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Adopted Meeting Minutes
December 17, 2002
Special Board Meeting

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson (present telephonically), Pelleran, Rasmusson
Absent: Canady

Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

Norma Mendez (read letter from Ms. Jackie Clair, Past President, NAPM, Central Michigan) - Dear Board Members and meeting attendees. I am unable to attend your meeting on December 17, 2002, but would like this letter read on behalf of Rebecca. Although I have known her for only a relatively short time, four years, I feel I can vouch for her professionalism and character. I met her through the Central Michigan affiliate of the National Association of Purchasing Management. She joined our Board several years ago and whole-heartedly accepted the responsibilities and duties of each position she held. One year, she agreed to present a session on Contracts for our annual Michigan Purchasing Conference, now in it's 26th year. Her presentation evaluations proved she was well received. While serving a two year term as 2nd Vice President, Membership Chair, she went out of her way to recruit new members, both regular and students. She tries to share her enthusiasm for her profession with all she comes in contact with, especially young adults. When she became 1st Vice President, in charge of our monthly dinner meetings, she had site and speaker?s arrangements made for the complete year by our fall Board meeting. This allowed attendees to receive points toward their certification, something we had not had for quite a few years. Professional development is very important to her, which was evident in her choice of topics, as well as in her own personal life. Due to her overloaded schedule of juggling family, work and pursuing her PhD, she felt she could no longer afford the time to continue serving on our Board. It is so difficult to find volunteers for these positions, especially one who is so enthusiastic and dependable. It was definitely a great loss for us. I hope this has helped in presenting Rebecca as a person of high standards both personally and professionally. She is a highly motivated and respected individual who will continue to add great accomplishments to her list of achievements throughout her career. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Jackie Clair, C.P.M, Past President, NAPM - Central Michigan.

Norma Mendez (read letter on behalf of Mr. James B. Franklin III, Regional Director, Mid-Michigan and Western Michigan Operations of the Michigan Minority Business Development Council) - Dear Lansing Community College Board of Trustees. My name is James B. Franklin III; I am the Mid-Michigan and Western Michigan Operations Regional Director of the Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC). MMBDC is the regional purchasing council of the National Minority Supplier Development Council. We serve as a business/corporate service organization, which advocates for corporate supplier diversity purchasing programs; and Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) procurement networking between our corporate members and certified MBEs. And we are very proud to have Lansing Community College as one of our non-profit corporate members. On behalf of MMBDC, this letter is in support and recognition of Rebecca (Beckie) Beard for outstanding services render to MMBDC, its regional operations and the MMBDC Lansing/Jackson Executive Roundtable Advisory Committee. For the past two years Mrs. Beard has been an active part of the MMBDC Mid-Michigan Operations and purchasing leadership in the Lansing community. She was very instrumental in the establishment of local procurement networking opportunities, the MMBDC Lansing/Jackson Executive Roundtable Advisory Committee, and the MMBDC Christman/Wohert Project One Business Module in the Lansing area. In addition, through her efforts LCC Purchasing has been nominated for Corporation of the Year-Educational Sector, two out of the last four years. Therefore, as regional director, I issue this letter of support and thanks to Mrs. Beard for her outstanding service to the Michigan Minority Business Development Council. In addition, I ask that this letter be entered into the official records of this LCC Board of Trustees minutes. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at 810.235.4542. Sincerely, James B. Franklin III.

Linda Birchmeier - For the past six months I have attended the Board meetings, read the Board minutes and have worked with the individuals that have been the subjects of the investigation. I can't begin to describe what this has done to the reputations of those involved and how it has personally affected me. What actually happened, how it appears and how it has affected the people at LCC is the issue. My comments tonight are not to criticize the Board's right to ask questions or request information. It is the process and the particular behaviors that concern me. I recognize that all Board members do not endorse this investigation. As the director of the Organizational Development Department the environment that we have been operating in the last few months is totally disheartening. How these individuals Lee, Glenn, and Beckie, can be attacked and accused of wrong doing without facts is absolutely unbelievable. Even more troubling is the fact that a Board member personally threatened one of those under investigation, and the Board stood by and did not even criticize this behavior. In the minutes of August 26th LCC Board meeting, I quote: Trustee Patterson said, he said something to the effect that he would bring him, Glenn Cerny, in or cut him to bits or something like that. Trustee Haywood asked if Trustee Patterson said he would tear him apart, Trustee Patterson said, that he had probably said it. Yes, end of quote. This threat, in conjunction with hand picked investigators, creates the appearance of a witch-hunt. I have had to sit back and witness the past few months, and as you can see emotion has defiantly been a factor for me. To see what these top notch, first class individuals and their families have been put through. I do not understand why these individuals were not given a chance to answer the allegations that were put before them, before the investigation was launched. In the future does this mean that every rumor or charge against anyone does it become investigated? Will tens of thousands of dollars be spent every year that there is a rumor? Every time that there is a rumor? If not, then why were these individuals singled out? These individuals are three quality, well respected, professionals that have gone and do go above and beyond the call of duty each and every day at Lansing Community College and I work with all three of these on a regular basis. Why all individuals are replaceable, these folks are not. Their dedication, their work ethic, their quality and quantity of work, is first rate. To still be here at LCC today after what they have been through, personally and professionally the past few months, should easily tell you the kind of individuals that they are, and it speaks to their dedication. We are doing great things at Lansing Community College and the work that Lee, Glenn, and Beckie have been part of is the future of LCC and its students. I am excited and honored to be part of them, and even more so the opportunities that I have to work with these individuals on a daily basis. You can see here tonight that they have a team behind them. A team that totally supports them, and believes in their leadership. They have a true passion for their work, for LCC and for LCC students. I would like to see the efforts of everyone be put towards the goals and mission of Lansing Community College, instead into the unsubstantiated allegations which consume college resources, and unfairly tarnish good people with headlines that can never really be undone, which is what has happened the past few months. Thank you.

Lynn Savage - Good afternoon, my name is Lynn Savage, and I am President of the LCC Administrative Association, which is local number 4751 of the Michigan Federation and Teachers and School Related Personnel. I am here today to speak again on behalf of Miss Beckie Beard, the purchasing director of LCC. It is now December 17, 2002 and Miss Beard has undergone months of interviews with various investigators. She still has not received any indication of a retraction from Mr. Rasmusson's original letter, which made public 8 allegations of possible policy and or procedural problems within the College's purchasing department. Miss Beard has also endured months of having to explain to vendors and campus colleagues information regarding numerous articles which have appeared in the Lansing State Journal since last summer regarding Hewlett Packard hardware, not software, purchase in May. Despite letters from Miss Beard?s attorney, Mr. Gregory McClelland in June, Ms. Liz Duhn, field representative of the MFT and SRP in July, and my own verbal request to the Board in August for the following to occur, that is number one: a written apology be issued to Miss Beard from Trustee Rasmusson. Number two: reimbursement of Miss Beard's attorney's fees by the Board. And number three, some acknowledgement that Mr. Rasmusson has been made aware of Board policy 1.7.4 B and C regarding how communication will take place in such issues. Essentially nothing has happened to address Miss Beard's complaint. I made it clear in my remarks in August that LCCAA was in support of the President's efforts to perform an internal investigation into the eight original allegations so that this whole matter could be put to rest as soon as possible and with minimal public harm. However, the events that have unfolded made way for hiring the additional investigators by the Board have cost the College many additional hours of investigative time and money. Still Miss Beard is not yet made whole. We believe the documents that will be presented tonight will completely exonerate Miss Beard of any wrong doing, we further believe that the requests for policy or apology should be issued by Mr. Rasmusson within seven working days of today's date, that Miss Beard?s attorneys fees be paid by the Board, and that Mr. Rasmusson acknowledge that he is aware of the Boards own policy regarding communication. Thank you for your attention.

Ray Wawro - I'm Ray Wawro. I am the director of technology here at the College, and I was interviewed as part of the investigation. One of the questions that Mr. McIntyre asked me is what is your reaction to the allegation that people at LCC received kickbacks from Oracle. The people he was talking about was Glenn, Lee, or Beckie. I sat and thought about it for a few minutes, trying to come up with a word that was printable. I finally came up with ludicrous. And really that's the one impression that I have of it is that the whole process has just been ludicrous or that the charges, not really the process, but that the charges were just totally ludicrous. Thank you.

Nancy Lombardi - I am here to speak not so much for my individual colleagues, many people here have done a much better job at that than I could, but I am here to speak as an employee of Lansing Community College. First, and second, as a citizen and taxpayer. As an employee of Lansing Community College, I am deeply concerned by the precedent established by the reviews on the agenda today. It is disheartening to see formal reviews triggered by unsubstantiated accusations, hearsay and innuendo. What is the message this sends to us? The message it sends is that the level of suspicion at Lansing Community College is so high that an unsubstantiated accusation can lead to investigation of an employee?s every decision and action. How can we work toward the future when we have to keep looking over our shoulders? How can we recruit and retain quality administrators, faculty and staff under such conditions? As an employee, citizen and taxpayer, I am deeply disappointed that LCC's financial resources as well as employee time and energy have been diverted from its stated goals--quality of education and community impact. It's disheartening to see time, energy and money spent on investigations and suspicion rather than on the strategic plan and student success. It's good to know the Board is concerned. What we need is a Board that helps us focus on the strategic plan and sends a message to our community that Board inquiries of Lansing Community College are working together for a better future, I urge you to accept these reports and end this matter now. Thank you.

