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Adopted Meeting Minutes
June 4, 2002
Special Meeting

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:13 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Absent: None

Additions/Deletions to the Agenda

There were no additions or deletions to the agenda.

Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

Chairperson Jeffries stated that there were several recognitions scheduled for this evening. It's been decided to approve the resolutions and to have a special reception on Friday, June 7 for everyone that was to be recognized at tonight?s meeting.

Lynn Savage, President of the LCC Administrative Association - I'm speaking tonight basically for the LCC Coalition of Labor Organizations because Stephen Vossler, who is our chair, is unable to attend. As you know the Coalition is negotiating with the College over healthcare. We had a negotiation session scheduled for tomorrow, but it was canceled due to the inability of the College's attorney to attend. We hope that you, as the Board, will give clear directions and guidelines to your negotiators tonight so that when we begin on Monday, June 10 we can conclude our negotiations. You may or may not know that we are under a deadline with respect to the bids we have received from healthcare carriers. So speed is of the utmost importance. We certainly do appreciate your attention and your cooperating in this matter. Thank you for your time.

Sally Pierce, President of the Michigan Association of Higher Education (MAHE) - (Ms. Pierce distributed a copy of her presentation. It is on file with the official Board materials.) What you're getting is a spreadsheet that is of particular interest to MAHE, the faculty association on campus. We have comparative data, which many of you already know about, about how many days other institutions work, in the third column. And we were trying to figure out how to compare how much money people make and what we did for this chart is we took the Masters minimum from different contract salary schedules. And then we divided that minimum by the number of days worked and we got the per diem amount for the year 2002-2003. And that's of interest to us. The other thing that is of interest to us is what healthcare plan most schools have. And what we did was we studied faculty associations? contracts. I know for example, that Kellogg Community College uses MESSA for all of their employees and advertises proudly on their web page. So, if you indulge me for a few minutes, I just want to show you a chart and explain what it is and if you have questions, I'll be happy to answer them. What you?ll see is that many, many people have MESSA Supercare One. Some people don't, like Henry Ford. I understand that's the AFT, American Federation of Teachers, equivalent plan to MESSA?s Supercare One. that's what their, I don't know what they call the uniserve people there, their people that work for the unions, that's what she told me (inaudible). I got the number of days for Henry Ford by sitting and counting their calendars. A lot of contracts don't count number of days, but if you sit and count the calendar days, that's where I got the 173. The 211 came from their Masters minimum salary schedule for 2002. Why don't I just page through real quickly for you. The next page is Jackson and at Jackson they have a Cafeteria Plan and I'm not sure of all the options that they have at Jackson. But I know that they have a Cafeteria Plan where you can pick and choose healthcare plans. And when you see it say MESSA-PAK, what they?ve done is they?ve put all of their healthcare together with MESSA and that gets a discount (inaudible.) You can see (inaudible), but I don't know what their per diem is, I don't know what their day is, and I didn?t edit those out because it somehow helped my cause here. We just didn?t have that data and we didn?t have time to get all of the contracts and count the days and then figure out, because it wasn't that important. we're not bargaining salaries, we're bargaining healthcare. What you see on the third page is LCC and Macomb and Mid-Michigan. When you go to the last page, Wayne County was interesting to us because Wayne County has a Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan and top of the line and no drug co-pay. They just passed a millage or bond, I'm not sure if it was a millage or a bond. They passed something to get themselves more money. And they just settled their contract. They were without a contract for three years. So, what I want to say to you tonight is I know you guys have already given everybody on this campus more money. we're grateful, thank you. In all seriousness, we know that's difficult and expensive and thank you. In order to maintain a competitive stance for faculty we think we need to consider what you're doing with healthcare. And I'm sure you will be and that's my show.

Public Hearing on Proposed 2002-2003 Budget

Chairperson Jeffries stated that the Board published a notice on May 29, 2002 of this public hearing on the budget for the 2002-2003 fiscal year, which the College proposed to levy 3.8733 mills. This millage rate is the amount of millage to be levied to support the fiscal year 2002-2003 and the approval of the budget by the Board of Trustees will meet the requirements of the truth in taxation statute for levy of the proposed mills.

