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Adopted Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2004
Regular Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:06 p.m.


Present: Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran,
Absent: Brannan, Rasmusson, Proctor

Trustee Proctor was present telephonically at 6:38 p.m.


Trustee Pelleran requested that the President's contract be removed from the agenda and tabled for next month. She said there are three Board members missing and she knows that two of them would want to be involved.

Trustee Canady responded that if that were the reason to table the President's contract then all of the agenda items should be tabled.

Chairperson Laverty stated that we may not know if everyone will be present at the February meeting and suggested that the agenda stay the same.

There was no support for Trustee Pelleran?s request.


Paul Covert - The item I do want to talk about is the office furniture agenda item that was removed and I want to commend the President on removing that. It was a surprise to us as we had discussed this on numerous occasions with Lansing Community College Purchasing and our position is simply we're not asking for the business at Smart Office Systems nor are we asking for any special treatment whatsoever. We're only asking for one thing and that's the opportunity to bid on it. I know that several of my competitors are here tonight and I'm sure they may want to speak on this issue as well. But all we're asking for is that Lansing Community College Purchasing takes the time, perhaps working through Hobbs & Black, to create a fair bid process and allow all bidders to bid and whatever the outcome may be I think we?ll be satisfied with that. The one question that each of the Board members could ask themselves tonight, if this agenda item would have gone forward, was are you sure you're getting the best deal? And no one here could have answered that question. If in fact the test for determining if you're getting the best deal is asking Hobbs & Black, as good as they are, I would think that Hobbs & Black would be one busy firm with everyone calling to ask what's the best deal in town. With that there are four items that I want to make sure that this Board understands and I know the Purchasing Department is aware of it. But yet there is a misconception about the product that SOS provides. A good number of the people are from SOS and first I want to say thanks for all of them showing up. I know they are all tax-payers here in town and are concerned about?especially these tough times how we're spending our money and we feel we're the best value. But I know I have six other competitors here that feel exactly the same way. Before, I want to make sure that we're all clear on, one, is our product is fully UL listed, it's completely warranted, and it matches identically to the Herman Miller product. Herman Miller will state the product is going to void their warranty. It should be noted that in a five year period there wasn't a single warranty claim, not one from LCC to Herman Miller. This is from the information provided to me by LCC. Further more, that argument holds about as much water as if I put Ford?s floor mats in my car that will somehow void my Chevy warranty. The other thing that should be noted is that our warranty extends to any product that we attach to it and our warranty is a lifetime warranty. And the last point is that the very products that LCC has purchased from the Herman Miller dealer locally are not all in the Herman Miller family. Thus by their very definition these products would void their own warranty. So, with that being said I think it's clear all we're asking for is the opportunity to bid on this. We've been good corporate citizens here in Lansing for going on 15 years now; as many of my competitors. The one thing about Lansing is that we've got good competitors, we fight it out but at the end of the day I think we all work well together. So, all we're asking for is whenever this Board does make a decision that you put it out for a fair bid. Thanks.

Trustee Pelleran - Mr. Covert, you mentioned that there are good competitors here that do the same?provide the same service and or similar materials that your company does. How many of those competitors?could you give us a number of how many competitors, I don't know if they are here tonight, since the item was pulled from the agenda. How many are there in this area?

Mr. Covert - Well, I know that all six?my phone was lighting up as I'm sure the others were. And the general question that I was getting was, ?Did you see this bid? We were all told we were going to get an opportunity to bid on this. Have you seen it? Did we miss it?? Because none of us wanted to accuse LCC for not putting this out to bid and then find out that they had and we nearly missed it. So, there's six that I can think of and they are all good?six or seven maybe eight. Work Squared, the company that was going to be awarded this bid, has moved in and out of Lansing. I think they're feverishly trying to find an office. Maybe they have one by now so they can say they too are local. The other six or seven have been here. We compete with them everyday. They're great companies, you know, like I said we're not saying that we deserve the business, we're just saying that we deserve a shot at it. Let us earn it. We don't earn it then if it's Work Squared that wins it, then good. And you know what? All you guys can go home at night and say, we made the right decision based on complete full information and we know we're not giving anybody a special deal. And I think that should hold true for office furniture; it should hold true for anything Lansing Community College is purchasing. I know that's the way we do business at SOS and I'm sure that's the way my competitors conduct business.

Trustee Pelleran - We do appreciate you taking the time to come down to this very important public meeting. Remember it is a public meeting; it's your meeting not ours. And we do represent you and we appreciate the decision by the President to give further scrutiny to this. There were other factors that were involved and she had early this morning had pulled it from the agenda. So, Madame President, we appreciate you taking an extra look at that. Thank you all for coming to this important, public meeting.

Dianne Byrum - Thank you, my name is Dianne Byrum. I'm a state representative for part of Ingham County; the southern end. I'm also a graduate of Lansing Community College and proud to say that I got my start here. You provide an outstanding education. I'm here this evening to talk in support of the President. I know the contract is up this evening and I wanted to lend my voice to support Paula Cunningham. Paula is someone I met actually when she was teaching at LCC. I was a presenter at one point in one of her classes on how to interview appropriately for a job and some role playing. I've come to know Paula in her role as the President of this college. She is someone I have a great amount of respect for. She interacts well with the legislature and with opinion leaders and community leaders across the LCC region. And that's very important because the President does carry the respect of the community college and as you go out and you put millages out there, you try to build partnerships in the community for programs such as the new nursing expansion. that's all important because those liaisons, those relationships help make this community college the success that it is today. And Paula has built that reputation as have the Presidents that preceded her, but she is someone that I enjoy working with. I have her?she has my respect, she has the respect of the legislature and she is someone who's opinion we seek out and we value both in terms of this community college, but the community college network across the state of Michigan. that's important for this community; that's important for this college. So, I wanted to come this evening and voice my support of President Paula Cunningham. Any questions for me?

Trustee Pelleran - I would like to mention also our President's contract is not up; it's a current contract. There were a few members who wanted to have some changes. Myself, I'm happy with - in comparison to what I've seen - I'm happy with the current contract, which is a five year contract. I just wanted to mention that to you, Representative Byrum, and thank you for your leadership also. But, we're keeping her anyway.

Dianne Byrum - Thank you very much and it's my pleasure to be here tonight. And I will not be a stranger. If I can ever provide any service or information, I am always available.