Marlon Fairweather, President and owner of National Career Group - I just want to say that it saddens me first of all to know that I had to go through some (inaudible) to see what's going on right now. As a small minority business owner, I've had the pleasure of working with Beckie for the past year and a half now. It so happens that we won a contract with LCC and I am very proud of that. Being new to the area and not really understanding everything, Beckie took the time out to work with us to make sure that we dotted our I?s and crossed our T's from an accounting standpoint. That worked out very well because when you're new to the game, there are a lot of mistakes that you make and you know how that goes. Once you make a mistake you won?t get a second chance. For her to be even under investigation really saddens me because she works so hard to do a very good job. Not only do I know her from doing business with LCC, but she sits on several Boards with me to make sure that minorities do get a fair share for events and things that goes on in the community. I have a lot of respect for her. I don't know her as well as I?d like to because time has been short, but what I've seen of her I am very honored to have worked with her and that I have learned a lot from her. For a community of this size, and depth and we're growing, there are a lot of issues that come up but the issue of how much she cares for this community college and her work ethics and for her to be even put in a situation like this really, really saddens me. There are a lot of other things going on within the community. Fine, upstanding citizen that she is, especially one who take her work home with her. I just don't understand it. I understand we all have to do certain things to make sure that everything is in order, but not with Beckie. She loves her job; she shows it by putting in the time, effort and commitment that is necessary. I don't know if I was reviewing the same thing, but I do know I am happy to know her, and I think she will continue to do a good job for the community. Thank you.

Anthony Juliano - I'm Anthony Juliano. I am the interim executive director of the Business and Community institute of Lansing Community College. This has been a very interesting process for me to watch. I have been in the consulting business long before I was here; I have dealt with a lot of businesses, a lot of purchasing agents, a lot of people from information services and computer science departments and other consultants like Mr. Whipple. I think when I look at this whole thing, and you listen to what quality people tell you, its like an airplane spin that's gotten out of control, the emotional level gets higher, substantive level gets lower, it's harder and harder to sort the facts out with everybody's feelings and it's really necessary at this point to kind of go back and do that. You really need to look at?I know when I had consulting engagements and organizations where I had to deal with issues similar to this one, I always wanted to look at what was wrong not who was wrong. You look at the systems at what people manage, are their systems any good? Are they working and producing results? Do they have ethics building into their code? Are they managing things effectively? So using that criteria, going and taking a look at the relationships I've had with Glenn, Lee and Beckie. I got involved in a professional relationship with Glenn probably first hand when I was asked to take a look at the BCI and what was going to happen. We were going to take a 29% budget cut. We were going to take eleven or twelve people out of that organization. It was Glenn Cerny who sat up at the table and spoke up to make sure that the rights of every one of those people and the caring for every one of those people that were going to be moved out of that BCI were properly taken care of and were fairly dealt with. And there was no automotive voices at the table at that time that were asking for that, and Glenn spoke and said wait a minute, what we have to do here is be fair, has to be right, has to take care of everyone that is involved. Both the people who stay behind, and the people that have to go elsewhere. It was Glenn who took the lead and helped me work with Dave Davidson to find a position for every one of those people in the organization, and that at least gave them six months to find another job or find another permanent job at LCC. Another interesting thing happened at that meeting. I became?Lee and I had gone with Paula and a number of people down to Saturn Corporation. And we began to a little talk a little bit about how business operations should be running at LCC. And it was the strategy that Lee Whipple and I began to develop at that table, that day, that evolved in many working relationships within my staff the work that Lee continues to do because of connection with ISO 9000, and the career project that he is working on with Glenn, and with us, work that he and Judy Koos do together in the continuing strategy that BCI was brought to cost recovery. He has been a strategic partner in my BCI, he worked with my staff and became a well liked and accepted member of our group, he has spent days when he was on the first work assignment with us, that Paula gave him, working on to determine what our metrics are, how we should measure our success, how we should plan our strategic working with my management rep, Linda Nichols, working closely with Judy Koos, and has become a member of our group that has been highly respected inside our division. Again, look at the people and the functions they run. Then there's Beckie Beard. Beckie Beard, an interesting person, involved with her on three different occasions, helping to find appropriate consultation, for both my ISO 9000, involved in a search committee with Glenn?s ISO 9000 project, which is currently undergoing, and meshing those two together and also many times involved in trying to get an effective consulting services program going in the BCI for our employer customer base. On every one of those occasions, I have been subjected to procedures which I consider to be both vigorous, professional and highly ethical in terms of making sure that is very fair and equitable system of selection whose employed and hired. Never been able to any way suggest to Beckie that something could be done other than that way. I've put my feet to the fire many times saying Tony' slow down and do it right, and you're going to get a better result. Those are the kinds of things that are important to consider whenever you're looking at whatever you're looking at in terms of people. What do they do? I've worked with information systems and services departments like Glenn?s in probably?I've worked with (inaudible) for seven years in the Executive Office with Bill Milligan. Our system never approached the availability of our computer science and system here at LCC. Our computers are down so little that when they go down, everybody thinks that they're having a huge emotional trauma. That represents a huge commitment on the part of a great staff, well lead to be able to do that. We have an exemplary system here nobody knows that because they got used to it. Try working somewhere else for a while and you'll see. That some of those places are not very far away from here. Good people running good systems and they do a good job managing, and very ethical and I want to speak up for them and say that they deserve every word of confidence speaking here tonight. Thank you very much.

Suellen Hozman - I'm not going to talk long. My name is Suellen Hozman. I'm employed in the purchasing department at the Board of Water and Light. And I'm here tonight for several reasons. First I'm here to support Beckie. Beckie is a Beacon of professionalism in our community. Beckie goes over the edge in terms of her performance. It would be enough to say that Beckie is outstanding at what she does. But that Beckie does more. Beckie as you heard, has been a champion in leadership in supplier diversity, not only at Lansing Community College, but also for the community. Beckie is a part of a local professional group makes herself available at any time that anybody needs any counsel, or any advice. Beckie participates on a national level on a state level and on a local level in professional groups and in personal training to improve her own skills. I worship Beckie. Did I make that clear? Beckie is a beacon for us in the community. It needs to be very clear to you that you have an outstanding person, in my opinion you are fortunate and need to behave in that way, to have Beckie. Secondly, I am here because I have been a purchasing professional since 1985. It's been well said, so far, the excellence of Beckie Beard. Listen, you just set up a red flag in our professional community. Because if this can happen to Beckie Beard, we are all at risk. This needs to be made professionally public. I am here to understand what is the circumstance that generated this process. What are the details of this process? Who were the people who were selected to investigate these allegations? What is the nature of this report and the content of this report? What is in this report? What is not in this report? What will be the result of this report? What are the consequences of this report? What are the consequences to Beckie? What are the consequences to her staff? What are the consequences to the department? And what are the consequences to this college and what are the consequences to this community? Lastly, I am here to bear witness and to say to you, you have a world-class employee, and I implore you to behave in a world class way.

Janeil K. Valentine - My name is Janeil Valentine and I am an account specialist for Ingham County. I first met Beckie Beard when I got involved with Lansing public purchasing group. And Beckie was one of the founders of that group and she continues to provide leadership and support and on many bases I can call Beckie or send her an email her and ask her things, and she will respond and has responded and helped me greatly. Earlier this year, I was at the Michigan Public Purchasing Facilitation Officers Association and Beckie was one of the speakers at one of the workshops I was in. It was attended very well and everyone found that the information that she gave was very useful and she was very knowledgeable in that in our profession. I have worked in the purchasing profession for many years, and have found Beckie Beard to be one of the outstanding purchasing professionals and I don't say that lightly, because there are good ones, and there are outstanding ones, and there are many other words for those who ones other than good. But Beckie takes all the extra steps, to make sure that the College has a diverse vendor pool, which is not an easy job. She continually strives to make things better not only for her staff but the employees of the department of the College and for the business community, and for the colleagues of her profession. I would just like to say to you that she is a very outstanding professional, I feel very honored to work with her, and I would like to thank you for your time.

Bruce Caradine - Good evening, I'm Bruce Caradine. I'm co-director of Lansing Community College's Physical Plant Department. I'm here to speak on behalf of Beckie Beard and I usually don't come to Board meetings because the old school you were only invited to the Board meetings. But I know that this young lady is being put forth before the public in this fashion, I feel that as a personal friend and as a professional colleague of hers, I should step up to the plate. Because Beckie is definitely, as others have stated, she is impeccable, she stands for her right, and she stands for what is best for the community college. If this can happen to her, then everybody else better look out. Because Beckie has definitely torn down some bridges and walls for our department. Our department has been accused for many years where we have our favorites and we don't allow anybody to have the chance to do it. Since she?s been here, there are three major contracts that have been let to newcomers. She gives them that opportunity and she does it fairly. For our housekeeping gig, she took that personally because that was one of the major contracts for this college, and she wanted to get the best product for our money. Yes, we spent more money than we had in the past, but I think we got the best product that we got for our money. I appreciate when she?s taken the time with the physical plant department, and I appreciate the time that she's spent with the rest of this campus. She takes each bid that she handles personally, and she sends that down to her staff. She wants everyone to be ethical, she wants everyone to be fair, and she wants the best for this college. I hope that this investigation will show that she is above Board and she is one of the best employees here at Lansing Community College. Yes, you may find something wrong in your investigation, because that's what they were hired to do, to find something, but I bet it would be so minute that I would be glad to find something as small as what they're going to find in my lifetime. I've done worse things (inaudible) So Beckie, good job, and continue to do the good job that you're doing. Thank you so much.

