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School-To-Registered-Apprenticeship (STRA) Program

This program gives high school students the opportunity to get long-term career and occupational education and training both in the classroom and at a job site. Employers work with school counselors, instructors and a STRA Program coordinator to give students the chance to interview for specific job openings that are available. Paid work-based training begins while the student is in high school and continues with guaranteed full-time employment after graduation and employer-paid college instruction.

Michigan Department of Career Development: Michigan's Career Preparation System emphasizes the need for students to get career and occupational information, participate in career exploration activities and investigate career education, training and employment options.

Regional STRA Coordinator Contact Information

For more information on STRA, contact your high school counselor or:

Eaton Intermediate School District
Ralph Hansen
STRA Coordinator
Phone: (517) 483-1329

Clinton Regional Educational Service AGENCY
Jennifer Branch
STRA Coordinator
Phone: (989) 224-6831

Ingham Intermediate School District
Jeri Hoffman
Placement Specialist, STRA Coordinator
Phone: (517) 244-1300   

Lansing School District
Scott Miller
Placement Specialist, STRA Coordinator
Phone: (517) 755-2067


Technical Careers at Lansing Community College

Technical Careers Division
West Campus, Room M103
Phone: (517) 483-1319
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