David Hollister - I'm David Hollister, the director of the new Department of Labor and Economic Growth. I'm here to support your current President, Dr. Cunningham, for her leadership and her partnership. When I was Mayor we had several initiatives that we worked on together. One was on downtown redevelopment. She was part of that committee. School improvement; our mentoring program. Hope Scholarships; she was an integral part of launching that effort. And of course, more importantly the Blue Ribbon Committee to keep GM. Not only did she serve on the larger committee, but she served on the smaller weekly quick response team group that was so effective in landing the two GM plants. As a director of a new department I've had an opportunity to travel the state and rethink the number of things that are going on. We?ll be coming back to brief you I think next month in one of your meetings on the Grow Michigan strategy and the restructuring of our workforce development network and our whole delivery system and the community college is going to play a really important and more significant role in this new endeavor as the Governor unveils it in the next couple of weeks. And also I worked with Paula in the next energy initiative. As you know we, the Governor, has embraced next energy, the alternative energy, the hydrogen technology there are several pieces to that. Lansing Community College is leading a consortium on curriculum development for training the people who will do the maintenance in these programs. Her seminar on energy for dummies was appreciated by a number of us at City Hall when I was Mayor and really led them to some important networking that's led now to the designation of Lansing Community College as the only community college in this consortium that's delivering it. We think her leadership and her vision is on target and we want to be as supportive as we can be and pledge to work with you in any way we can and this new administration to make this community (inaudible).

Trustee Pelleran - To both Mayor Hollister and Leader Byrum, more money.

David Hollister - It will be a very austere year. The current budget year we're in we believe there will be no further reduction. But the 2004-2005 budget, we had a cabinet meeting this morning, is going to be adjusted downward by about $900 million. When we do go back and there are signs that the cut in the economy is recovering we've got a Medicaid trust fund that needs to be replenished, we've got a school aid trust fund that needs to be replenished, we've got a rainy day fund that'so it's going to be that the next couple of years will be very austere. We see that as an opportunity to do things differently, so we're not demoralized by that at all. It just means we have to look at things differently and we're going to be restructuring a number of programs. And I see the community college as playing a very important role. I didn?t graduate from this community college, but I did graduate from Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, so I have a working knowledge of how it works.

Jan Henderson (Read Letter from Dr. E. Sharon Banks) - Good afternoon Chairperson Laverty, other Trustees, President Cunningham. It is my pleasure to bring to you tonight a message from Dr. E. Sharon Banks, Superintendent of the Lansing School District who was unable to be here tonight. She is with Mayor Benavides at a very special celebration of community partnerships with our schools. (Ms. Henderson read the following letter in the record.) ?January 13, Chris Laverty Chairperson, Board of Trustees. Dear Mr. Laverty. I want to express my sincere admiration and appreciation of President Paula Cunningham as an exceptional educational leader in the Greater Lansing community. President Cunningham has been a consistent force in support of students of all ages. Thanks in large part to President Cunningham, the Lansing School District and Lansing Community College have important and lasting partnerships in the all-important area of career preparation. LCC also has been exceedingly supportive in helping us with our efforts to improve customer service. President Cunningham has embraced our 1,500 HOPE Scholars, who now see LCC as a realistic academic destination for the future. If it were not for President Cunningham, many of our students would not experience higher education coursework while in high school. A strong relationship between K-12 schools and institutions of higher learner is important to sustaining a well-educated community that is prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of today?s workforce. Thankfully, the relationship and communication between the Lansing School District and LCC could not be stronger. On a more personal note, as a leader of a large educational institution, I have found President Cunningham to be a valued confidant and advisor. She definitely is not shy about sharing her passion and commitment toward the cause of education. She also spends her personal time with Lansing students and stresses the significance of education and personal respect. I trust that the Lansing School District will continue to have a close and productive relationship with President Cunningham and LCC. The Greater Lansing community has been and always will be the beneficiary. Sincerely, Dr. E. Sharon Banks, Superintendent of Schools.?

Floresha Foreman - Good afternoon everyone. My name is Floresha Foreman. I am a student here at Lansing Community College and I am also a member of the Student Leadership Academy on campus. For the past two years I have served on the student advisory committee to the President. This experience has given other students as well as myself the pleasure of working with President Cunningham. She always arrives to our meetings promptly, well prepared and exemplifies leadership qualities such as patience, mutual respect, confidence, commitment, and is a firm believer in diversity within LCC. In my two years of learning what it takes to be an effective leader I have found President Cunningham to be a great example of just that; an effective leader. Our academic or campus concerns do not remain on a piece of paper collecting dust or fall on deaf ears. They are taken seriously and are quickly addressed. She eagerly welcomes our suggestions and ideas making us all feel that our opinions really matter and are valuable to the success of the College. President Cunningham, I can't imagine walking in your shoes daily, but the two years I have worked with you has been a very enlightening and rewarding experience that I will carry with me the rest of my life. You have truly been a positive role model for me and many others. I am transferring this fall to a four-year university and I know that among many other things I have enjoyed here at LCC, I will certainly miss your warm smile. Your vision for LCC has definitely improved the progress of the College thus far and will continue to blossom under your remarkable leadership. Thank you, President Cunningham, for your outstanding leadership at Lansing Community College where success truly does begin.

Nancy Jackson - Good evening, my name is Nancy Jackson. I am a member of the greater Lansing community. I have taken courses at LCC over the years and have long been a supporter of the College in its many contributions to the community. Currently I am a member of the East Lansing Arts Festival Board of Directors. I mention that simply to emphasize my commitment to the arts as part of the revitalization of communities and revitalizing of education. The agenda item I wish to address is a human resources matter which is before this Board and that is the restoration of the position of one of the instructors in the Arts program at LCC; in the Dance program. Ms. Mitzi Carol has been petitioning her position to be reinstated after the cutback in the last several years in which the dance, theater, and arts programs were reduced considerably because of funding and other difficulties. However, I feel that because Ms. Carol is a highly qualified teacher I think she would be an asset in whatever effort the College is able to make towards restoring its arts programs. The arts and creative elements have been emphasized very strongly in a recent conference held here in Lansing sponsored by community leaders, by the Governor?s office, and the department?Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, Michigan Council for the Humanities. The revitalization of communities is very much dependent upon the activity, the creative energy and contributions of all individual members of each community. The Dance program at LCC was one of the outstanding programs in the area. It had offered employment opportunities for many of its graduates from the degree program who are teaching in our schools and communities and have been performers in many significant venues - New York, Chicago, and other places. So, it was a job generating program and a very important one. I feel that if consideration can be given to restoring some of the positions that were lost, it would be a step towards recreating a program that had a great impact on the community, on its students, and on the College as a whole. The art education has well been documented and contributes a great deal to all kinds of learning. Many students who have been otherwise thought to be lost and educational ventures have been brought to life by their participation in art, in dance, in music, in theatre because these unleash certain areas of the brain from learning and everyone benefits. So, on that note I would just like to urge the Board to give serious consideration to making smaller (inaudible) towards restoring the programs. And I particularly wanted to voice my support for Ms. Carol who I know to be a highly trained, well trained, high qualified teacher. I have studied with her over the years in community programs and her qualifications are outstanding. She?s worked with age groups from children to senior citizens and she does a very fine job. Thank you very much for your consideration and once again like other speakers I have a great deal of regard, respect for Lansing Community College. It makes a great difference in this community.