Barbara Larson - Good evening I'm Barbara Larson. I've been employed with Lansing Community College since 1996, and in that time I have had the good fortune to work with many bright and talented people. I'm proud to say that two of those people are here because I hired them. Glenn Cerny in 1997, and Beckie Beard in 1998. Both of these individuals came with tremendous expertise in their fields, they brought valuable perspective gained through experience in other organizations and have the energy to initiate and accomplish change. On top of that they are both extremely hard working and give much more to Lansing Community College that would fairly be expected of them. The last eight months would test any one?s resolve. Despite public scrutiny of their personal integrity and professionalism, Ms. Beard and Mr. Cerny have continued to hold themselves to the highest standard of professional conduct. At the same time Mr. Cerny has lead staff in implementing a truly electronic campus, bringing student services and instruction as well as employee training to easily accessible web-based delivery modes. Miss Beard has lead her entire staff in achieving ISO 9001 compliance, a worldwide recognized standard of excellence, and a milestone that we have not been able to find duplicated in another public purchasing department anywhere. Through this Board and President Cunningham's leadership, Lansing Community College has made significant progress in achieving improved access, educational quality and financial stability. But this forward movement does not occur without the work of many people aligned towards these same goals. Beckie and Glenn are two shining examples of what it takes to lead change. I'm concerned that this type of scrutiny may mean that we will not be able to attract and retain individuals of their caliber in the future. I am hopeful that the presentation of these reports today will help the College to re-focus its attention on the students and clients at LCC and its outstanding programs. Thank you very much.

Ray Turner - My name is Ray Turner, I'm the Director of Planning here at Lansing Community College. I'm not going to address the high levels of integrity of the people who are under investigation that has been addressed in great detail by many people. I'm going to say simply in that regard, I've been here for 23 years, longer than any of you have been on the Board. I have met only a few people who could rank with these three people in integrity and dedication to Lansing Community College. I'd like to address the Board. The Board initiated investigation of college employees is a clear usurpation of the President's authority at Lansing Community College. It's reprehensible; it undermines the positive stabilizing influence that our President and our recent progress have brought to the College. It's beyond my understanding why you would risk throwing away the College's recently rescued reputation in this way. If the Board feels that its role includes launching investigations of college employees, this creates a climate of fear, as it's already been pointed out, it genuinely sidetracks the College's progress and our work to help our students succeed. Finally, some of you may feel that it is your public duty to launch investigations of this nature. You are wrong, you are wrong. You've wasted tens of thousands of dollars of public and student money to bind people of integrity, to undermine our President, and finally to establish the terrifying precedent that all employees are fair game for a Board witch-hunt based on sophomoric political ambition, personally contrived suspicions, and imaginary transgressions. For the sake of the College, you say you care for, don't ever do this again. Don?t ever do this again.

Carrier Schafer - I'm Carrie Schafer, and I've worked for the College for three years. I am the administrative assistant to the CIO, Glenn Cerny. I personally have had to deal with this investigation for the last six months on a daily basis. My time has been consumed by these false accusations. Weekly new information and documentation was being requested, yet all that was on it was bits and pieces of information versus facts. The environment for myself and others has been very stressful. Now every time a new decision is made, it makes me think, are we going to have to go through another unwarranted investigation process. I work with all three of these individuals that have been affected by this investigation. All three of them have had a solid work ethic, and every decision they make is for the betterment of the College. I witness Glenn's strong work ethic each and every day. He is here early and stays late. He gives 100 percent to his students and employees. Lee and Beckie are no exception to this. I am looking forward to an end to this investigation that has attacked these quality employees. I want to get back to doing what we are here to do; serving the students of Lansing Community College. It makes me mad that all this time, energy and money were spent on these false accusations instead of being spent on our students. Thank you.

Martin Pennoni - My name is Martin Pennoni, I am with the Media Services department. I didn?t prepare any remarks here today I just thought I'd add my two cents here to the issue. I want to talk about something from maybe a different standpoint that's customer service. One thing I learned in the private sector very early is that there are two kinds of customers, one of them is your external customer and another is your internal customer. Sometimes we forget that?that there are places within LCC that my customer or I am their customer. When I came here three years ago, I struggled with what was then ITR and a component of it, and with all due respect to all you folks who work here in ITR, it was very difficult for me to get computers fixed, monitors fixed, upgrades done. I finally had to compile a list and send it to my boss that was two pages long of issues that were unresolved some of them six to eight months long, three and four requests, and it was kind of frustrating as a customer and I didn?t feel that I or my department or my employees were being treated very well as a customer. Within thirty days of when Glenn Cerny took over, what is now ISCD, every single problem, two pages worth, were resolved. I went back and looked to see my log last year and I don't have one issue and I haven?t had one for one year that was unresolved and that's just excellent customer service. And I've commended Glenn for that on many occasions. Another issue that I was frustrated with was our internet access. That impacted my time, my staff?s time, students? time, especially students? time, when I have to sit for 20 minutes and do a download, when I have to go home to use my cable modem to do work here on campus. I measured our site, our various Internet sites that you can go to see how fast you are accessing the internet. A fifty five K modem can access about fifty KBPS; we were accessing here on campus about eighty or ninety. Not much faster than dialup, I mean it was a joke. Within 90 days of when Glenn got here we were moving at light speed, we're at 3MBPS, that's thirty times faster than where we were. Stuff that took 20 minutes that I?d have to go and eat lunch and come back and you know, to look at PDF file, was done in 15 seconds. We have gone from the dark ages to the real world right now in terms of access. I just applaud Glenn and the job he has done there. Now, Beckie Beard. Let?s talk about Beckie. Beckie and professional I think are similes. I don't think Beckie even uses contractions when she speaks. When I came here I was used to a paradigm where I could go buy anything at anytime from any person anywhere and it didn?t matter. I would come to Beckie and say, ?well, why can't you just do this?? and she would say, ?because that's illegal.? Or ?because that's a violation of college policy? or ?because that's a violation of our internal practices.? And each and every time Beckie spent up to 15 minutes or half an hour in a meeting explaining to me what the background and history was. And I've learned so much about that and I don't think in the last few I've asked her to do anything illegal or in violation of any policy. And I asked these questions out of (inaudible). But I cannot imagine any more professional person on campus or anywhere that I've met in my, gosh what's it been, 30 some years experience in the business sector, as Beckie Beard. Thank you very much for your time.

Linda Uhler - I have been an employee here at LCC since June of 1981 and up until March of this year most of my 21? years were served in the Counseling Services department providing direct access to the students. It was in March that I was asked to be on the OASIS Core Team. This is a team that's made up of technical users, content users, and high-level users who have been brought together from across campus to work together for the new software implementation. During my tenure here I've seen some hurtful things happen on this campus to people, but I've never seen such attacks like those directed towards Glenn Cerny, to Lee Whipple or to Beckie Beard. Especially the personal threat that was made to Glenn by Trustee Patterson during the August 26, 2002 special meeting of the Board. It concerns me that a precedence is being set here that if anyone has a gripe all they have to do is take a rumor to the Board and a full blown investigation will take place. It concerns me that thousands of dollars that could have been spent on direct services to students were spent instead on an investigation based on a rumor. What kind of message does this send to the community, to our students, and to our employees? I have only worked in the ISCD division for a short time compared to my other responsibilities on campus, but this is what I've learned in the last 8 months. As the leader of this division, Glenn provides us with a model of high standard and excellent work ethics. He continually challenges us to learn new work habits, to step out into areas that are unfamiliar to us, to go beyond our current frame of reference and to anticipate change. This is all done through his passion, focus, dedication, and drive for the project, for the College, but most of all for the students. Lee too is a challenging leader and has a great skill for being able to see the big picture. When I get stuck working on details and I'm just really focused on those details and I need a broader picture related to what I'm doing, I go to Lee. And no matter how big or small the problem, he?s always been supportive. Not only of me, but also of the division, and to the College. I don't come in contact with Beckie as much as I do with Glenn and Lee. But when I've had interactions with her, I've had the sense that she?s very knowledgeable in her job and who is a person who truly follows the books. I think the ISCD division and the Organizational Development department has risen to the challenges of our world of technology that technology demands of us, and they have accomplished all this in just a little over one year. Instead of receiving the praise they very well have earned, they are faced with this kind of a smear campaign. I would ask all of you to take a look at what has happened here and to take measures that something like this does not happen in the future. Not only is this extremely hurtful to those who have been impacted, but it is hurtful to all of us, to our image within the community, to your image within the community. Thank you.

Thomas Yider - I am not an employee of LCC and I am not a vendor selling to LCC. I'm here because I'm concerned that there are people that think the investigation should not occur. That elected Boards should not be allowed to conduct their appropriate legislative oversight over the bureaucracy. I think while some things may have not been as artfully done as we would like, I think these kinds of things still need to be done because we still need a legislative oversight to provide good stewardship for the tax dollars that some of us have to pay to finance this institution. Having said that I have another concern related to it. And that is the kind of conduct that we've heard about on the part of Trustee Patterson. I note Trustee Patterson is not here today. And I wonder if that is because he?s not really a resident of this district. This has been brought up in the past I'm told. Has an investigation been done of Trustee Patterson?s residency? Does he in fact still live on Tecumseh?(tape ended)

Terence Rust - I'm the Chief Operating Officer of the USA branch of Chamber of Commerce Assessment Services, a British based registrar for international standards of the ISO 9000 for quality management systems and for ISO 14001 for environmental systems. At the request of Beckie Beard, I carried out a compliance audit to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard on the purchasing and materials management department on September 19, 2002. ISO 9001: 2000 is based on eight quality management principles that are considered necessary for an organization to be managed in a systematic and visible manner. These are: customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, system approach to management, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making, mutually beneficial supplier relationships. As the purchasing and material management department is an integral part of the College's administration, I only audited those activities in the standard that were implemented directly by the department. Where activities and controls were the responsibility of other departments, I only confirmed that those applicable controls and services were adequate for the purchasing and materials management department to operate effectively. The purchasing operation is implemented, recorded and controlled via programs incorporated in the College network system. All activities were checked and found to be in place. Linda Nichols of BCI provided certain policy documentation, required to meet the ISO 9000 standard. Minor deficiencies in the documentation were identified and discussed with Linda for planned amendments. I was impressed with the high level of management and efficiency within the department and satisfied that the department is operating in compliance with ISO 9001.

