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Adopted Minutes
January 16, 2001
Regular Meeting

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:12 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Canady, Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson

Limited Public Comment Re: Agenda Items

MAHE budget presentation - Tom Ferris gave the Board a presentation on budget. (A copy of the presentation is on file with the official Board materials.)

Chairperson and Board Member Reports

Chairperson Report

Funding Task Force - Chairperson Jeffries stated that over the past few years there have been two major issues that the Board has been dealing with. One is the equity issue for faculty and staff. The Board has responded by setting aside $1 million to start dealing with the issue. In addition to this issue the College has recently approved the Facilities Master Plan that identified over $50 million worth of capital improvement need to the campus. This will not only improve what the College has currently, but will also enable the College to more effectively provide services. President Cunningham has asked that the funding task force explore options to deal with both of the above-mentioned issues.

Chairperson Jeffries appointed Trustee Rasmusson, Trustee Canady, and himself to serve on the task force. Trustee Holden will serve as the alternate. Resources to the task force will be EPIC/MRA and Muchmore and Associates. Other task force members include Bill Darr, Dave Davidson, Gretchen Couraud, Jan Penton, Steve Vossler, and Ted Szymanski.

Special Recognition-

LCC Wellness Committee - Chairperson Jeffries presented a resolution to the Wellness Committee for their hard work to encourage LCC employees to find a balance between body, mind and spirit to achieve physical wellness. In the programs fourth year the Wellness Committee received the Governor?s Council Gold Award. Pam Bergeron, the program?s chairperson, was on hand to accept the award.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Holden and supported by Trustee Pelleran to accept the resolution of recognition to the LCC Wellness Committee as presented.

Ayes: Canady, Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Ramsusson

Motion carried.

LCC National Kitchen & Bath Design Program - Chairperson Jeffries presented a resolution to the LCC Kitchen and Bath Design Specialist Certificate of Achievement program. The program is new within the Interior Design Technology program. It is the first and only National Kitchen and Bath Association endorsed college program in the State of Michigan. Professor Arlena Hines was on hand to accept the resolution.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Patterson to accept the resolution as presented.

Ayes: Canady, Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson

Motion carried.

Chairperson Jeffries also announced that Christine Lopez, Board Secretary, would be leaving the College. She is going into the private sector. There will be a reception for her on January 29 in the HCC Solarium. He encouraged the trustees to attend and said that he appreciated the work that Christine has done.

Board Member Reports

Trustee Canady attended the RED Team meeting on January 4th. The commuter train project has been put on hold for now. They have already secured 50% of the funding and it is unclear why the project has been put on hold.

Trustee Holden said that at the Workforce Development Board meeting it was announced that they received an extension on the M-TEC grant. She also mentioned that the environmental scan project that Bill Brown is heading up is a result of some extraordinary work that has been done. Lastly, she and Trustee Pelleran attended the LCC Recognition Program and it was a genuine tribute to the 25 individuals and teams that were recognized. It made her very proud.

Trustee Pelleran stated that sitting through the recognition program really gave her a sense of all of the programs in which LCC is involved. She was very impressed.

President's Report


College Priorities Update - President Cunningham stated that the Board received a status report on the list of priorities that she presented to the Board on May 25, 2000. (A copy of the Priorities Update is on file with the official Board materials.) The president will be giving the Board a list of priorities for 2001 at the next Board meeting.

Lansing M-TEC Update - President Cunningham said that we are still waiting for General Motors to make the final decisions on location. There have been a couple of key personnel changes at GM that are impacting this decision. We hope to hear about the location by the end of the month.

2000-2001 Budget Status - President Cunningham gave the Board a budget projection as of this date. This semester enrollment appears to be flat with a slight increase in credits.

An accurate picture will be available after the first week of classes. (A copy of this report is on file with the official Board materials.) A representative from the State Budget Office said that community colleges most likely would not get an increase in State funds for next year. If this is the case, this will represent a $1 million loss to the College. We are preparing conservative projections with the assumption of not getting an increase in State funds.

Board of Trustees Website - President Cunningham stated that Christine Lopez has put a lot of time and energy into the Board of Trustees website. Christine gave the Board a presentation. The web site address is /trustees.

Action Items

Approval of Minutes - President Cunningham presented the November 20 and December 13, 2000 meeting minutes for approval. The minutes were approved as presented.