Chairperson Laverty - It's customary that if people have something they want to talk about that's not on the agenda, to ask for a waiver. I will waive?I will provide a waiver on any additional comments regarding that particular arbitration case at this point in time.

Heather Butler - I was told to be here at 5:30 to support Mitzi. I just found out about it last night. I'm kind of surprised I'm here, but I guess I was pretty compelled. I was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. I'm 35 years old. I've been to LCC. It's actually my only source of education; higher education. I do have an associates degree here. But I'm here because I believe in Mitzi Carol. I know she was a teacher and a teacher in dance. But as you all know there's teachers that go to school to learn something and then there's teachers that have this amazing ability to change your life; to be a cornerstone in your life. I am here in support of that because she is just amazing. And I got to thinking how can I come here? I didn?t know this was all like this and stuff. I thought it would just be you guys and I can talk to you. What can I say to make you believe in someone? Especially dance not having monies and stuff. I think, gosh, do these people even take dance? Have they experienced what being in a classroom is like? I'm thinking if they haven?t, they're not going to even understand?they're not going to understand what I'm going to say. What can I do? What could I say? I'll tell them about my life because that's really all I have to offer. I just want to say, you know, there's been two people in my life that make me feel like I'm alive here today; one was my kindergarten teacher and the other one is Ms. Mary Carol. Because Mitzi?s ability to convey to you that it's not what you do, but how you do it and to make you feel like your life is important whether or not, like me, you come from a divorced family. A mother that's been on the streets, prostitute, father almost died of heroine. What is success? Is coming to school and having this degree? Or is it who you are as a person? I truly feel that this moment to this day and I will for the rest of my life and who knows how many more ways I'll learn that she impacted me. That is what I have to give is who I am; it's not my education. From the minute I wake up in the morning until I go to bed (inaudible) when I go to work, when I pick up the phone, whatever I do, if I can have a smile on my face and believe in myself as a person that who I am makes a difference, to come from what I've come through and believe in myself and have that kind of confidence that I can make a difference. Okay I have that general associates degree and I'm working on it and I'll have more, but she made me believe in myself and feel that way. And I know she did it for many, many, many other students. You take my one life, my one life?is that what makes a teacher to affect one life? Is it 10, is it 20? How do you know what, you know, how many lives? But you take my one life and you multiply by how many people I have contact with and that little pebble into this great big ocean or pond has this wave. I just?I think she?s amazing and I hope you all really seriously consider?I know there's stuff with dance and relationships and ego and all that, but Mitzi loves dance and she has a passion and she has I believe this profound ability to impact this community; this Lansing community. And I know I'm going on and on, but I lived here my whole life and things are getting bad, you guys. I mean I live on Pleasant Grove on the south side I know people who don't want to come to my house unless they bring a gun. I like live right in front of Dwight Rich Junior High School and used to live just down the street in front of on Pleasant Grove and Risdale townhouses, which it's getting pretty scary, but I know there's a lot of little girls, mostly girls like to dance, but there's lots of little girls that maybe their only dream is to dance. And this used to be a place that offered that and I didn?t know what I wanted to do when I graduate and I didn?t think I could do anything, but I knew I wanted to dance. And so it made me come here and learn the campus and meet lots of new people and pretty soon I thought, gosh, I can dance and come here and I know the College, maybe I can take dance classes. And I did and I grew, and I'm still growing, and thank you very much for listening and I do appreciate it.

Sally Pierce - I'm here to talk about the Mitzi Carol situation, but also to talk about some other things. And I think I have this timed out. Good evening LCC Board members, Paula, other members of the Executive Leadership Team, members of the LCC community at large. Happy New Year. As most of you know my name is Sally Pierce and as President of LCC MAHE, the collective bargaining group for faculty here at LCC, I?d like to address some of the HR items on the agenda and say a few words. The association was pleased to see four full-time faculty members hired by the College in today?s Board packet. We've been working with the HR department to make sure that the collective bargaining agreement language about search committees has been complied with. For the most part, we've been successful with that and I hope we will continue to work on it. To work on that sometimes is a difficult process. Unfortunately the association must report tonight that we continue to be unsuccessful in some important areas. On Friday, January 9, 2004 I met with management representatives to seek to find a load for Mitzi Carol. We were unable to find a load that Dean Knippenberg or the managers from Humanities and Performing Arts would find acceptable. They proposed no work loads for her. And although there were more than 16 credits she?s qualified to teach being offered, they continued to say there's no full-time position in Dance. The association plans to respond by filing more grievances and ULP?s. And I'm meeting with an attorney on Thursday to do this. We have no choice. We must advocate for Mitzi and our other members at LCC. We have many other pending grievances and arbitrations. We know we will have more because of the continued climate we work in. More grievances, arbitrations, and ULP?s as you know result in more legal fees for the College. We know that many of you are concerned about this issue particularly in these difficult economic times. I'm here tonight to ask the Board to help the College and the faculty association make this a year of positive change for the LCC?for LCC and the community. Do the right thing for Mitzi, for the association, for our students, and the greater Lansing community. Thank you.