Russ Cromer - I work as a consultant and do several things within the College. Most recently I worked with the BCI and with Beckie to help put in the ISO 9000 system. What I found interesting was that Beckie is probably one of the first within the United States to be ISO certified. And maybe I should get some credit for that, right? Wrong. Beckie?s system was already very well developed and all we had to do was design documentation that accommodated what her current practices are. What that means is, is that she?s been operating under this guise for a very, very long time. It's nothing that somebody came in and did for her. It's nothing that somebody designed for her. Her systems were there long before the documentation and the third part of it was just discussed, was completed. So, as far as Beckie?s accommodations to ISO 9000, she didn?t have to stretch to get there. She was there before we started. And that means that her activities only needed to be documented. So, do you have a world-class employee there? Yes, you do. Think about this way. Take any of you, if you?ve been through any kind of an audit. Would you like to have your past years work reviewed? Would you like to have someone review that work and then report on it? And how well would you do personally? I don't know what the results of the report are. I have no idea, but I can tell you this. If Beckie is not exonerated, nobody is going to be. I don't know Glenn very well. I've met with him just a couple of times, so I can't comment on his professionalism or anything else. With Lee, I have worked on and off to help with the ISCD project just in passing, a little bit of information there, if I can. And there was one other thing I wanted to mention. If you move forward with your ISO projects here at Lansing Community College, I would hope that I would get to pass through the same purchasing process as everybody else. And if there is anybody that you could have investigated and passed, it is going to be a combination of Beckie, Lee, and from what I understand, Glenn. That appears as though that is the capstone comments. Thank you.

Henry Nirenberg - I know nothing about ISO 9000 and I barely know how to turn a computer on. What I'm here for tonight is that I represent Mr. Glenn Cerny; I'm his legal counsel from the law firm Sirkahn at 2000 Towne Center, Southfield, Michigan. And I drove a long way tonight to speak on his behalf. I think what you probably haven?t heard tonight is a little about the person Glenn Cerny. You heard a lot about what happened, you heard a lot about what happens at this college, the technical aspects, nothing really has been said about the specific individual. I want to let the Board know about that tonight as well as several other legal issues and items for clarity and perhaps give a little bit of legal insight. Who is Glenn Cerny? Well, sitting there in the room here tonight, he?s married with three beautiful young children and his wife recently had a baby girl. And in the midst of all of this turmoil and his personal life, that should be the most joyous occasion having a baby just before Christmas. He had to go through eight months of a very difficult situation here at LCC. Prior to working for LCC, Glenn worked for the University of Michigan as the director of finance on major projects of $300 million in scale and joined LCC in 1997 and I think it was a real coo for the College of this size to get a person of Glenn?s experience and knowledge how something is done at the big 10. It may not be your favorite big 10 school, but there is a lot to, and for others it may, but it was a lot. He brought a lot of big time experience, which any small college would be desirous of having and somebody who is from this part of the state as well and is not a transplant that really understands and appreciates the community. When he joined LCC in ?97 as the CIO position, he later became director of finance in 2001. It's my understanding that this Board adopted a strategic plan called the OASIS project which most of you know better than I, but was Mr. Cerny?s job when he received his position in 2001 to implement this digital platform for the students and the staff. And to assist in the creation of the virtual college. Something that has never been done, something that would be a coo for this college and really shine as a bright star in this state to attract the best students and the best staff. It was a monumental task. Glenn?s predecessor wasn't successful in implementing the project for whatever reason and it is a complicated and highly technical task, but Glenn felt and was compelled to follow this mandate and carry out the project. And I think what maybe you lose a little sight of is that project has gone forward and that project is on track and is where it's supposed to be. And hadn?t not been for the diligent work and effort and all the fine people that work for this community college, you would be tied up like the federal government that can't move off square one. You have this project and you're underway now, which is you shouldn?t lose sight of that. But unfortunately for Mr. Cerny this difficult and complicated task of bringing LCC into the 21st century has been met with politicalization of the power struggle, the fight, and then crusades against individuals that are not on the right team. And it think that's where the disconnect has happened. And is a shame that a Board member, by the name of Mr. Patterson would have to go so far as to then target the individual instead of rewarding the individual for bringing the project forward would have to target the individual in the worst way so that his career, his family, everything that he?s built up in the community, and the years at the University of Michigan, could be destroyed on basically innuendo without facts without support. Mr. Cerny, he?s reported this, he?s made it very clear during the investigation, he?s been threatened, he?s been verbally attacked, humiliated, he?s been personally slandered, and for what? For doing his job, getting the OASIS project under way, not looking back, moving on, and having one big bulls eye on his back all this way. I personally would have left, but you have a very valuable and loyal employee that went through it. As you well know, the Board for the record, I sent a letter dated August 23 to the LCC Board of Trustees, which I believe was read into the record on the 26th. In that letter, I warned the Board that Mr. Patterson, a current LCC's Board member made a personal crusade against Mr. Cerny, slandering his reputation, and was going to turn the process into a witch hunt. Now, not withstanding the leadership of Ms. Beard, who I've heard so many wonderful things about tonight. The College President, she did the right thing. Caused a neutral investigation and despite that somehow Mr. Patterson was able to convince the Board to cause another investigation. Mr. Patterson who has already threatened Mr. Glenn Cerny to tear him apart and broke the Board's own bylaws by speaking to LCC vendors in an effort to manufacture evidence in support against Mr. Cerny?s crusade should not have ever been given the time of day to persuade any Board members to cause an independent investigation at least until the initial investigation caused by Ms. Beckie Beard was completed. I think that was a mistake perhaps an innocent mistake by Board members not fully understanding what was going on behind the scenes. Mr. Patterson was successful enough in authorizing this witch-hunt; however, what he was unsuccessful at was derailing the good people that work through this college, which you?ve all heard tonight. The facts that have come out, I'm sure will come out after the reports are given tonight, I feel very, very comfortable in stating that the report will have nothing but fine things to say. Fine things to say about Beckie Beard, Lee Whipple, and Glenn Cerny these are fine hard working, honest employees that put this college first and are beyond reproach. I will also say that I don't think you?ll see one scintilla of evidence to show any wrong doings whatsoever by any of these individuals. Unfortunately for Mr. Cerny, which should be the most joyous occasion in his life, the baby, Christmas coming up, he had to hire a lawyer. He had to hire me. And he had to pay his own wages and salaries at great sacrifice to his family for me to walk him through the process of the investigation. That investigation culminated in four hours of interviews approximately. Mr. Red McIntyre, Ms. Lazar, who by the way are fine people, I respect them and I know they had a very difficult job to do. Layers of layers of innuendos, unsubtantiation that they were forced into this situation. Without any real tight guidelines either. A scope that was enormously scope, which they could have spent six months investigating which is very unusual I would think for a college of this size to undertake that type of investigation. And it didn?t end there; it culminated back with again further questions. Perhaps the responses and the documents prepared by Mr. Cerny and his answers were over a half inch of thick of documents with every answer, everything done in a process, everything that matched, everything that corroborated, everything he had to say, everything that showed compliance with every rule at this college wasn't sufficient. So, the investigation continued with additional questions. Probably submitted by some individual that wanted further digging although there was nothing left to dig. You know when that was over?Mr. Cerny by the way is under no compulsion whatsoever to answer any questions, he doesn?t work for the Board, he works for the College, he reports to the President. But Mr. Cerny, he volunteered. And again he volunteered and went through hours of questions. What?s this like for Mr. Cerny? Well, let me ask the Board, when you're at your own personal job and assuming that you were a computer manager for Oldsmobile here in Lansing. And that you were part of a large process and team that implemented a large piece of software a year ago. And somebody on the Board of Directors at General Motors in Oakland County, decided, you know what, they didn?t like the software that you bought. And they sit around the Board and say, you know what, let?s hire an attorney and a consultant to walk up to your desk and start asking you what you?ve been doing for the last year and explain every transaction and your thought process. Now you almost feel like you're being quizzed in an exam by a professor and going to be graded on your test. that's not real life and that's not reality and no business could function that way. General Motors couldn?t build a car. You couldn?t do it, but that's what you put these people through. That process is wrong. If you had an employee that you thought that there were serious criminal wrongdoing, you would call law enforcement. Step one, your President would be involved. You would get a report maybe then if there is a criminal hearing or civil case of which you wanted to prosecute the person because they took your funds, you would hire a lawyer and start a civil complaint to get reimbursement and you would terminate that person. For god?s sakes you don't hire lawyers who don't know how to turn a computer on, and I respect Red, though because I'm in the same position he is to ask these technical questions. It is bizarre, it doesn?t work like that. And for any reasonable person if you're sitting there saying, ?you know what, it doesn?t smell right, it's probably wrong.? And you know what, it's an expensive lesson to learn. But, Glenn Cerny, he decided you know what, despite all the hours, all the time he was going to lose - the driving, answering the questions, the back and forth?that he wanted to tell his story, he had good intentions, the sacrifices and he really wanted to tell how much he suffered from the personal attacks. Because he is a person that is dedicated to public service, community service, not going in the private sector and this is a part of this life that he enjoys. And as we all know when you're in a private sector and you're in a high tech field you can make a lot more money than sitting at this college. No question about it. And if you have a star that's here, you don't let them go and there is no reason whatsoever to have a crusade against an individual like this and punish them in the worst way. Because don't forget they cannot answer. The individual being targeted has no audience. Doesn?t have the press, doesn?t have the Board, doesn?t have these letters, doesn?t have the power, there just an employee of LCC and they really can't defend themselves and it is up to me to speak on Glenn?s behalf. It saddens me that Mr. Patterson had this personal vendetta and he?s really left a lot of human harm and a lot of human carnage on the way. And I think the only thing to go forward and let the process heal is that Mr. Patterson has to, has to under the law, is to give an apology and a retraction to Mr. Cerny and he should do so in seven days. that's his obligation that is what I think a moral and ethical person would do anyways, and that is what the law requires. I think that the Board should note that the actions and for those of you that have seen the facts and read other transcripts or letters or whatever and have heard the statements made by Mr. Patterson, those are outside the scope of his authority. They are outside the scope of admitting and there's no protection under the law for those. And that's why he should come up to the plate, admit when he?s wrong, and apologize for those people that sacrificed themselves for this college. One last thing in conclusion, I?d like to say that Ms. Beckie Beard?s counsel, Mr. Lee Whipple?s counsel, and co-counsel, Greg McClelland was ill today he couldn?t come here, be here to speak on behalf of his clients. He concurs with everything I've said tonight as it applies to Beckie and Lee Whipple. Thank you very much for your attention.