Chairperson Jeffries opened the floor for comments.

There were no comments from the public.

Chairperson Jeffries adjourned the public hearing.

Chairperson and Board Member Reports

Chairperson Report

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Chairperson Jeffries stated that the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs is an existing position that shifts from the Provost?s position to this title. There is a national search underway and the company that has been hired to conduct the search will present to the College 9 to 12 applicants. An interview committee consisting of the President, Executive Team members, as well as faculty and Deans will work to further reduce that pool to 2 or 3 candidates at which time the Board of Trustees will become involved. This position is one of the five positions that the Board approves. There will be a college-wide reception to meet and greet the final candidates. Chairperson Jeffries appointed Trustees Holden, Heywood, and himself to serve as a subcommittee to participate with the interview committee and forward a recommendation to the Board for approval.

Recognition of Softball Team, Cross Country Team and Indoor Track National Champion

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Patterson to approve the resolution for the Softball Team and Coach Bob Every.

Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.

Recognition of Dr. Tai Sung Kim, Mr. Mike Ingram, and Mr. Bob Every--

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Holden and supported by Trustee Heywood to approve the resolution for Dr. Tai Sung Kim.

Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.

Dr. Kim stated that he learned of his award, The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette from His Majesty, the Emperor of Japan. He said that all he did to receive this award was to carry out his duties at Lansing Community College. Dr. Kim introduced his guests, which included former students and faculty members from the Japan Adventure and Japan Horizon programs.

President Cunningham stated that Dr. Kim was one of 32 individuals outside the country of Japan worldwide to receive this award. She said that he was the only one under the age of 70.

Trustee Holden said that some have had the privilege to be faculty members in the Japan Adventure program and appreciated the work that Dr. Kim does for the program.

Board Member Reports

Trustee Olga Holden - Foundation Board, Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Trustee Holden reported that the Foundation Board has been involved in a strategic planning process. The plan was approved unanimously at the last Foundation Board meeting. A task force will be assigned to work beyond the plan, and discuss the long-term strategy and the structure for the future.

Trustee Holden reported on the Cinco de Mayo celebration that took place at the College. She said that this event is one of the great strengths of Lansing Community College. The community, students, and staff come out to participate in the festivities. Trustee Holden said that it was a great celebration of culture and was well attended this year.

Trustee Holden also gave a report on the victory rally for the Lady Stars Softball Team. She said that it was a heartwarming event. She also reported on the Beverly Hunt Awards luncheon. The Women?s Resource Center annually selects one person for the Beverly Hunt Award. She said that the Women?s Resource Center is like a family and that the Board should recognize all of the work they do as well as all of the units on campus.

Trustee KP Pelleran ?Mason Local Development Finance Authority, Star Institute Awards Ceremony

Trustee Pelleran reported that she attended the Mason Local Development Finance Authority meeting. She said that the group passed their budget for the year.

Trustee Pelleran reported on the Star Institute Awards Ceremony. She said that it was a wonderful program. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, she was able to award a student with a two-year scholarship to Lansing Community College.

Trustee Pelleran also reported on the Clinton County Democratic Party, which is not in the College's tax base. She said that there is activity in Clinton County, in St. Johns. She said that she encouraged the group to come down town, to send their neighbors, young friends, old friends, any students who would want cultural, academic enrichment, and workforce development to come down to Lansing Community College. Trustee Pelleran echoed Trustee Holden?s comments regarding the work that every unit on campus does. The work they do is extended far and wide and well beyond the district boundaries of Lansing Community College.