Jacquelyn Pashet - My name is Jacquelyn Pashet and I'm a resident of Lansing all of my life, or most of it. And I'll make a short statement about Mitzi Carol. I'm a MAC member, and I took Pilates on the mat from Mitzi. And I'll give a little description of why I had her as a private instructor and why I still do. I had severe degenerative arthritis. I had spinal stenosis and bone spurs on my back and on my hips. I have curvature of the spine and my hips rotate. And because of her help and Pilates and taking private sessions and I've done this about six months with her and she knows exactly what she?s doing because she studied in New York for about two years. And there's 500 exercises in Pilates and she?s improved my health. My legs are stronger, my back is stronger, my abs are stronger, and I went to my doctor last Friday for an adjustment because my hips rotate so much and when I laid on my back she said my hips were a lot more leveled. They're not going to be perfect. Compared to what they had been, it's more leveled. And she taught me how to accomplish all this and everything has been a slow, slow, slow step. I am going to continue to work with her because I think she?s great. She?s trustworthy. The reason I say it because before when I was at work they sent me to a physical therapist and that physical therapist hurt me. So I'm very selective on who I have touch me or work with me. And I felt a complete (inaudible). She?d be an asset to this college.

Ray Wawro - I'm Ray Wawro. I'm the director of information technology here at the College and I?d like to speak to the settlement with former Trustee Patterson. I was somewhat disappointed that the Board seemed to have jumped to that settlement as quickly as they did. I wished you had let the legal system take its course. I realize that's frustrating at times waiting for that to happen. It's nice to move ahead and get something done, but I do worry about the precedent it sets for the future. Thank you.

Gina Karasek - I've never come to a meeting before so this is a new experience. I'm Dr. Gina Karasek. I live in St. Johns. I've also been an employee here for almost five years. I wrote down my thoughts because I tend to get kind of jumbled in front of a group of people. When I saw the Board agenda - I don't normally come to meetings, but I always read the minutes and I look at the agenda to see if there's something that I feel strongly about. And tonight I feel very strongly about the settlement with Mr. Patterson. About a year ago we had such severe budget cuts. In my division we were forced to eliminate some positions. There were positions that were eliminated?I think about eleven across campus. Four of the people were my employees; I directly supervised them. It was a very difficult time; it was a very difficult decision to make. We made decisions that we felt were best for the College. And now to see that you're considering giving money to someone who admitted his wrong doing. Who?ve we've already helped?we've already given him, you know, we've taken away his censure, which I don't feel should have been done to begin with. He admitted in a public meeting?it's in the comments?that he did not adhere to the Board policy. I just find it reprehensible that we would waste money on something like that. I don't need to repeat again all the things that he did, the people that he threatened. The things that went on that were very unprofessional. But, to think that such a small, small man could hurt so many people, waste so much time and so much money, I just find it ridiculous. I was very unhappy that his censure was removed and I'm just absolutely furious that we would waste money on this. The biggest thing, along with Ray, is what sort of message are we sending to people that it's o.k. to threaten people physically. And when you are in a public position such as the Board and is it o.k. to make allegations about someone when they're false, they're fraudulent; you have no proof whatsoever, just so you can throw your little hissy fit and get your way? You know, I find that just absolutely horrendous. Someone that can't control themselves that threatens to attack people when he doesn?t get his way. So, what are we going to tell them? Here?s your money. All?s forgiven. We've cleared your record for you and here?s a whole big old chunk of money. So, I?d like to know who I can threaten and harass and get my big chunk of money. that's the message we're sending. The cash should be going to our students. We've cut enough things from them already. I'm asking you guys to do what previous Board members seemed to have been, not all, but some previous Board members have been able to do and that's to do the right thing. I'm asking you not to settle for anything even if it costs more money in attorney fees; I?d prefer that we do the right thing and stand up for what's right. Thank you.

Linda Uhler - Good evening. My name is Linda and I'm from the Lansing area and I work in ISCD and I've been an employee at LCC for a little over 20 years. I'm here this evening because when I was reviewing the agenda for the Board meeting this evening in our new workspaces I saw that once again to my dismay Mr. Patterson was on the agenda. I was thinking that this is like many of the members are new that maybe you weren?t aware or that I would remind you of a few of the important dates that happened over the past. December 17, 2002 the Board voted to censure and later that night Mr. Patterson resigned. April 1, 2003 a motion was passed to reenact the censure and then on September 15, 2003 the Board voted to rescind that censure. As new Board members and continuing Board members I'm sure you want this all to go away just like we all do. My concern is that this has been going on since December 2002. It's already cost the College several hundred thousand dollars and now you're being asked to add another $15,000 to that number. With the employee layoffs and in light of all the budget cuts how can this be justified to our employees, to our students, and to the taxpayers? I wonder how a situation like this would be handled out in the business world. For example, what would GM do if a manager threatened an employee and admitted to doing so? Would GM pay that person $15,000? I think not. Is this what you want the Board to stand for? Is this the kind of action you want the Board to be known for? How do you want this Board to be seen? By supporting this motion it will be seen as a lack of support for employees, students, and the taxpayers. Thank you.

Chairperson Laverty - Any more public comment? We do have three letters that need to be read into the record.

Trustee Pelleran - I have one question for the good doctor. Dr. Karasek in what department do you teach here, or do you teach?

Gina Karasek - I was an adjunct faculty in biology. I now work in Information Services.

Norma Mendez (read into the record letter from Mr. Bob Roth, Director, Region 1-C, UAW; and Mr. Bruce McAttee, CAP Coordinator, Region 1-C, UAW) - Dear Board Members. First let us apologize for not being present to speak in support of the job Paula Cunningham has done as President of Lansing Community College. Be assured, our absence in no way reflects any negative sentiment toward the progressive leadership she has demonstrated. Under President Cunningham?s guidance and from our view point, Lansing Community College has met the educational challenges of our community, kept pace with technology and equally as important, has fallen out of the negative spotlight. Paula has been quick to acknowledge she has not done it alone. Along with us, she gives much of the credit to you, the Board. Team work has been the key to the mounting improvements at the College for which all of you should be commended. We are proud to endorse President Cunningham?s dedication and productivity; and, would encourage the Board to continue with this team into the future.

Trustee Canady - Mr. Chair. I don't mean to cut short our President's accolades, but if all these letters are in support of the President, I would move that we simply have them copied, distributed to the Board members.

Chairperson Laverty - There?s just two letters.

Trustee Pelleran - Can we just have the names of those people if they're all supportive?

Chairperson Laverty - Are they all letters of support, Norma?