President's Review

President Cunningham stated today is a day of very mixed emotions. In some ways it is an embarrassment over the history of Lansing Community College. She said that she is proud of the LCC employees who endured months of innuendos and scrutiny. These employees have continued to maintain a professionalism and dignity through a very difficult and challenging time. Everyone that spoke tonight was a result of their commitment and their confidence in their colleagues. President Cunningham stated that in her 20-year tenure at the College she has witnessed all sorts of rumors, accusations, allegations, and other damaging information. It is part of a multi-faceted organization. However, she?s never seen so many dedicated and loyal individuals who work here be the subject of such countless hours of scrutiny and review absent of any evidence to warrant that type of scrutiny. Over the last six months many have asked her how did the College get to this point? We are all professionals and we welcome the feedback. Our strategic planning process was founded on solid review and evaluation. This review, however, is different. Even thought this was an operational review, however, a combination of behaviors and threats has a negative and devastating impact on the daily lives of many of the top-level administrators and others. She said that we welcome the conclusion of these reviews and we welcome suggestions for positive change, and we welcome continuous improvement. However, we do not welcome the path that got us here. In May 2002, according to college policy, she recommended to Chairperson Jeffries approval of a $1.25 million hardware purchase due to the fact that the Board was unable to schedule a Board meeting that month. Mr. Cerny provided her a written documentation as to the consequences of not moving forward with the hardware purchase. Those consequences included and are documented, which are increased cost to the College due to complex implementation schedule and delaying it would cause a domino effect to the entire project and jeopardize its completion, and a negative impact on student learning and access to instructional support technology. President Cunningham, then forwarded the request to Chairperson Jeffries, according to the College policy and bylaws, that due to the fact the Board was unable to meet in the month of May, if he would approve the purchase, which the Board had previously approved the budget for, in order to allow students to navigate LCC technology and save the College more than $150,000 to $500,000. How did we get here? On May 31st many Board members started to question if this purchase was an emergency. There was never any doubt in her mind that the information she received was credible, that the recommendations made to Chairperson Jeffries were also credible. On behalf of LCC students, staff she publicly thanked Chairperson Brian Jeffries for trusting our recommendations and allowing us to do our work and for acting on that recommendation. Due to the fact that there was some members of the Board who, understandably, had questions and didn?t understand the purchase, I asked our legal counsel, Miller Canfield, to please review this purchase decision and to make a determination as to whether or not our policies were followed. Mr. Cliff Flood, from Miller Canfield, reviewed the purchase and bylaws. Although, what she is sharing with the audience now was not supposed to be part of the purchasing review because a determination had already been made concerning this, it still seems to surface as recently this morning in the Lansing State Journal. She asked Mr. Cliff Flood to share what he learned regarding the purchasing review.

Mr. Flood stated that the question was whether the documentation provided to the President and her recommendation to the Board Chairperson was consistent with the policies. The purchasing policy allows the Chairperson of the Board to act without the full Board in an emergency or in the months of July and August. If the Chairperson?s conduct had occurred in July or August we wouldn?t be here right now. Their conclusion was that the information provided was credible information and that the Board chair acted reasonably.

President Cunningham continued with her report. While we believe this issue was finally put to rest some months ago based on comments from some Board members who also agreed that the bylaws were followed, it seemed that the media continues to inaccurately report that the purchase as the catalyst for this purchasing review. That is not correct. It also appears that there are others who want to continue to find fault or inappropriate conduct where none exists. Therefore, she asked Mr. Fred Todd, from 21st Century Public Consultants, to contact the world renowned information technology specialist, e-business software technology initiative learning company, Gardner Company, to asked them to review the purchase, which will be discussed further in Mr. Todd?s report. Prior to any review taking place, the College continues to operate under a continuous improvement model. More than a year ago, Ms. Beckie Beard approached the administration requesting an ISO 9000 compliance audit. She wanted the purchasing department to become ISO 9001 compliant. Many do not know what that means, so she asked Mr. Rust to again explain what ISO 9001 compliance means and how often he sees that in an educational environment.

Mr. Rust stated that ISO 9000 is an international standard for management systems. It was devised after the war when many countries traded with each other and they wanted common standards. Britain started it off and set up a British standard, which was British Standard 5750. In 1987 the international standards organization accepted it as being appropriate for the rest of the world and it became the international standard, ISO 9000. Through experience and changes in the world it has been amended in 1987, 1990, 1994, and 2000. It is now a full a fully pledged quality management system. For a good management system, for a good organization to run effectively there needs to be a customer focus. The College's customer focus is the students and the services. Leadership from the President down, to the Boards, to the department heads. Involvement of people, giving people the responsibility, the job, and the authority to complete the job. A process approach. All the departments working together for one common goal to provide services to students. A systems approach to management. No empire building with everyone doing what they should be doing for the common good of the College. Continual improvement. If you don't improve, you don't stand still, you're actually going backwards. You have to continually strive to improve. A factual approach to decision making. Not rumors, not hearsay, have the facts, do the data, and then make a decision. A mutually beneficial supply relationship and that is for internal and external. Departments provide services to each other and you have an internal supplier relationship. It's a team-based approach. There is supplier selection process. There are approved suppliers because these are the people we like working with. These are the people that provide us with what we want. New people coming in they go through a supplier selection process. They have to meet those specifications and if they can't, then the College cannot buy it. It goes down to doing things right the first time. A good quality management system has everybody working towards the same goal.

President Cunningham thanked Mr. Rust and continued with her report. She stated that an outside auditor annually audits Lansing Community College. The College hires Maner, Costerisan and Ellis. As a point of comparison and a point of learning, she asked Mr. Bruce Dunn to share his observations of the College's purchasing and information systems.

Mr. Dunn stated that he was fortunate to meet with the Board in November and their report stands. He said that he did not read the purchasing review reports, but Maner, Costerisan, and Ellis have tested the purchasing system for a number of years. Under their professional standards, they are required to report what they consider are material reportable conditions. When they performed the most recent audit, there were no such items. They reviewed the information technology area and their technology partners reviewed those issues. Again, Mr. Dunn reiterated to the Board what he said in November, Mr. Cerny has a lot of processes and implementations to get through, the College needs to get back on track and everybody needs to pull together. It is not Mr. Cerny?s project, it is not the President's, the Board's, and it's not anyone else?s. The project belongs to everyone in the room and all the other thousands that work at LCC. He said that their report stands.

President Cunningham thanked Mr. Dunn and continued with her report. She stated that Trustee Rasmusson had a conversation with the auditor general back in August and he wrote a memo to her. She quoted from the memo ?very much to Barbara Larson?s credit the auditory general says good things about her. I asked Joe Harrison if there was any model on such policies so we would not reinvent the wheel. He said there really wasn't, but when the auditor general wants to look at the correct way to do things for a community college, we look at LCC.? She said that she appreciated the positive feedback and communication from Trustee Rasmusson.

President Cunningham stated that several other Trustees raised questions regarding the College needing to review its intellectual property policies and its policies on copyrights. However, in that process, she asked the leading expert in this field to review the language in the College's existing policies and make any suggested changes. The Policy Committee of the Board will be reviewing those suggested changes shortly. However, during the course of Ms. Margory Basile?s work, partner and a leader of the intellectual property practice group at Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone. She is an accomplished speaker and author of the subject of intellectual property rights. President Cunningham said that Ms. Basile could not be here tonight due to another commitment. Ms. Basile reviewed the College's third party contract language. President Cunningham quoted from a letter from Ms. Basile, ?Beckie Beard did a great job at protecting the College's interest.? Ms. Basile has suggested no major changes to the way the College handled vendor contracts regarding intellectual property. So, how did we get to this place? President Cunningham said that in spite of what she has shared unsubstantiated rumors and allegations continue to surface toward the purchasing department and information services division. An employee of the College contacted the FBI with more unsubstantiated rumors and allegations. The FBI was obligated to follow up on the complaint. She asked Mr. Bill Danhof to share the latest communication received from the FBI and former U.S. attorney, Saul Green who also works at Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone.

Mr. Danhof stated that Mr. Green has been involved with dealing with the Federal Bureau of Investigation with respect to these allegations. There is a letter from the FBI, received December 4 addressed to the President related to these allegations. Mr. Danhof read the letter (it is on file with the official Board materials.) In addition, Mr. Green wrote a letter to President regarding this issue. Mr. Danhof read the letter (it is on file with the official Board materials.)

President Cunningham thanked Mr. Danhof. She continued with her report. President Cunningham stated that the original charges were surfaced by a letter from Trustee Rasmusson after a conversation with Trustee Patterson and other vendors. Trustee Rasmusson has publicly stated that he had learned that five of the allegations were not true. She thanked Trustee Rasmusson for his willingness early on this process to try to find other ways to resolve these issues rather than having to go through this particular process. President Cunningham presented the original charges (they are on file with the official Board materials). We could not seem to put a lid on these rumors; therefore, what Liz Duhn, Lynn Savage, Ms. Beard?s legal counsel, and others, requested to please do a review. There continues to be comments, concerns by Trustees and others, so we continue to do our due diligence with a review of Purchasing, of the Information Services College Development division, and the allegations and charges that have surfaced. President Cunningham stated that it is not one issue that got us here, but it is a cumulative effect that has warranted the President's Office moving forward to present to the Board a report of the findings. She introduced Mr. Fred Todd, from 21st Century Public Consultants and Ms. Patricia Duperron, from BDO Seidman who were commissioned to complete a thorough review of the unsubstantiated charges and allegations that continue to surface.

