evening, my name is Todd Heywood. I am a former trustee. I believe you know that. First of all I wanted to thank you for postponing the trustee indemnification issue until next month. Hopefully next month you will decide to stop talking about it and stop trying to do it. You know as well as I do that you have two legal opinions saying that it is not appropriate to try and give him his money back. It is a violation of the Michigan Community College Act. If you proceed in providing that money the controversy that will follow will not be good. Please for the sake of this institution stop. In addition, last month I had a letter read into the record because I had to hold auditions. Following that two of you decided to slander me. I am asking immediately for an apology from the two trustees and I am also asking this evening that you strike from the public record those slanderous statements. You have received a formal complaint for violation of the by-laws by both the Chair and the Vice Chair. I find it interesting that none of you have bothered to put that into your reports for this evening. There is a standing complaint against the Chair and the Vice Chair under the by-laws you have to figure out how you are going to deal with it. I will be very interested to know how you are going to address my concerns because slander is an issue of great public concern. You send a chilling message to those who choose to come and speak before this Board by slandering and attacking those who choose to come and speak against your agenda. Finally, I just noticed when I was thumbing through the information on the budget that there is a plan to reduce the number of performing arts performances. This is unacceptable. We have gone over this time and time again. The Performing Arts department, including the dance program, is essential to public relations at this institution. It is absolutely essential. It feeds all the local theatre programs. It helps to create the good feeling that happens in this community. If you allow this to happen you are going to damage irreparably the reputation and the standards of the Performing Arts program. It is unacceptable. And finally I notice that the sports department is not on the cuts list. Isn?t that interesting? Once again the groups that are doing the most for public activity are the ones that are not being cut. Let?s be real again. Thank you.


The Board published a notice on Sunday, May 8, 2005 of this public hearing on the budget for the 2005-2006 fiscal year, which the College proposes to levy 3.8375 mills. This millage rate is the amount of millage to be levied to support the fiscal year 2006 and the approval of the budget by the Board of Trustees will meet the requirements of the truth in budgeting statute for levy of the proposed mills.

Chairperson Laverty opened the floor for comments.

There were no comments from the public.

Chairperson Laverty closed the public hearing.


Chairperson Laverty

Information and Announcements

Chairperson Laverty congratulated Trustee Rasmusson on another successful election and stated he looks forward to continuing to work with him.

There was an event at the Howell Schools where Howell Schools entered into an agreement with LCC as well as Ferris State University.

President Cunningham stated that Jean Morciglio and her staff have formed an excellent relationship with the folks in Livingston County so much so that LCC has been asked to be part of an exclusive partnership with the new Parker High School in Howell where LCC will offer college classes right in the high school as will Ferris State.

Chairperson Laverty attended the Police Academy Cadets graduation on May 6th. One of the most enjoyable events he attended was the Beverly Hunt Award luncheon. He also attended the visual arts and media students showcase event.

Trustee Pelleran attended the Foundation Scholarship Breakfast. She was thrilled to see students be so appreciative of receiving the scholarships.

Trustee Proctor also attended the Foundation Scholarship Breakfast. He found the recipients? remarks to be compelling, inspirational and moving.

Trustee Murray attended LCC graduation and stated that it is the absolute highlight of the year and feels it is amazing to see the looks on their faces. They beam with pride and excitement.

Trustee Canady attended the grand opening of the greenhouse at the West Campus. It was well attended and followed up by a flower planting out in the front of the building.

Board Bylaws

Chairperson Laverty mentioned that Board Liaison Rich Howard and General Counsel Tim Zeller have had two meetings to discuss the by-laws and how they interrelate and how it may or may not coincide with policy governance process. They should have something ready to present to the Board soon. Chairperson Laverty told the Board that there are two areas in the by-laws that he would like them to start thinking about that don't follow policy governance. One is the approval of bids over $100,000. His opinion is that the Board approves the strategic plan, they approve the facilities master plan and approve the budget on an annual basis so do they still need to approve everything over $100,000 on a monthly basis? Grand Rapids and Jackson Community colleges have a reporting process that the Board receives on a regular basis outlining bids over a certain dollar amount, which is something this Board may wish to consider. He had samples for the Board to look at. The second issue is the Board approves the President and by law the chief financial officer. The LCC Board also must approve vice presidents and Chairperson Laverty would like to take a look at the by-laws to see if there is any merit to approving vice presidents.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she has a differing opinion and feels that the Board needs to continue to approve items over $100,000 in order to continue monitoring the budget and how we are spending our money.

Trustee Brannan responded that the Board could receive a report on either a monthly or a quarterly basis of all the purchases over $100,000.

Trustee Pelleran attended the annual Lucero Program event, which was well attended by students and their families. She and Trustee Proctor also attended the Student Life awards dinner.

Trustee Proctor commended the administration and staff for the way they handled the technological glitch that occurred.

President's REPORT

Informational Items

President Cunningham recognized and welcomed former Trustee Melvin Villarreal.

President Cunningham also recognized the work that Trustee Murray has done for the past two years and there will be a college reception for her prior to the next Board meeting.