President's Report


Human Resources



Evan L. Montague, Director, Enrollment Management, Enrollment Services, Student and Academic Support

Teresa Villarreal, Benefits Coordinator, Executive Office, Human Resources

Roxanne Greenia, Coordinator, Social Science, Liberal Studies Division

Carol Harton, Director, Instruction and Grants, Divisional Office, Student and Academic Support

Brian Pickford, Program Director, Imaging, Human Health and Public Service

Nancy Jaehn, Coordinator, Science, Math & Computer Science, Science, Math & Computer Science, Liberal Studies


Keri Dutkiewiez, Faculty Member - English, Humanities and Performing Arts Liberal Studies

Dedria Humphries Barker, Writing Faculty, Communication, Liberal Studies

Spotlight - ISCD

Chief Information Officer, Glenn Cerny, gave a presentation highlighting the Technology Infrastructure Plan, which includes creating an electronic campus and the OASIS project currently underway in Information Services and College Development (ISCD). (The presentation is on file with the official Board materials.)

Trustee Holden commented on the amazing progress the College has made with the help of Mr. Cerny?s leadership.

Chairperson Jeffries stated it was an impressive presentation that the Board had during dinner. It was a hands-on experience that the Board was able to have. He said that he, and the rest of the Board, appreciates all of the work of Mr. Cerny has done in his role as CIO.

Spotlight ? Home Ownership Program

President Cunningham gave a brief overview of the status of the Home Ownership Program at the College. There has only been one recipient since the birth of the program two years ago. Changes will be made to the program to increase participation, such as full-time employees in regular positions being eligible for the program upon hire. By expanding the program to new hires, an individual relocating for employment with LCC is more likely to consider a nearby home. Another change will be expanding the boundaries to Grand River, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Kalamazoo, and Pennsylvania. President Cunningham stated that Trustee Patterson recommended expanding the boundaries to the McPherson, Sexton High School area. She has given Trustee Patterson?s recommendation to the committee. The Board will be informed once the committee completes its work.

Trustee Patterson stated that by increasing the boundaries would help the program. He strongly supports to expand the boundaries to the Verlinden Sexton area, which would be farther west. Part of the program is to forego parking; however, if the boundaries are expanded farther west, he believes that would be unfair to the employee. He stated that a larger contribution should also be reviewed.


President Cunningham stated that faculty from the College have met with faculty from MSU regarding nanotechnology. She asked Mr. Alex Azima, Professor of Physics at the College, to give a status report.

Mr. Azima reported that nanotechnology is technology on a micro scale, but the effects can be seen. Nanotechnology includes chips that are very small that can be planted in human beings to monitor blood sugar levels; programmed to run robots; acquire, give, and obtain information on a portable and powerful basis. He said that the College is up to date on technology, but nanotechnology will enable to do more on a much more portable basis. In terms of incorporating into the curriculum, there are many possibilities, which are being reviewed. The group met with Dr. Aslam at Michigan State University to discuss development of curriculum material. Mr. Azima stated there is a possibility to have LCC students involved in the research process.

Trustee Rasmusson stated that he hoped that there would be careers for our students in this field.

Mr. Azima stated that there are two aspects they are reviewing. One is how to incorporate nanotechnology into the curriculum at the College and the second is getting the students involved in the actual research.

Trustee Pelleran asked Mr. Azima if any grant opportunities have been researched with the federal government.

Mr. Azima responded that this idea surfaced a couple of months ago and a preliminary review is currently underway. Grant opportunities would be researched at a later date if the College decides to move in this direction.

Chairperson Jeffries asked what are the opportunities of development or manufacturing of nanotechnology. He asked if this is something that is contemplated for this region or maybe the College could be involved in.

Mr. Azima responded that right now the College's connection is the educational aspect of this through the consortium at MSU. He has not been involved in discussions regarding producing the product.

Mr. Rich Howard stated that the College's Business and Community Institute would be reviewing ways for the College to get involved in manufacturing and nanotechnology.

Action Items

Approval of Minutes - April 15, 2002

There were no changes to the minutes.

Facilities Master Plan Recommendations

President Cunningham stated that the Facilities Master Plan recommendation that the Board received last month included the location of the Human, Health and Services building, which is where the Administration Building currently sits; a review of Carnegie Library; Turner House; and that Hobbs and Black would be asked to complete a thorough review of those facilities to decipher where administrative functions would be best placed. As Hobbs and Black completed their review, they completed a structural and detail analysis of both the Turner House and the Carnegie Library. They also looked at a possible location for administrative functions where there could be efficiency of functions. Having departments in the same location that work closely together, visitor parking, and financial costs were reviewed. (The Facilities Master Plan Recommendations are on file with the official Board materials.)