Mr. Todd presented his report, findings and recommended changes to the Board (the report is on file with the official Board materials.)

There was discussion regarding naming the Trustees that violated Board bylaws and whether to keep there names out of the discussion. It was resolved to name the Trustees that violated the bylaws due to the personal effect the review has made on staff at the College.

Mr. Todd stated that Trustees Rasmusson, Canady, and Patterson violated the bylaws by their involvement in attempting to clarify this issue with vendors. He continued with his report.

Trustee Pelleran stated that this review was never meant to be personal. She reiterated that this was not an investigation it was a review.

Trustee Patterson stated that he reported his involvement with Mr. Paul Covert within 10 minutes of his meeting with him to the President's Office. He said that he also reported any additional rumors to the President's Office and to Chairperson Jeffries. Trustee Patterson stated that he has tried to live within the bylaws, but it has been difficult.

Mr. Todd continued with his presentation. In summary, there were no findings of wrongdoing or violation of college policies by the Purchasing Department or by the Information Services and College Development staff. Mr. Todd made several recommendations to the Board regarding changing their bylaws, purchasing policy, communication with administration and each other, and other issues (those recommendations are included in his report and is on file with the official Board materials.)

Trustee Pelleran thanked Mr. Todd?s efforts. She said that this review would help to clear things up and put us on the right track to a positive pathway for solutions. Trustee Pelleran thanked Mr. Todd for his recommendations.

Ms. Patricia Duperron, from BDO Seidman, presented her report to the Board (it is on file with the official Board materials.) Her report indicated that no evidence was found that the Purchasing Department violated any laws or College policies. She recommended that the College clarify the purchasing policy regarding change orders, and that the current practice for purchasing furniture be included in the purchasing policy.

Chairperson Jeffries stated that according to their bylaws, typically the Board turns these matters over to President. The President completes a report and comes back to the Board with recommendations. He asked Mr. Todd and Ms. Duperron if they have any recommendations, other than what was already stated, for further investigation into any of these allegations.

Ms. Duperron responded that she would not make any recommendations for further investigation.

Mr. Todd concurred with Ms. Duperron.

President Cunningham stated that Mr. Todd spent 91.5 hours and BDO Seidman spent 43 hours for a total of approximately $23,000. She said that this report was due in October or November, but since an employee at the College contacted the FBI and asked that an investigation be initiated, the FBI asked to delay the review to verify if there would be an investigation by them. There was a two to three week delay. This report was completed on November 22, however, out of a professional courtesy to Mr. McIntyre, it was decided to distribute the reports simultaneously.

President Cunningham responded to the comments made that this review was not personal. She shared some of the public statements that were made in the last few months to emphasize what this review has affected some individuals. June 7 ?Mr. Glenn Cerny created the emergency to circumvent the LCC Board of Trustees.? June 14 ?LCC does a poor job of encouraging local business participants.? July 19 ?information has been manipulated regarding Smart Office Systems.? July 19 ?I'm alleging impropriety on behalf of individuals at LCC.? ?The way LCC administration has handled this complaint has been bad business.? Other allegations made were NuCo, sexual harassment charges, kickbacks, and manufacturing an emergency. Those were all allegations directly attributed to people here at Lansing Community College and for anyone to say that this has not been personal, has missed the mark. It may not have been intended to be personal, but comments made by Trustees at public meetings have made it very personal. President Cunningham stated that Ms. Beard, Mr. Cerny, Mr. Whipple, and Mr. Cromer have gone through more than anyone will realize. They have gone through a tremendous amount of review and scrutiny and some of it is warranted when working at these high levels. However, it is not warranted when it is unsubstantiated. She said that she applauds them; she is proud and supports them. Much of her success from the past year is directly attached to the work those individuals have done. She has seen them working on Saturdays even with the review occurring. They continue to do their work into the wee hours of the morning because this has taken so much time from their daily productivity. She thanked Mr. Todd for the distinguished, professional way he handled this report. President Cunningham also thanked Ms. Duperron. She said that is a mixed emotion day for her and she was glad that this portion was complete. President Cunningham submitted to the Board her purchasing report for further review or action.

The Board took a short recess at 7:55 p.m.

The Board returned at 8:05 p.m.

Mr. Kenneth McIntyre presented his report to the Board (the report is on file with the official Board materials.) His findings included no credible evidence that anyone in the purchasing dept, in Mr. Cerny?s dept, or Mr. Whipple did anything illegal. Nor no evidence was found that they acted unethically or unfairly influenced the selection of the Oracle, HP. There wasn't a shred of evidence to suggest any conflict of interest. Mr. McIntyre recommended the following: change purchasing practice regarding replacement furniture that is 14 years old or it should be codified into the purchasing policy; bid out for replacement furniture; set a specific policy in which a timeframe is established to review practices and/or policies to ensure they are reviewed on a regular basis. Mr. McIntyre reiterated that he found no support for any of the nine allegations. He suggested that the Board handle any accusations or allegations in regards to the administration privately and on a level playing field pursuant to the established policies. Mr. McIntyre recommended that the administration remember that the Board does not get paid and they are trying to make the College a better place. When the Trustees ask for information, give it to them openly.

Trustee Heywood asked Mr. McIntyre if he concurred with Mr. Todd that the ethics policy was violated in terms of advocacy.

Mr. McIntyre stated that he did not. As he read that policy there had to be advocacy for a specific vendor and he did not read anything in any of the documents that suggested that Mr. Patterson had advocated anything with respect to Mr. Covert other than the College should look into his complaints. With respect to contact between Board members and vendors, in his opinion returning a phone call or responding to a letter with direction to forward a complaint is not advocacy that was intended by the policy.

President Cunningham asked for clarification on several items. She said that part of the charge to also identify positive things that were learned. She asked if he was prepared to share that.

It was clarified that Ms. Lazar?s report would address that.

President Cunningham stated that there were charges made that IBM was cut out of the bidding process.

Mr. McIntyre responded that he did not recall a charge to that effect; however, if there was, the contact at IBM, who dealt with the College, did not return his calls. He does not have any specific data that shows they were unfairly treated and doesn?t recall any specific allegation.

President Cunningham asked Mr. McIntyre to clarify what he meant about rumors. She said that this administration and everyone here understands that the Board of Trustees have constituencies and those constituencies will often ask questions and may bring charges forward. However, there are bylaws, practices, and policies, which state to direct complaints or charges to the President's Office for further follow through. She said the reason for this is because no one Trustee could be required to understand all of the processes and procedures of this complex organization. President Cunningham asked him to clarify the statement made about following up with unsubstantiated rumors and allegations.

Mr. McIntyre responded that there was no mystery that Mr. Patterson contacted Mr. Jeffries about the rumor and he thinks the Board is entitled or obligated to do something about it. If there is a specific policy that states that Mr. Patterson should have gone to the President versus Mr. Jeffries, then he violated that. However, he said that he was not charged to review the policies.

President Cunningham stated that was not what she was referring to, but thanked him for his response.

Ms. Jan Lazar gave her report to the Board (her report is on file with the official Board materials.) She said that her charge was to review policies, practices, and procedures. The review was to identify areas both of excellence and for improvement of smoothness for which things flow or if they had been in place would have avoided some of these problems. Her findings included the following: Board bylaws relative to interactions, from both McIntyre?s investigation and her review of policies and practices, had not been followed in all cases; and she found miscommunication throughout the process. Some of Ms. Lazar?s recommendations were the following: a work session between executive staff and the Board to discuss processes, definitions, and expectations; when new Board members are elected, the entire Board should be reoriented to assure mutual understanding and communication; create a definition section to the policies; create a maximum dollar cap on emergency purchases; delegate emergency purchase authority, up to the established dollar limit, to the President; establish periodic policy compliance reviews that are randomly selected by the Board; and the Board should state in their policies how often they require things bid out. She said that they found everyone to be very cooperative, very willing to work with them, and very knowledgeable.

Trustee Rasmusson stated that this is a vindication for Ms. Beckie Beard. He apologized for being the source in starting this situation and going in the wrong direction. Trustee Rasmusson said that it truly was a miscommunication. He said that Ms. Beard has a good reputation and always had one. Trustee Rasmusson apologized and said that this was a massive communication error and there was no merit to the allegations.