Norma Mendez - Yes.

Chairperson Laverty - Go ahead and tell us who they are from.

Norma Mendez - One is from Mayor Tony Benavides and the second one is from Mr. William Sepic from the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. (These letters are on file with the official Board materials.)



Authorization of Mr. Patterson Settlement

Trustee Canady stated that he?s advocated for a long time that the lawsuit with Mr. Patterson be settled. He said the Board had been advised by their legal counsel that it would cost the College $15,000 no matter what the Board does. If Mr. Patterson would appeal, it would cost the College at least $15,000. There may have been an opportunity to seek from him the College's attorney fees, if the College would have prevailed at that level. And there was a possibility the College would not recover its legal fees. Trustee Canady further stated that the College could lose in the appeal process. The Board wants to get this issue behind them. He said this is money the College would be losing to either Mr. Patterson or to attorney fees. Trustee Canady felt this is a good business decision and this will save the College money in the long run. That is why he would be supporting this settlement.

Chairperson Laverty stated that this settlement is on top of an investigation that took place that brought the censure about, which cost approximately $76,000. He stated that the College has spent approximately $46,000 in legal fees up to this point fighting this case. that's a lot of scholarships and money that certainly could have been spent more wisely than in legal fees and in investigations. Chairperson Laverty stated that Mr. Patterson was going to appeal.

Trustee Pelleran stated she has served on the Board for three and a half years. She felt that censuring Mr. Patterson was first rate bushwacking. She believes that no one deserves what happened to him. Trustee Pelleran felt that we are incorrectly saying that the investigation culminated in a censure. The investigation was brought forward by allegations that were submitted by another Trustee, not Mr. Patterson. She is not aware of Mr. Patterson having threatened any staff at the College. If someone has been threatened personally, she asked that staff person to call her at home. Trustee Pelleran stated that Mr. Patterson never said that he did anything wrong. She has reviewed both investigation reports and the independent investigation conducted by the Board said there was no wrongdoing. She?d like to close this chapter and focus on the policies the Board is elected to focus on and move the College forward.

Trustee Canady stated that there had been comments made this evening that Mr. Patterson had been censured because he had threatened employees. He said the reason that was given at the time of the censure was that one of the reports presented had suggested he had advocated for a vendor, which violated the Board's bylaws. Trustee Canady felt that it was not accurate to say the reason for his censure was the way he behaved towards other people. It was alleged that Mr. Patterson was acting as an advocate. He stated that the Board understands that there are a lot of hard feelings and this is not intended to be a vindication for what Mr. Patterson may have done. Trustee Canady said this is recognition of what happened to him was done improperly. This settlement should help in not having to deal with Mr. Patterson ever again. The College would take a risk in losing more money if this would be appealed and if the College did not prevail. He felt it is not worth taking that risk.

Chairperson Laverty stated that this entire issue has taken on a life of its own. He has studied this issue very carefully. This has been an unfortunate incident in the College's past. There are currently $82 million in building projects, there is a workforce in the community needing training, and there are upcoming budget cuts. The College needs to concentrate on going forward with policies, construction, and planning for budget reductions.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Pelleran to approve the resolution authorizing the settlement.

Trustee Pelleran offered the following friendly amendment: if other defendants take action in the future in this matter, the College will defend former Trustee Patterson in such matters.

Trustee Canady accepted her friendly amendment.

Trustee Proctor stated he would like to see this matter resolved and he agreed with Trustee Canady?s statements.

Trustee Murray had concerns regarding the settlement; however, she believes this is the best resolution to a difficult situation. She expressed concern about the friendly amendment and asked Trustee Pelleran to clarify it.

Trustee Pelleran responded that there are two other parties that have voiced sentiment in not wanting to settle this case and she believes they may bring reciprocal charges against Mr. Patterson. She felt that the Board has an obligation to settle this in the best interest of the College.

Trustee Murray stated that she would be much more comfortable with considering the friendly amendment, if and when additional lawsuits are brought forward. She felt that the amendment is very open-ended and she is struggling with that.

Trustee Pelleran responded that if other litigants decided to pursue a lawsuit the amendment may help to make a difference whether or not they will pay for it or the College would pay for it. She said right now the College may be obligated to pay for it. Trustee Pelleran would like to see this case closed and not pay for any further legal fees that are involved in this from the parties she believes were erroneous in bringing it to this point in the first place.

Trustee Canady clarified that the College has to indemnify former Trustee Patterson for any action he may have taken as a Trustee. There may be some people that do not understand that and they may feel inclined to bring a lawsuit.

Trustee Murray asked that in absence of the friendly amendment the College would still be obligated to represent him.

Trustee Canady responded, yes, the College would represent Mr. Patterson only for his actions taken as a Board member.

Chairperson Laverty expressed that he would not be supporting the friendly amendment. He?s gone as far as he can go on this entire issue.

Trustee Proctor also did not support the friendly amendment. Even if there were actions brought against former Trustee Patterson regarding matters that occurred during his term as a Trustee, he might be entitled to indemnification anyway. He said the proposed friendly amendment does not make a difference in that regard and does not believe the Board should add it to the resolution.

Trustee Canady clarified that the intent of the friendly amendment is to forestall possible future litigation. However, he felt that unanimity is important on this issue and rejected the friendly amendment.

Trustee Pelleran withdrew her friendly amendment.

Chairperson Laverty asked Mr. Cliff Flood from Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone if he would like to add anything to the discussion.

Mr. Flood responded that this is a difficult decision for the Board to make and he felt he could not offer a recommendation. However, he did add that if there was an appeal and it was successful, it would cost the College far more than $15,000.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor
Nays: None
Absent: Brannan, Rasmusson

Motion carried.

President's Contract

Chairperson Laverty presented the President's contract for the Board's approval.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Murray to approve the President's contract as presented.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she would not be supporting the contract. Currently, there is a contract which is in effect for five years and under that agreement the President has been afforded security to do her job. She believes the contract before the Board is not necessary because there is an effective contract that the President is currently working under. Trustee Pelleran did not agree with the terms of the contract in particular the added paragraph on deferred compensation (she read the portion of the contract which is on file with the official Board materials.) She felt that everyone should realize that we are living under an austere budget. In a time when other Presidents are rescinding and returning their pay increases. At a time when our own Governor has cut her budget by 10%. At a time when we're asking legislators to do the same and they?ve agreed to do so. Trustee Pelleran expressed her disagreement with the section about incapacity to perform, which was changed from 120 calendar days to 1 year. Trustee Pelleran knows what she deals with in everyday life and what people on the streets in this tax district deal with. She sees the changes in the contract as unnecessary, a waste of time and a waste of college resources. Trustee Pelleran expressed that she would not be supporting the changes and will maintain her support for the current rolling contract that the President is under.