Human Resources



Gretchen M. Couraud, Director, LCC Foundation, Foundation Office, Executive Office

Julia Petry, Chair, Social Science, Social Science, Liberal Studies Division

Richard Reagan, Chair, Communication, Communication, Liberal Studies Division

Jeffrey E. Stiles, Program Director, Imaging Technology, Human Health and Public Service, Careers Division



Ronald E. Roush, Director, Operational Services, Administrative Services Division


Sharon Kennedy, Faculty Member, Careers Division

Trustee Creamer commended the College in attracting Ms. Gretchen Couraud. He said she is an aggressive, tenacious individual that is well connected in the community and will do a great job.

Trustee Creamer said that it places management in an uncomfortable situation in making job offers and having the Board approve the appointment before consummating the deal. It is always possible that the Board will disapprove the appointment and management has already made an offer to the candidate. He stated that the Board should look at delegating this process to management to avoid placing them in an uncomfortable situation.

Trustee Canady agreed that Ms. Couraud was a great choice for the Foundation Director position.

Strategic Plan/Monitoring Reports/AQIP/Program Review

The Board was asked to approve the proposed modification and language to the strategic plan. The following modification was made on page 1 of the Strategic plan:

4) Personal Enrichment. LCC will participate in all four learning areas with an emphasis on ?careers and related Information Technology?. (language in italics is the suggested modification.)

The following language was added to the Guiding Principles:

LCC will manage its finances in a responsible manner; allocating resources and achieving efficiencies to best serve the priority needs of its students and the taxpayers who support its operation.

President Cunningham said that the monitoring reports, and academic quality improvement project (AQIP), and the program review all lay the foundation on which the Board will make some major decisions in the next new few months.

The strategic plan and AQIP will integrate the daily work of the College and allow us to measure and evaluate how the college is doing and present it to the Board. This information will be important in how we move forward in terms of monitoring reports, continuous improvement processes, and program and service review. Every area of the College will go through a review process.

President Cunningham stated that the Program Review process would allow us to shift more dollars to instruction.

Mr. Ray Turner gave the Board a presentation regarding the monitoring reports and academic quality improvement process project. He said our strategic plan is built on a continuous improvement process model. Drivers in the plan include financial balance, research and analysis looking at information and data as a basis for informing our planning. These are drivers for the action that the strategic plan includes in order to move forward. The College is involved in lots of planning such as instructional master planning, facilities master planning, and marketing planning. We are planning for strategic initiatives and strategic areas of excellence in the strategic plan. The plans are being set up to measure the outcomes we achieve. Critically, all of the outcomes are fed back into our system of information to inform further cycles of planning.

Mr. Turner stated in the past the College operated under the Carver governance model and Board Ends. It is being suggested that the monitoring reports be replaced by performance measurements done in a systematic way. Reports will continue to be given to the Board, but in the new format, which will include performance measurements.

Mr. Turner outlined the Academic Quality Improvement Process (AQIP). AQIP is a partnership with North Central Association to encourage and facilitate the academic quality improvement at the College. It is an alternative to the traditional cycle of accreditation and provides a context for continuous improvement that is consistent with the College's strategic plan. Mr. Turner stated the following processes are vital in receiving accreditation and have or will be accomplished: structure strategic plan implementation into continuous improvement format, integrate strategic plan with AQIP timeline, communicate with North Central and other AQIP colleges, college-wide dialogue about AQIP, completing the Trailblazer Self-study, submitting the recommendation to the Board, and the Board deciding to request AQIP participation. The following are processes that still need to take place: formal request for participation submitted to NCA, college acceptance into AQIP, and strategy forum. The strategy forum is the first collaborative activity with the North Central Association in the AQIP process.

Provost Wimbish addressed the Board regarding program review. She stated that the process started by looking at the strategic plan to decide on the criteria that would be used for the decision making process. Open forums took place where the criteria, process, and examples of information that would be collected were discussed. She said that on October 16 the Business Office provided data that was distributed to departments for faculty to review the information. Divisions were then asked to review information on October 20 regarding the College's community impact. Faculty were involved in the review and in the discussions.

A program review recommendation will be submitted to the Board for their review at the next meeting.

Approval of Bids-

Two bids were presented to the Board for approval. The first proposal was for a network upgrade and Sequoia was awarded the bid. The second proposal was for an enterprise-wide data backup system and Compsat Technologies was awarded the bid.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Creamer and supported by Trustee Pelleran to accept the President's report as presented.

Ayes: Canady, Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson

Motion carried.

Public Comment

There was no public comment.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:33 p.m.

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