Chairperson Jeffries stated there was absolutely no merit to the allegations and he said that he has been very clear about that since the beginning

Trustee Pelleran thanked Mr. McIntyre and Ms. Lazar for their effort especially since they were given such a tight timeline. She said that the important thing is to look at the reviews and what the intention was of the Board and that was to make sure there was clear understanding of these issues, that there was nothing there, but there were problems with some policies and recommendations would be provided. Trustee Pelleran thinks that we have some solid recommendations from both the Board review and the President's review. She said that one of the most important things is communication. She felt that we have not had enough communication, which usually is the issue where you get into some trouble. Trustee Pelleran said that one of the things that troubled her initially with the dialogue earlier, everybody has a right to free speech, but there was a lot of pre-judging regarding the Board's reviewers. She said that the Board did not launch an investigation of employees. That was never the intention. There?s never been any intention to spend money on attacking employees, that's not what this Board is about. She said that they never hired anyone to find something wrong. They wanted to find something right. Trustee Pelleran stated that they wanted to make sure, especially with Ms. Beard?s request from her attorney, that there was a proper review done. She felt that is the Board's job as Board members. Trustee Pelleran stated that she hopes that they can forgive the Board for doing their job. The effort to be hurtful or to have a smear campaign against someone was never an intention of the Board. She wanted to respond to a comment made earlier by a gentleman that one of her colleagues persuaded the Board to have an independent investigation or a witch-hunt. She said that was incorrect. One of her colleagues did not persuade this Board to have an independent review or a witch-hunt. The Board decided to have a review. She said that the worst day she had as a Trustee at the College was August 26. Trustee Pelleran said that she looks at the two reviews in continuing the improvement that has gone on at the College for the last two years under the leadership of Paula Cunningham, this Board and with the fine service and help of the great staff. She responded to a comment made earlier that referred to this effort was done for sophomoric, political ambitions. Trustee Pelleran stated that she was a candidate for office for the Lansing City Council and she announced her intentions to several of her colleagues and to the Board Chairperson. She said that she had their support including the support of the Chairperson in that effort for three weeks until he decided to run himself. Trustee Pelleran stated that she never used this issue at Lansing Community College for personal, political gain. The reason why she wanted the review is because she had asked that the emergency procedure in the purchasing policy be reviewed. For six months the Board had not had a proper review of that. When she, as a Trustee who is elected to fulfill an obligation to represent the people of this tax district, is stone walled within her own effort, than she has no choice but to pursue. Trustee Pelleran stated that this was not personal on her part, but she believes that the review and the review teams were required to get to the bottom of this, to have closure, to vindicate anyone who was misaligned, to also set the tone to say that rumors will not be allowed to perpetuate on this campus. She advised everyone to stop the rumor mill on this campus because it doesn?t help anyone, it doesn?t help the mission we are here to pursue, and that is to help with the workforce development and the education of the students who come here.

Trustee Holden stated that clarification is needed regarding the responsibility for the Board to have an investigation. There wasn't one member on this Board that didn?t fully support that a review be conducted, and everyone supported the President in that. The majority did vote to have the independent review. The evidence is clear and we can be joyful of the exoneration of any of those involved. Trustee Holden does not agree that the process didn?t hurt people. She said that it has been asked by two different people to make apologies and she felt that the Board should apologize to the people that have been singled out. Trustee Holden apologized to those people. She said that there are other things that should be considered. There have been costs that these people have incurred on legal expenses.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Holden and supported by Trustee Rasmusson to cover all legal expenses by the three people involved.

Chairperson Jeffries asked if any invoices had been received.

President Cunningham responded, no, there would be no reason to.

Trustee Pelleran moved that that the Board postpones this motion for another meeting because no dollar figure has been received on any of the legal fees and she felt it would be irresponsible for the Board to consider it.

Trustee Heywood stated that Trustee Pelleran voted yes to approve the investigation that the Board did without having any idea what the costs were going to be on that as well and in fact you didn't even have an hourly rate.

Trustee Pelleran responded that the Board did receive an hourly rate.

Trustee Heywood stated the hourly rate was not included in the resolution. He said that he never received an hourly rate until he sat down and figured it out based on what on the figures he received earlier.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Rasmusson
Nays: Pelleran
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

Trustee Patterson thanked Mr. McIntyre, Ms. Lazar, Mr. Todd, and BDO Seidman for preparing a review of policies and procedures that the College has been operating under. The bottom line for Trustee Patterson, based on Ms. Beard?s request that this Board took upon themselves to do their duty, which is to look into allegations and complaints that are brought forth. Trustee Patterson stated that it is his responsibility to listen and to bring those things back to the College. He said he tried to communicate with the President, the Board liaison, and to the Chairperson. This Board leadership team has been in place for almost three years and in that period of time he has had great deal of difficulty getting information in time. He said that was no excuse, for what some people say, he has violated a Board policy. Trustee Patterson stated that taking Mr. Covert?s side or advocating for him is absolutely incorrect. He never advocated that Mr. Covert get anything other than an audience to listen to him. He reported that allegation to Mr. Howard within 10 minutes of the occurrence. After numerous reports about the Oracle problems, he reported that to the Chairperson. Trustee Patterson stated that he tried his best, and he admitted he could improve if everyone can work together on communicating better. He felt that everyone has to commit to improve the lines of communication and tear down some of the barriers that have been created. He said that he had created some barriers too. Trustee Patterson joined Trustee Holden in an apology to the people that have been hurt by the process. He believed that the Board did what they had to do. He stated that he never had an ax to grind with Mr. Cerny and it was never a personal thing. Trustee Patterson said that he does not know how to deal with the rumors that are brought forth to Board members other than bringing them forth to the administration and asking what is the truth. Trustee Patterson addressed Mr. Cerny. Trustee Patterson said he sincerely apologizes to him and he never wanted to cause his family a problem nor did he want to cause him a problem at this wonderful time of the year. He said that is the Board's job, in his opinion, is to somehow get to the bottom of these rumors.

President Cunningham appreciated the Board's apology. She asked on behalf of staff to get a written apology to these individuals in terms of their career paths. She said that you never know what they may encounter, and to have that apology as part of the permanent record would be very helpful. She also asked the Board to please clarify, in the near future, exactly what our standard operating procedures are. She and others abide by the bylaws and by the policies, we check those policies regularly, we look at those policies, we follow them, and if that is not the standard operating procedure, then please clarify for what is the standard operating procedure. President Cunningham stated that the Board does have constituencies, rights and obligations to bring issues forward, but it is her understanding that those are brought forward to the Executive Office and for follow up. If every time we follow up, the Board does not like the response and then it continues to persist, that creates a problem. It creates a problem anytime you have three staff people who are getting attorneys to challenge Board inquisition or Board inquiries that creates a problem. She said that she does not know what the future holds for the staff and for others the next time a Board member gets an unsubstantiated rumor or allegation. President Cunningham stated that for her to run the office and this institution the way it needs to be run she would like clarification on that at some future point in time.

Trustee Heywood stated that he is really pleased that both reports have shown exactly what he thought all along in terms of all the situations that are going on here. He said that in order to address the President's concern and question, he would like to offer a motion. Trustee Heywood stated that the motion would include that this Board restate for the record, on a vote that the Board is going to continue to use and abide by the bylaws that have been drafted and adopted.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Heywood and supported by Trustee Holden to reaffirm the Board's commitment to the bylaws.

Trustee Pelleran moved to table Trustee Heywood?s motion.

There was no support for Trustee Pelleran?s motion to table Trustee Heywood?s motion.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she thinks the Board has problems with the bylaws and the policies. The bylaws were passed in December of last year and the Board has had nothing but problems with bylaws and policies since then. The Board went from one governance model to another and it was brought with problems. If the Board votes tonight to reaffirm those instead of setting it aside and doing some due diligence on the bylaws, then we're just creating another area of conflict down the road. She said that there are many bylaws that some Trustees are not happy with. Trustee Pelleran stated that it is a little ill conceived at this time after what they?ve gone through with the two reviews and both reports indicated that there are problems with Board members following bylaws and there is an inconsistency with communication.

Chairperson Jeffries stated that he looks at this vote in reaffirming of our bylaws as a commitment by this Board to follow them. He thinks the reports are very clear and it's not that the Board bylaws are defective, it's that the Board has been defective in following the bylaws. He felt that the failure has been, and it was clear in the reports, that the Board has not followed the bylaws, not that the bylaws are defective.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she feels the Board bylaws are defective.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, and Rasmusson
Nays: Pelleran, Patterson

Motion carried.

Trustee Heywood stated that he had another motion he wanted to put forth for consideration. He said that the Board received two reports that clearly indicate that the bylaws have been seriously violated on a regular basis and it was stated that Trustee Patterson violated the bylaws. Trustee Heywood offered a motion under bylaw 1.7.1 that provides in part that the Board will enforce upon itself whatever discipline is needed to govern and discharge its duties effectively and efficiently.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Heywood and supported by Trustee Holden to publicly censure Trustee Patterson for violating Board bylaws 1.7.4B and 1.7.7B with the following consequences: removal of C. David Patterson from the position of Vice Chair, removal of C. David Patterson of all committee appointments, removal of C. David Patterson?s privilege of phone meetings and expense reimbursements.

Trustee Pelleran indicated that she was stunned. She could not believe that we would move to vote to censure at this point when Trustee Canady is absent, and the Board bylaws are defective. She is concerned that the Board is going out on another limb in attacking someone.

Trustee Heywood stated that it is not an attack. Finally this Board is standing up and policing itself and saying enough is enough. He said that Trustee Pelleran has in her possession a copy of the Lansing State Journal FOIA, which shows a consistent pattern of abusive behavior by Trustee Patterson. He said that she has a copy of a grievance from the Triangle Foundation against Trustee Patterson. He also stated that she has a copy of a police report against Mr. Patterson. Trustee Heywood said that this Board is taking action.

Trustee Pelleran said that she found it interesting that the police report is dated August 26 and it would take until December 17 for the Board to receive a copy.

Trustee Heywood responded that he chose not to release it and the only reason that he did release it was because the State News requested it.

Trustee Patterson stated that he is not the only Trustee that hasn?t adhered to the policies of the Board. The censure is not going to create any kind of come together atmosphere. He said that if that is his intent tonight and he has the votes lined up, there's very little he can say that is going stop this. Trustee Patterson stated that Trustee Heywood tried to do it in August and it didn?t work. The spirit of coming together and communication is compromise, which is going to take for this Board to come together. He said that the Board would take a real hit if they let something like this stand. Trustee Patterson stated that Trustee Heywood?s actions in this respect are out of line. He said that this is not going to help and he thinks it is a big mistake.