College Spotlight - Student Marketing Association

Dean Barry introduced Bill Motz, Advisor to the Student Marketing Association.

Mr. Motz informed the Board that the Student Marketing Association (SMA) has been on campus for 25 years. For the last five years the SMA has raised over $30,000 per year for their scholarship fund through the SMA Golf Outing. The LCC Chapter of SMA won the Midwest Regional Championship. They competed in the National competition against Penn State, South Carolina University, and Central Washington University. They were successful in being the top chapter in North America.

Human Resources - New Hires, Leaves, Sabbaticals

Administrative Appointments?

Dean Souden, Director of the Business and Community Institute and the Michigan Technical Education Center.

Strategic Plan Update

Rich Howard gave the Board an update on the Strategic Plan Renewal 2006 - 2011. (A copy of the presentation is on file with the official Board materials.)

High School Drop Out Initiative/Star Institute

President Cunningham stated that the High School Drop Out Initiative has broken up into two groups one to look at long term structural issues and the other is looking at a program for this Fall. The College is looking at restructuring Star Institute to include the high school drop out initiative and to serve those who might not otherwise attend college.

Michigan Community College Association Reorganization Initiative

President Cunningham stated that this is an initiative that is very important for LCC. Bill Danhof, of Miller Canfield, approached the College about resurrecting this 1992 initiative.The initiative would mean that all geographic areas of Michigan that do not currently rest in a community college district would be divided up and distributed to a community college district. All community colleges need to agree on how the land would be divided. If the legislature approves this, then this would be voted on by residents of the new district. If passed, this would mean more tax dollars for LCC and all community colleges.

Action Items

Approval of Minutes

The April 18, 2005 Budget Workshop minutes were presented for approval.

There were no changes to the minutes.

The April 18, 2005 Regular Board meeting minutes were presented for approval.

There were no changes to the minutes.

PTCTU Tentative Agreement

The PTCTU and LCC have reached a tentative agreement. All parties worked hard to come to the agreement and President Cunningham thanked everyone for their hard work.

Fiscal Year 2005 Revised Budget

Vice President Barbara Larson gave a presentation on the 2005 revised budget. (A copy of the presentation is on file with the official Board materials.)

Fiscal Year 2006 Proposed Budget

Vice President Larson gave a presentation on the 2006 proposed budget for adoption. (A copy of the presentation is on file with the official Board materials.)

There was discussion about the budget.

Trustee Pelleran ask to amend the budget by reducing the in-district tuition increase from $10 to $9, decrease the major equipment budget by $200,000, and decrease the amount projected for the fund balance by $180,000.

Trustee Canady stated that he would not be supporting Trustee Pelleran?s amendment. His concern with reducing the equipment budget is the longer you wait the more it will cost. He was also concerned in decreasing the fund balance because it is important to the College's bond rating. A slip in the bond rating could mean millions of dollars in interest. He understands these are tough times and hates having to raise tuition, but we need to remain prudent in terms of our vision of the future.

Trustee Pelleran responded that her amendment was an attempt to strike a compromise.

There was no support for the amendment.

President Cunningham thanked Mr. Bill Turowski for all his outstanding work with the LCC Athletic program.

She also thanked the representatives from the bargaining units. They are talking and sharing information and the dialogue that is taking place is important.

President Cunningham also thanked Vice President Larson and her entire staff for all of the hard work and long hours they have put in on the budget. She shared that if reductions in the budget are necessary next year, we have no where else to go with our budget except to programs and services. Other revenue sources will be explored other than state appropriations. President Cunningham expressed appreciation to the entire LCC family for all the work they?ve done concerning the budget.

Trustee Pelleran shared that she will be supporting the budget including the tuition increase because of the preservation of the necessary programs that we have and the investment the community has in the College. However, she supports the budget with mixed feelings because she believes the College needs to look at the bigger issue which is the state?s economic situation. Proof of that is the decrease in state appropriations. She stated that everything will hurt when the state has lost $4 billion in the last four years. In order to maintain the quality of programs at Lansing Community College, the Board has no choice but to raise tuition and fees.

Annual Results Inventory Report - Student Learning Outcomes & Stakeholder Satisfaction

Dr. Gina Karasek and Vice President Glenn Cerny provided a presentation on the highlights of the Student Learning Outcomes & Stakeholder Satisfaction report. (A copy of the presentation is on file with the official Board materials.)

Bank Resolutions

Vice President Larson stated that with the new Director of Accounting and Payroll it requires a resolution to name Vice President Larson and Marian Frane to be named as the Electronic Transaction Officers for LCC. (A copy of the resolution is on file with the official Board materials.)


Approval of Bids

Ms. Beckie Beard presented the following bids for the Board's approval:

  1. Housekeeping Services FY 05/06 - 06/07 in the amount of $1,159,123.80. The bid was awarded to WFF Facility Services of St. Louis, Missouri.
  2. Planning Services in the amount of $55,000.00 per year. The bid was awarded to B&J Painting and Moore & Moore Painting both of Lansing, Michigan.
  3. Carpet Installation and Repairs in the amount of $30,000.The bid was awarded to Pro Tile Inc. of Lansing, Michigan and Seelye Group of Bath, Michigan.
  4. Patient Simulation Units in the amount of $379,285.34. The bid was awarded to Kavo America Corporation.
  5. Visual Arts and Computer Technology System in the amount of $245,982.00. The bid was awarded to Intaglio Visual Arts and Technologies.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Canady to approve the President's Report as presented.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Brannan, Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.