Chairperson Laverty explained the changes that were made to the contract before the Board. He clarified that they took the five-year rolling agreement and made modifications to where it would ultimately be a three-year rolling contract. The deferred compensation was a trade off to go to a three-year rolling agreement. Chairperson Laverty explained the change in the contract relating to non-performance. He said that this has nothing to do with non-performance, but rather if there was a serious injury or illness a person should not be fired after 120 days. The words ?non-performance? was changed to ?incapacity.? He felt that the changes in the contract will benefit the College as well as the President.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Laverty, Murray, Proctor
Nays: Pelleran
Absent: Brannan, Rasmusson

Motion carried.

Legal Services

Several Trustees expressed an interest in the possibility of creating an office of general counsel.

Considering Trustee Rasmusson wasn't present the Board decided to table this agenda item until the February meeting.

Grand Rapids Community College Board Meeting

Chairperson Laverty reported that he and Mr. Rich Howard attended the December 15, 2003 Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) Board meeting. The GRCC uses policy governance and he attended the meeting to observe it in action. He reported that there was discussion about community linkages. Chairperson Laverty observed that their Board has a lot of subcommittees. The GRCC Board discussed having numerous retreats and that is something he would like this Board to engage in. He felt that having attended the Board meeting helped with establishing relationships with GRCC.

Employee Recognition Ceremony

Chairperson Laverty reported that he attended the Employee Recognition Ceremony on January 8. He commended Ms. Linda Birchmeier for doing an excellent job in facilitating the ceremony. Chairperson Laverty felt that it was very rewarding for him to observe the ceremony and made it clear that is what the College is all about.


Chairperson Laverty attended a tour of the MTEC and TTC on January 9. He said the facilities are quite impressive from the highway, but it is ten times more impressive to see them up close. The President, staff, and the entire community can be very proud of the MTEC and TTC. Chairperson Laverty announced that staff would be moving out there in May and classes would begin in September. He said the facilities far exceed any MTEC he?s seen.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Luncheon

Chairperson Laverty and Trustee Pelleran represented the Board at the Martin Luther King, Jr., luncheon on Monday, January 19 at the Lansing Center. He said it was an excellent presentation. It was gratifying to see all the student scholarships that were awarded.


Chairperson Laverty did not have other items to report.

Board Members

Trustee Thomas Rasmusson - Audit Committee

Trustee Rasmusson was absent.

Trustee Canady shared that the Audit Committee would be meeting later this week.

Trustee Robert Proctor - Workforce Development Board

Trustee Proctor reported that he was recently appointed to the Capital Area Michigan Works! Workforce Development Board as the representative of the College. He attended his first meeting earlier this month. Trustee Proctor shared that Capital Area Michigan Works! would be receiving budget cuts and it also would impact Lansing Community College in trying to address the workforce development needs of the employers in the area.

Trustee KP Pelleran - Foundation Board of Directors

Trustee Pelleran reported on the following items related to the Foundation:

? the Foundation?s annual appeal had reached $18,000 thus far as compared to $13,000 at this time last year

? the Foundation received a gift from an estate which totaled approximately $125,000 (editor?s note: correct amount is $257,351) which is the largest single gift ever received

? the Alumni Association is sponsoring a cruise to Alaska from May 23 to May 30, 2004:

? from March 4 to 7, 2004, there is a golf outing scheduled in Doral, Florida

? the Employee Development Fund (EDF) grant applications are currently being accepted for the 2004-2005 year and all LCC employees who are EDF members are eligible to apply

? the Foundation scholarship applications are due January 30, 2004 for the 2004-05 year

? this year 370 scholarships totaling more than $370,000 were awarded

? the Foundation annual scholarship breakfast will be held on May 12, 2004

Trustee Pelleran apologized for not attending the employee recognition ceremony; she explained that she was out of town that day. She announced that the Foundation Board of Directors will be meeting on Thursday of this week. Trustee Pelleran recommended that there be Foundation donor envelopes at all future Board meetings so people can have access to them.

President's REPORT

Informational Items

President Cunningham thanked everyone that came out in support of her contract and in support of the institution. She thanked the Board for their support and she especially thanked the three new Board members for supporting it considering they have not worked with her for very long. President Cunningham thanked the community college faculty, administrators and staff. She stated that she started her career in the classroom. She said what is most important at LCC is the work that goes on in the classroom. If the quality of education wasn't exceptional, no one would support the College.

Human Resources

President Cunningham welcomed Ms. Barbara Larson back to the College.



Stephanie Shanblatt, Director of Instruction, Division Office Liberal Studies

Rebekah Starr Woods, Director of Student Success, Counseling/Advising/Assessment, Student Academic Support


Betsy Brantley, Faculty Member - Biology, Science, Liberal Studies

Aleksandria Carpio, Faculty Member - English as a Second Language, Developmental Skills, Student Academic Support

Judy Goth-Owens, Faculty Member - Child Development, Human & Health Services, Human Health & Public Services

Robin Wagner, Faculty Member - Biology, Science, Liberal Studies

Professional Development Leave?

Stanley S. Chase, Administrator, SAS Divisional Office
Duration of Leave: March 1, 2004 to June 30, 2004

Plante & Moran

President Cunningham introduced Ms. Vicky VanDenBerg from Plante & Moran. She stated that Ms. VanDenBerg would also be presenting the report to the entire college community tomorrow.

Ms. VanDenBerg presented a summary of the payroll audit (the entire report is on file with the official Board materials.)

Trustee Murray asked for clarification on what they reviewed.

Ms. VanDenBerg responded that they reviewed the entire process from start to finish. Their goal was not to find problems rather to make sure the process worked and the conversion went smoothly.

Trustee Murray asked if there were still problems that are not resolved.