Mr. Nick Scarpone and Mr. Bob Smith, from Hobbs and Black, presented their analysis to the Board. Mr. Smith stated that Mr. Scarpone along with their structural engineer, mechanical and electrical designers spent a fair amount of time going through the Carnegie Library, Turner House, and the North House to review their present conditions. He said that the Turner and North houses are not adequate for education or administrative use. The structure of both buildings are fairly deteriorated with termite damage. The Turner House has severe termite damage and structural problems with the first floor and basement. Mr. Smith stated that neither of the buildings are ADA compliant.

Mr. Smith stated that they reviewed the Carnegie Library. He said that all of the administrative functions would not fit in the building. A new building could be built for less or equal money compared to renovating the Carnegie Library. It would also require an addition and it would be difficult to phase and structure the addition, which would go into the Old Central building.

Mr. Smith stated that an expansion of the Dart Auditorium is being planned for, but it hasn?t been designed yet. Obviously, the only place to expand the Dart would be to the east because it is fairly tight on the north and south sides. The most likely expansion would be where the Turner House is presently located. He stated that they also reviewed the potential location for the future administration building somewhere along Capitol Avenue because it gets it out of the main educational area, but still keeps it on the main core block of the campus. The building in this proposed location would be more accessible to the public, easily accessible to the business district, it would allow some parking for guests, and it would allow an approximately 26,000 square foot building which would consolidate all of the administrative functions. Rather than looking at renovating a building, it appeared to save money if one new 26,000 square foot administration building were built where the North House is currently located.

Trustee Pelleran asked if they reviewed the Catholic Conference building.

Mr. Smith responded that the Catholic Conference building was reviewed approximately one year ago and from their analysis the building is well built, but it does not meet current ADA requirements. It could be renovated, added on to, but the costs would approach the cost of constructing a new administration facility.

Vice President Larson added that the Catholic Conference building is smaller and it would require an addition.

Mr. Bill Darr stated that the building has about 18,000 square feet, which includes the basement.

President Cunningham thanked Hobbs and Black, Vice President Barbara Larson and her staff for developing eight or nine scenarios. She said that they did their homework in reviewing options, the costs, and they came forward with the proposal that the administrative functions be housed in a new facility to be located where the North House footprint currently is now. President Cunningham would like to move forward with this recommendation. She would like to move forward with the recommendation of having a ?Move the House? campaign. President Cunningham stated that they have been in contact with different non-profit agencies throughout the community to spark their interest in the Turner and North Houses. She said that the College would contribute to razing the house and two or three months would be given to the campaign. The possibilities of preserving the houses through federal grants were reviewed. President Cunningham stated that Trustee Pelleran had asked about obtaining grant money to preserve the homes and she asked Ms. Ruth Borger to report her findings.

Ms. Borger stated that most of the federal grants require national landmark status, which neither the Turner House nor the North House has. Federal reserve preservation dollars are also funneled through the State preservation office, which also requires that status.

Trustee Pelleran asked if the Board could receive copies of the different scenarios and costs prior to her deciding on the recommendation.

President Cunningham stated that Trustee Pelleran could receive the different scenarios although the recommendation is in front of the Board tonight for action. President Cunningham continued with the recommendation. With the removal of the Turner House, whether it's moved or demolished, would also allow the College to move into Phase III of the facilities master plan, which is the expansion of the Dart Auditorium. With the removal of the Turner House the College will look at improving the outside amphitheatre. By approving the facilities master plan recommendations the Board would save $2.9 million in consolidating all administrative functions into a new facility.

Trustee Heywood confirmed that it is not proposed to demolish the outside amphitheatre.

President Cunningham responded that was correct. The College will try to maximize as much green space as possible as the facilities master plan moves forward.