Trustee Holden stated the reasons she is supporting the motion. She said that certainly bylaws were violated, but she is much more concerned about the behavior of Trustee Patterson. She stated that she was aware of the police report earlier where Trustee Patterson threatened Trustee Heywood after a Board meeting. It is on record that Trustee Patterson had said to a staff member if ramifications were brought, and she quoted, ?I will tear you to shreds.? Trustee Holden read other allegations that were made by Trustee Patterson (they are on file with the official Board materials.) She agreed with a comment made earlier during public comment that the Board has undermined the authority of the presidency. Trustee Holden said that she supports the motion based on the personal attacks on staff and fellow Board members.

Trustee Patterson stated that the context of the comments he made to Trustee Heywood were made directly after the August 26 meeting. That morning?s paper quoted that they were looking in the blinds of his apartment to see if he was home. The reporter informed him that Trustee Heywood had initiated the whole thing that afternoon. He was not happy and he communicated to Trustee Heywood with two or three people around him that he didn?t care about that, he quoted what he had said, ?Todd, if I catch you snooping around in my bushes, I'll kick you're a-s-s.? He said that he didn?t say he was going to hurt him. For Trustee Heywood having sent a reporter to snoop around in his bushes and talk to his neighbor, that's uncalled for and out of line.

Trustee Pelleran said that the Board received the review and received some recommendations. She hopes that the Board will take those recommendations positively and move forward. Adding the vote to censure one of her colleagues at the final hour, smacks in the face of unfairness and it's unfairness that we've been sitting here talking about all night. She said that this is another sad day for her. The unfortunate thing is that the police report indicates that the disposition was closed. Trustee Pelleran asked for the Board to not deal with this issue tonight and be civil with one another. The lack of civility and folks wanting to cover their tails and posture and position and make someone else look bad whether it's a Board colleague or a staff member. She said let?s stop the rumors and stop the innuendos. Trustee Pelleran stated that from a leadership standpoint, she would hope that Chairperson Jeffries could talk with Trustee Patterson and clear the air. There are times when folks don't return phone calls on this Board. If we have communication problems between staff, administration, and the Board, there are communication problems within the Board. She doesn?t think this helps solve them, and it doesn?t help set a tone for the next step. Trustee Pelleran advised to reject the motion.

Trustee Heywood stated that are a great many people at this institution who are hurt, who are angry, who have been violated, who have been misused, who have been abused, and have been violated in many ways other than what would be criminal at this point. The fact is that many have been abused by Trustee Patterson. He said that this action is vindication for those people and it is a message to this community that this Board will police itself and this Board will take action.

Trustee Pelleran stated that these are allegations and the Board spent the evening trying to put allegations to rest.

Trustee Heywood stated that the Board spent $80,000 to prove the allegations and that the bylaws were violated.

Chairperson Jeffries addressed Trustee Patterson. He said that Trustee Patterson is aware that they have talked about these very issues that are being discussed particularly as they relate to Chairperson Jeffries? perceived concerns with Trustee Patterson?s behavior. Chairperson Jeffries said that he spoke with Trustee Patterson personally last January. He said that they had numerous telephone conversations and he sent a memo to Trustee Patterson in May expressing concerns about his conduct as they relate to the bylaws that are in the motion. Chairperson Jeffries stated that he asked Trustee Patterson every single time to please conform his behavior that would be appropriate and reflect the bylaws. That has not happened and it continues. He said that he has done everything on a personal basis, he?s talked to Trustee Patterson privately, and he?s sent him written correspondence.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, and Rasmusson
Nays: Patterson, Pelleran
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

Trustee Patterson repeated that this creates a very bad atmosphere. He said that it is not an atmosphere we can come together on and it was his hope that would have come out of this meeting. He said that he didn?t know exactly what the motivation is, but believes it was the same motivation that appeared on August 26. It certainly is not a bright spot in his thought pattern about this evening that we end a meeting where we came together on, we listened to the reports, and his colleagues have chosen to deal with in this manner. Trustee Patterson repeated that he brought the information he learned in the community to the channels he thought were appropriate. He took it to his chairman, the President, Mr. Howard and when he did not receive a response, he took it to one of the executive members of the team, Trustee Canady. He said that he has been singled out and doesn?t feel real good about it at all. Trustee Patterson said that if people feel that his contribution in the process is not worth anything, then that is a shame. He worked real hard to stay up on issues, to bring forth things from the community to the people that listened. Trustee Patterson highlighted the fact that the communication with this Board has not been very good. He said that Chairperson Jeffries indicated that he called him, but he can say that on many occasions he never received a returned phone call from the Chairperson. He received a memo documenting certain things. Trustee Patterson said that he received something from Mr. Howard saying that he?s calling him on the Chairperson?s behalf. He said that himself and Chairperson Jeffries caused a lot of the problems that were dealt with this evening. He has spoken with the President on numerous occasions regarding his desire to try to somehow meet the Chairperson halfway and work with him. It has not been easy and in most cases it has been nearly impossible. Trustee Patterson said that in that light he doesn?t see much future in continuing to serve the College and that is probably what most of the Trustees would like to happen. He hoped that they could have ended the evening with wishing each other a merry Christmas and a happy new year and not with this type of situation.

Chairperson Jeffries thanked Mr. McIntyre, Ms. lazar, Mr. Todd and Ms. Duperron for all the work they did. He said that he was certainly supportive of the review completed by the President because that's what has always been done at the college and that is what the Board bylaws require. He stated that he was looking forward to a recommendation and from that recommendation the Board could have done whatever it was going to do. Chairperson Jeffries did not support the Board investigation for that reason. If there had been a finding that required further review, he would have supported further investigation. He said that he wanted all of the employees to know, particularly the three that went through this, that he always supported their activities. He feels that they do a great job and is very much impressed with the effort, energy and commitment they?ve all made to the College. Chairperson Jeffries stated that he has been involved with a number of public entities and the College has really impressed him the most with the type of commitment everyone gives. He apologized for whatever he did and that they had to go through and experience this process. This should have been handled a lot differently and if it had abided by the bylaws, it would have been.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she was sorry this happened to any employee here. This is something that no one as a professional should have to go through, especially the caliber of those people that are here at Lansing Community College. She hoped that they have a better Christmas and a better next six months and a better year and a better year after that. Trustee Pelleran hoped that we get to a point where people don't feel like they can't say something because they're going to be censured and retaliated against. She believes that we need to keep the lines of communication open and that's been the biggest problem here.

Chairperson Jeffries also thanked Mr. Cliff Flood and Mr. Bill Danhof for all of their work.

Public Comment

Thomas Yider - I'm not here to praise the Board's actions tonight, but to reprove. I think it's reprehensible that you take actions that would say that there should be no circumstances for any Board member to bypass the President's Office to obtain information. that's the kind of attitude that the board of Enron took and look at the mess that created. I do not look forward to what will happen on Lansing City Council if that is the new at large city councilman?s attitude there. Let me say though with regards to Mr. Patterson the reason he should be removed from the Board, I suspect has nothing to do with the issues raised here tonight, but the issue of residency. The same issue was raised earlier. We've had a problem with that in this county. We've had people that have moved to run in a different state rep district. We've had other people (inaudible) allegations of residency. We've had county commissioners actually removed because they weren?t filed in their district in a timely fashion. We have a school Board member in the city of Lansing that lives somewhere else other than Lansing. So, this is an issue that we're not dealing with and confronting in this city and in this county. And I think it's sad that it isn?t.

Lynn Savage - I do have a couple of comments. First, I?d like to thank the Board and President for beginning to take steps to heal the wounds that have been caused. I do think that there were unfortunately unattended consequences in the actions of the Board for these three people. My position really is this. Any time allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct on part of employees are made, I urge you to consider that the Board through its administration has an obligation to follow due process and that we should investigate allegations and rumors privately just as they would at any level of the organization. I would ask your consideration of that in the future.

Linda Uhler - I told you earlier that my time spent here on campus at LCC as an employee has been (inaudible). And as I sat here this evening and watched the interaction of the Board members it brings to light to me that it's an uncomfortable situation to sit back and see our Board members be in front of the public and have the bickering that's going on. The snide remarks that are going back and forth when there's a lot of business that needs to be taken care of. And I think about when children are bad and they're not getting along, they get into counseling. And I think there's a lot of healing that needs to be done here and I think that this Board needs to come together. You talk about better communication, how are you going to do better communication? What is the plan? I think you need to bring somebody in to sit down with that person, whether it is a counselor, which is what I would recommend. I am not a counselor, but I would recommend it or some meeting to help you resolve the issues that you have between yourselves so you can come to this college and serve the College and serve the students and get the job done. So people will come to these meetings and not sit here and have this uncomfortable feeling of the bickering that's going on. Please consider this for the health of the school.

Antonia Cross - I'm the business services manager for the city of Lansing and I have the responsibility for purchasing amongst my other responsibilities. President Cunningham and members of the Board of Trustees, I appreciate the opportunity to speak. I am so thankful tonight that a valuable asset from Lansing Community College has been vindicated this evening. Beckie?s leadership has been outstanding as part of the Lansing Art and Public Purchasing group bringing forward supplier diversity, local vendors, ISO certification. Her leadership is beyond her time. Her forward thinking is beyond her time. You have, like I said, a valuable asset in Ms. Beard. She?s an educator. Michigan Public Purchasing Officers asked her to present on the basic skills of purchasing, how to write an RFQP, how to write a bid in the spring of 2002. We went within our own peer group to lead and to educate our members in public procurement. She has on her own completed a master?s degree and is working on her doctorate. That says a lot about the strengths, the ethics, and the values of Beckie Beard. On a personal note as a peer, I've used her white paper on procurement cards and followed her lead on supplier diversity as well as looking at a lot of the other policies as I review my policies and procedures for the city of Lansing, I review Michigan State?s, LCC's, and Beckie?s is among the best. Beckie understands that public purchasing is more than just grocery shopping. That it's best value getting the right service or product for the right time at the right place in the agency?s best interest. And I hope you understand and appreciate your valuable asset that you have in Beckie Beard.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

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