President Cunningham responded that there is a process in place. Mr. Cerny included the help desk in this process to be the first contact for any issues in order for everything to be documented. If there is no resolution within 24 hours, they are to call Mr. Marty Pennoni. Mr. Pennoni will then work with the individual to resolve the issues. He has been tracking these trouble tickets and looking at common issues related to the conversion in order to verify if it is a system, training, or other issue. Then the overall conversion was reviewed by Plante & Moran. In addition, there will be a security audit in the near future. She asked Mr. Cerny if he would like to add anything.

Mr. Cerny added that a technology task force has been established. This group will review current issues and will be forecasting issues related to new implementations. He said the group is doing really well and they are making progress.

President Cunningham asked Mr. Pennoni to address his work in addressing individual concerns.

Mr. Pennoni stated that the process includes contacting the help desk via email. Initially he received phone calls every two to three days, but now he has been receiving one call per week. He explained that many people had issues and would contact him first and he would divert them back to the help desk. Mr. Pennoni would then contact the individual to verify if the problem had been resolved, and he found that the issue was taken care of at the help desk level.

NGA Workforce Development Board

President Cunningham reported that there are three community colleges in Michigan who have been appointed to the National Governor?s Workforce Development Board which is part of an initiative from Governor Granholm to advance the status of community colleges in the state. She stated that according to census data Michigan ranks below average in terms of educational credentials. Michigan has been known primarily as a manufacturing state, and our ability to rebound and be resilient in terms of other jobs is lessened as a result of credentials of the population. President Cunningham reported that Mr. Al Lorenzo from Macomb Community College and Ms. Mary Spangler from Oakland Community College will also be serving on this task force which will be looking at how to elevate the status of community colleges and the workforce in Michigan. She said it is funded through the Lumina Foundation and there are six other states involved. This group will look at measurements, return on investment, and assessing student success. The work that the College has been doing in these areas will pay off as the group looks at this throughout the state of Michigan.

Budget Update

President Cunningham introduced Ms. Barbara Larson and Ms. Ruth Borger and asked that they provide the Board a budget update. She thanked this Board as well as the previous one for helping to position the College for the current and upcoming budget reductions. President Cunningham reminded the Board that the College had already planned in the budget for another 3% to 4% budget reduction from this fiscal year. Therefore, when the State did indeed reduce the appropriations, the College was already prepared for it. Now the task ahead is to plan for next year?s budget and plan for another 8% budget reduction. Some of the revenue generation initiatives that the Board will be hearing about in the future will be even more important as the College prepares for another reduction.

Ms. Larson and Ms. Borger provided a PowerPoint presentation which gave a budget overview and the budget challenges that are ahead (the presentation is on file with the official Board materials.)

Trustee Pelleran asked what the College has done to address the Governor?s recent executive order of an additional 5% budget reduction.

Mr. Cerny responded that the College had already budgeted for this cut. Instead of budgeting for a 6.5% reduction, the College budgeted for an 11% reduction with the assumption that there would be another reduction in this fiscal year.

President Cunningham stated that the College was advised by many of the local legislators as well by the Michigan Community College Association to budget for an 11% reduction.

Trustee Pelleran asked if the College is still operating under the premise of having to keep tuition at a certain level or otherwise we will suffer another 2% cut.

President Cunningham responded that will be the discretion of the Board as it prepares for the next budget cycle. She shared that the Michigan Community College Association is advising to do what is necessary for their institutions. President Cunningham advised that for the 2004-2005 fiscal year the College may want to budget for a higher reduction in order to have a cushion.

President Cunningham stated that Ms. Norma Mendez has been working with the Trustees? calendars in scheduling two budget workshops. She announced that the tentative budget workshops have been scheduled for February 25 and March 29. These workshops will provide an opportunity for the Board to engage with Deans and other administrators regarding the budget.

University Center

President Cunningham stated that she has asked Mr. Rich Howard to review the concept of a university center. She reminded the Board that Trustee Brannan had raised the issue of having a university center. President Cunningham stated that two years ago the College had studied the concept as a potential revenue generator for the College. At that time no vacant buildings existed and having to lease or rent a building made the idea less attractive. However, there will be vacant buildings in the very near future and this idea is being revisited. She asked Mr. Howard to further address this agenda item.

Mr. Howard stated that an environmental scan will be conducted of the university centers across the state. The intent of the scan will be to determine what are the advantages and disadvantages of a university center.

Charging by Contact Hour

President Cunningham stated that this initiative is being pulled out of the regular budget process because if it is to be implemented by this fall semester, it needs to be placed in the schedule book as early as possible and students need to be informed. She stated this item will be brought forward as an action item at the February Board meeting. President Cunningham asked Vice President Gary VanKempen and Mr. Rich Howard to present their findings on charging by contact hour.

Vice President VanKempen and Mr. Howard provided a PowerPoint presentation (the presentation is on file with the official Board materials.) The recommendation from the administration is for the College to convert to a contact hour system by fall 2004. The College would cap the additional contact hour above the credit hour to a total of three per course. Internships and independent studies would be held equivalent to the number of credits; therefore, students in these areas would not be impacted. And course fees would be reduced by approximately $225,000.

There was discussion regarding the cap and the potential of it increasing. There was also discussion regarding if the institutions that charge by contact hour had initially experienced a decline in enrollment. There was not a decline in enrollment at those institutions due to charging by contact hour. There was dialogue regarding if the State would consider this method a tuition increase. Staff have contacted the State department and this may be looked at differently in the future.

Course Fees

The proposed course fees were in the Board packet and will be brought forward for the Board's approval at the February meeting.

Smoking Policy

President Cunningham stated that with the vacation of Washington Mall a public place to smoke no longer exists. The College is looking at purchasing a smoking shelter to be placed on Washington Mall. The costs will be between $5,000 and $6,000 and it would cost approximately $7,000 to clean the cigarette butts.

Trustee Pelleran asked what the smoking policy at the extension centers is.

President Cunningham responded that the smoking policy at the extension centers is consistent with the downtown campus. She said the smoking policy will be brought back to the Board for their approval at the February meeting.

Greenhouse Presentation

President Cunningham stated that the Board had requested a presentation on the greenhouse and introduced Dean Bill Darr.

Dean Darr explained that based on comments from the Board of Trustees at last month?s meeting they were asked to make a presentation on the Agri-Science cluster of programs that will be utilizing the greenhouse. He introduced Mr. Bob Welch who is the lead faculty for the Agri-Science, Landscape, and Horticulture programs.