President Cunningham clarified for the record that the Carnegie Library will not be demolished or renovated. She said that they would continue to review the facility.

Trustee Pelleran asked who from the Board currently sits on the Facilities Subcommittee. She said that she and Trustees Patterson and Jeffries served on the subcommittee.

President Cunningham responded that there had not been another meeting since the last time. It was agreed upon at the last meeting that the only thing that was left to consider is where the administrative functions would be housed. It was said that staff would work with the architects and bring back a recommendation for the Board. Earlier the Board Leadership Team, which consists of Trustees Jeffries, Patterson and Canady, met and discussed the recommendation (added per August 26, 2002 special Board meeting).

Trustee Patterson stated that he had the opportunity to tour the warehouse with Mr. Bill Darr, Mr. Bob Smith, and Mr. Rich Howard. He said that the decision to use the warehouse as a temporary warehouse is questionable. The facility is damp, there are no windows, and there is no active ventilation. To continue to use this facility to store valuable fixtures is not a good decision. Trustee Patterson asked if the AOF building could be considered as a storage facility.

Trustee Holden asked Mr. Darr and Mr. Smith to address Trustee Patterson?s comments.

Mr. Darr stated that the warehouse was acquired about four years ago. He said that as Trustee Patterson stated, it is not a pristine facility. It is a marginal building, but for the next three or four years it can be useful.

President Cunningham stated that there is no recommendation for the warehouse at this time other than to fix the elevator, but it will continue to be reviewed.

2001-2002 Budget Reconciliation

President Cunningham presented the 2001-2002 budget reconciliation (the budget reconciliation is on file with the official Board materials). The budget reconciliation was brought to the Board at the April 15 meeting as an informational item. There were no changes from the previous meeting.

2002-2003 Proposed Budget

President Cunningham asked Vice President Larson to present the 2002-2003 proposed budget (the proposed budget is on file with the official Board materials).

Vice President Larson stated that the Board received the proposed budget a month ago. The numbers have not changed. For the 2002-2003 fiscal year, the Board would be approving a $92 million budget with the recognition of the additional property tax received, as well as the following tuition increases: $1 for in-district, $2 for out-of-district, and $3 for out-of-state. In addition, course fee increases will go into effect in spring 2003. One piece has changed in the text, which is what potentially could happen to State revenue. Vice President Larson said that she is optimistic that the $32.2 million figure from State aid will be a good one for next year. However, everyone may be aware of the State?s budget situation and the potential to see a reduction next year. The College is prepared for that, but no one is aware of what that reduction might be. A 10% cut would be $3.2 million, which would be significant. If there were a significant reduction, some cuts would come from the maintenance and renovation planning and the approved equipment list.

Weapon Policy and Workplace Violence Policy

President Cunningham presented the Weapon and Workplace Violence policies for the Board's approval. She presented an amendment to the Weapon policy to include the phrase, ?or activities? under item four, Responsibility. The Labor Coalition and administration agreed to this language.

Trustee Heywood asked that the phrase ?or activities? also be added under item two, Scope.

The amended portions of the Weapon Policy would read as follows (amended language is in bold):


This policy applies to all College employees, contract and temporary employees, College students, and visitors on College property, regardless of whether or not they are licensed to carry a weapon. The only exceptions to this policy are law enforcement officers or activities. This policy also prohibits the possession of weapons at any College sponsored function such as parties or picnics.


Written notification shall be given by administrative/supervisory personnel to the Director of Police & Public Safety or designee of weapons used in approved courses or activities. The College's Executive Director of Human Resources is responsible for the oversight of this policy.?

Trustee Rasmusson requested to view, at some point, the line item titled Supplies and Miscellaneous Expenses. He wondered what the $60 million figure covers.

Trustee Holden asked what are some items in that line item account.

Vice President Larson responded utility costs, contracted cleaning service, other contracted services, consumables used in classrooms and running the College.

Finance - Approval of Bids

There was one bid presented for the Board's approval. The proposal was for the purchase of Sharp XGC40XU multimedia projectors for installation in 50 classrooms. Thalner Electronics from Ann Arbor, Michigan was awarded the bid.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Holden and supported by Trustee Canady to approve the President's Report as presented.