Dr. Melvin Villarreal - Chairperson Laverty and members of the Board of Trustees, thank you for your (inaudible) service. President Cunningham, thank you for your gracious introduction. I did not expect that. During my nearly eleven and a half years on the Board of Trustees at this outstanding institution no one, no trustee championed diversity more than I and I think President Cunningham may agree with that. And certainly no trustee embraced and understood policy governance like I felt that I did. So I am here to thank you for bringing it back. Finally, no trustee championed the need for providing quality education to all students here at Lansing Community College specifically through the management theory called the system of profound knowledge that Dr. Deming developed over the course of over 50 some odd years. I have been a student of his theory for a little over sixteen years now. I teach, with great joy, his theory to business majors here at Lansing Community College and I also teach people that are already business men and women in this theory. Later this summer I am scheduled to train at a local charter school in this philosophy so that they can begin their quality journey in the fall of 2005/2006. The second reason I am here before you this evening is to say that on February 20 of 1995 I introduced a resolution seeking to commit the Board, President, faculty and staff to learn and apply the system of profound knowledge. That resolution failed for the lack of a second. But, I am not a quitter. Ten years ago yesterday that resolution there, I was able to convince three other trustees to agree to adopt the resolution that hangs on the wall of this Board room. All trustees signed it. I had to accept language on that resolution that I never intended in order to get the resolution passed by my colleagues on the Board at that time. The resolution identifies by name two or three students of Dr. Deming, which I think was repetitive and identifies about three other icons of quality who had competing philosophies that were dissimilar of that of Dr. Deming. So, I have felt for a long time that the message that the resolution sends is confusing to staff. My three minutes are up?

Chairperson Laverty stated that if there was no objection he wanted to allow Dr. Villarreal to continue.

Dr. Villarreal - I certainly appreciate that Mr. Chair and ladies and gentlemen of the Board. Why did I propose the system of profound knowledge? The answer is very simple, because it is the most comprehensive and transformational management theory to this day. It is referred to as fourth generation management. Here?s what I am urging you to do. Take that resolution down. Thank the members of the Board who supported it and develop your own. Because quality starts right here in the Board room and it should be a commitment that is sustained and the President, in my view, should be the symbolic leader of it encouraging it everywhere that she goes, because it is so important. Involve as many people in the process as you can like you have with the Values Compact or like you are doing now with your strategic planning process. Think about it. Dare to dream about what you would like this great institution to be ten, twenty or even more from now. Carve a vision, be inclusive in involving people. It should be a corporate strategy for Lansing Community College. As Dr. Deming would say if he were here and I've heard him say it when he was in his late eighties, he was humped down a bit, ?Quality starts at the top. You cannot delegate quality.? So, I would say that I would give you the same advice. Don?t delegate quality to a vice president or to a dean. You take it. Develop a deployment strategy for this quality philosophy if you choose to consider my advice and deploy it so it filters down from the Board of Trustees, bubbles up from the staff that works at this great institution, flows backward into the customer chain and forward into, I am sorry it's backward into the (inaudible) and forward into the customer chain. Think about that, please. What I, and I'll stop with this, wanted to add about dropouts is I know the community is incensed because the dropout rate increased from three tenths of one percent to seven tenths of one percent. Ten years ago this district of nearly 8,000 students adopted a strategic planning process that had two words in capital letters Quality and Equity. So, they have been advocates of the Deming philosophy now for ten years, a little over ten years. They are achieving some remarkable results and Dr. Banks told me this afternoon that she wants to go with me to visit this school district. On the MEAP, that the politicians like, the top one percent in this state. I've already indicated what the dropout rate is. Their goal is for 100% of their graduates of this district not to require remediation once they get to college. I have never heard of a school district to embrace that as their goal. Lansing Community College spends, I think, five million dollars and perhaps more in remediation. In this country seventy-five percent of colleges and universities have remedial programs. The cost to society for poor quality is a billion dollars. So, I thank you for your kind attention.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she wanted to thank Dr. Villarreal for all of his contributions to Lansing Community College, to the community at large, to the students and to aspiring for a higher quality and the highest standards of excellence.

Trustee Rasmusson added that in continuous quality improvement and policy governance a lot of what the Board currently does came from Dr. Villarreal.

Todd Heywood - I am sorry I had to come and address you again. Evidently you didn?t quite hear me the last time. When you voted to approve the minutes this evening, you have now opened the College to the liability of the slanders of two of your Board members. If you publish the minutes as approved at this time, you will be violating the slander law. I will be forced to take the action necessary to stop it. I am asking you to go back and reconsider and either remove until the complaint is resolved, or remove it completely. Thank you.


IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Pelleran to adjourn.

Ayes: Brannan, Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:34 p.m.

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