Mr. Welch provided a PowerPoint presentation regarding the Agri-Science Cluster which highlighted the three programs: Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, and Precision Agriculture. The presentation also included what their needs are, their community and national supporters, and why the greenhouse is so vital to the program?s success. The greenhouse would provide students hands on training. He shared that they have submitted a proposal to establish the College as an energy center with the alternative energy initiative.

Chairperson Laverty stated that the alternative fuels initiative will have a great impact on this program and others.

President Cunningham stated that K-12 officials have shared that this would help to enrich their programs because there is a career path to continue their education at the College.

Trustee Pelleran asked what Mr. Welch?s role is in relation to the alternative energy initiative.

Mr. Welch responded that for many years the Geographic Information Systems program has existed at the College and the institution is known as a national leader in this area. In addition, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has also recognized Lansing Community College as a leader at the national level. The College has submitted a proposal to the National Science Foundation regarding alternative energies. He said once you begin working with the NSF they begin to look at the College more closely, and the new facility would give greater leverage at bringing in additional monies for this initiative.

Trustee Pelleran asked Mr. Welch if the program could continue without the greenhouse.

Mr. Welch responded that it would be difficult because the program is already at its capacity and there are no additional classrooms or facilities for the instructors to use. It would also make it difficult to expand the Horticulture program.

Trustee Pelleran said when the programs move to the MTEC a lot of the classrooms will become available. She asked if more classroom space were offered in GVT, would that allow the program to expand.

Mr. Welch responded that to support the program a growing facility is needed and one does not exist in GVT. He said the industry is looking for students that have had hands on experience and this would not be possible without a greenhouse.

Trustee Pelleran asked Mr. Welch if he were a Trustee, would he build a third floor to the health careers facility or build a greenhouse.

President Cunningham responded that the Trustees have not been asked to make that choice.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she is asking to make that choice. The Board is looking at a tight budget, will be asked to convert to charging tuition based on contact hours and this will increase tuition; therefore, passing along the costs to students. The decisions that the Board has to make deal with whether if there is funding for a 3rd floor of the health careers building. She asked if this program has been through program review and what was the return on investment. In reading the Career Focus the employee opportunities for this program are in the $8-10 per hour range.

President Cunningham responded that every program is on a continuous cycle of program review. She said this program is a part of the facilities master plan and that is why the College feels this program is what the community needs and should expand.

Trustee Pelleran said when she reviewed the facilities master plan the greenhouse was not included.

President Cunningham responded that it was not broken down that specific, but the program was part of the facilities master plan.

Trustee Pelleran requested that before voting on the bid she would like a copy of the section of the facilities master plan that describes the Agri-Science program.

Action Items

Approval of Minutes - December 8, 2003 Regular Meeting

President Cunningham presented the December 8, 2003 meeting minutes for the Board's approval.

Trustee Pelleran referred to page 13, paragraph 3 and asked that her comments be clarified. It was not the information she would consider hostile rather she would consider turning over the information a hostile act by the administration.

Lansing Township DDA

President Cunningham stated that there was no action required by the Board today and it would be tabled.

Bank Resolutions

President Cunningham presented the bank resolutions for the Board's approval. She reminded the Board that last month Mr. Cerny was forwarded as the electronic funds transfer officer. Now that Ms. Larson has arrived Mr. Cerny will come off the accounts and she will become one of the electronic funds transfer officers.

Finance - Approval of Bids

President Cunningham presented the following bids for the Board's approval:

  1. Floor coverings for the MTEC and TTC in the amount of $786,514.78. This bid was awarded to Work Squared of Novi, Michigan.

  2. Structural steel for the HHPSC building in the amount of $2,306,855. This bid was awarded to Douglas Steel of Lansing, Michigan.

  3. Foundation for the HHPSC building in the amount of $951,500. This bid was awarded to Kares Construction of Charlotte, Michigan.

  4. Elevators for the HHPSC building in the amount of $175,034. This bid was awarded to Schindler Elevator of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  5. Greenhouse for the MTEC and TTC in the amount of $408,000. This bid was awarded to Lansing Glass of Lansing, Michigan.

The following sole source proposals were presented for the Board's approval:

  1. AMX upgrade in the amount of $211,870. The vendor selected for this sole source was Thalner Electronic Laboratories.

  2. Oracle technical support renewal in the amount of $475,043.40.

President Cunningham announced that the furniture bid had been tabled for a future meeting.

There was a brief discussion regarding the bids and the sole source proposals.

Trustee Pelleran asked how much it would cost to add a third floor to the health careers building.

Dean Roberta Peterson responded that it would cost approximately $4 million.

Trustee Pelleran asked if the College has generated the revenue to cover the costs of adding a third floor.

President Cunningham responded that the Foundation has engaged in a capital campaign which is designed to raise money for the health careers facility and other issues. The third floor has never been a part of any plan, so the College has to find other revenue streams to fund the addition.

Trustee Pelleran asked that the greenhouse bid be voted on separately from the President's report.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Pelleran to approve the action items of the President's report with exception of the greenhouse bid.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor
Nays: None
Absent: Brannan, Rasmusson

Motion carried.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Pelleran to approve the greenhouse bid.

Trustee Pelleran stated that the greenhouse is not part of the facilities master plan and felt that this structure can be postponed. She said there will be vacated space in GVT that the program could use. Considering that the College is dealing with an austere budget, Trustee Pelleran felt that the Nursing program has a greater need. Therefore, she recommended postponing the greenhouse bid, use the current available space to meet the Agri-Science Program needs, and focus on the health training facility. She would not be supporting the greenhouse bid.

Trustee Canady recognized the importance of developing the healthcare facility; however, he felt that it is not appropriate to cannibalize a growing program that has a great deal of need. He noted that a third floor for the health careers building was not included in the facilities master plan. Trustee Canady would be supporting the greenhouse bid.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Laverty, Murray, Proctor
Nays: Pelleran
Absent: Brannan, Rasmusson

Motion carried.


IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Murray that the Board go into closed session for the purpose of discussing pending litigation.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor
Nays: None
Absent: Brannan, Rasmusson

Motion carried.

The Board entered into closed session at 9:02 p.m.

Trustee Canady left during the closed session at 9:17 p.m.

The telephone connection with Trustee Proctor was lost at approximately 10:27 p.m. This left the Board without a quorum; therefore, they adjourned at that time.

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