Trustee Pelleran requested that each action item of the President's Report be voted on separately.

Board agreed to vote on each action item of the President's Report separately.

The motion was revoked.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Holden to approve the April 15, 2002 meeting minutes.

Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Holden to approve the Facilities Master Plan Recommendations.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Rasmusson
Nays: Pelleran
Absent: None

Motion carried.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Holden to approve the 2001-2002 Budget Reconciliation.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Holden to approve the 2002-2003 Proposed Budget.

Trustee Heywood stated that he would be voting to approve the proposed budget, but he wants to encourage exploring interactive relationships. For instance, the theatre Acting for the Camera class working with the interns in the TV Production classes. Those are natural fits and they will save students dollars and that is important to him.

Trustee Patterson wanted to go on record as not supporting the $50,000 expenditure to fix the elevator in the warehouse. The third and fourth floors have been occupied by the Oldsmobile Museum. The College has been a very generous contributor of half that space, so now we need to provide a safe elevator so that people can store their stuff in the College's warehouse for free. He said that he wanted to go on record that $50,000 is better spent on students than on an elevator in a warehouse that the College doesn?t use.

Trustee Pelleran agreed with Trustee Patterson?s statements.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Patterson to delete the repair of the elevator for the warehouse from the 2002-2003 Proposed Budget.

Trustee Canady stated he would support fixing the elevator in the warehouse. He said there is always a need to store items and if $50,000 will extend the life of the warehouse, he would support the expenditure.

Chairperson Jeffries asked what would be the impact if the elevator weren?t fixed and only use one floor.

Mr. Darr stated that more items would need to be eliminated. As the College moves forward in renovations there will be a need for more storage, at least temporarily.

Trustee Patterson stated that the second, third, and fourth floors are usable. The basement of the warehouse is very damp, very cold and is not being used. Half of the warehouse is being used by the Oldsmobile Museum. The other half of the warehouse is already full with chairs, old desks, and old motors, things that are already taking up space. Trustee Patterson stated that there isn?t a good deal of available space to use in the warehouse.

Trustee Rasmusson asked how many square feet does the building have.

Vice President Larson responded that it has 30,000 square feet.

Trustee Heywood asked how many square feet is being used by the Oldsmobile Museum.

Mr. Darr responded that they are using between 6,000 and 7,000 square feet.

Trustee Heywood asked if the College is receiving any recompense from the Oldsmobile Museum.

President Cunningham responded that no, the College is not receiving any recompense.

Trustee Patterson stated that there is not much useable space left. If more items are to be stored there, other items will have to be moved out.

President Cunningham stated that there is no reason the College could not rent out the space, there is no reason the College could not go back to Oldsmobile and tell them they cannot store materials anymore. The College has first priority on the space.

Trustee Patterson asked what is term of the lease with the Oldsmobile Museum.

Vice President Larson responded that it was a 90-day lease with options to renew.

Trustee Pelleran asked when was the agreement entered into.

Vice President Larson responded that it was about one year ago.

Trustee Heywood asked if there are any plans to get rid of the old desks and chairs.

Mr. Darr responded that the old items are being sold in the Surplus Store and he has asked his staff to evaluate those items and provide a timeline as to when more items can be removed.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Patterson, Pelleran
Nays: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Rasmusson
Absent: None

Motion failed due to lack of support.

Roll call vote for the 2002-2003 Proposed Budget:
Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Heywood and supported by Trustee Holden to approve the Weapon Policy, to include the amendments, and the Workplace Violence Policy.

Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Holden and supported by Trustee Heywood to approve the bid for the projectors.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.

Closed Session

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Holden that the Board go into closed session for the purpose of discussing negotiations and discussion with legal counsel.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: None

Motion carried.

The Board went into closed session at 7:57 p.m.

The Board returned to open session at 8:57 p.m.

Roll call:
Present: Canady, Heywood, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Absent: None

Public Comment

There were no comments from the public.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 p.m.

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