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Apprenticeship Selection Process

Each company, union and association has their own apprentice selection process.

  • All companies follow equal employment opportunity guidelines.

  • All companies follow Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training guidelines.

A typical selection process follows this pattern:

  • Public notification of apprenticeship positions;
  • Application period;
  • Review of applications;
  • Qualified candidates are determined;
  • Notice of testing sent to qualified candidates;
  • Candidates tested;
  • Tests are scored and evaluated;
  • Candidates are notified of test results (pass/fail);
  • Candidates passing the apprenticeship testing are sent interview letters;
  • Candidates are interviewed;
  • Candidates receive a final selection score based on testing and interview;
  • Candidates are placed on an apprentice selection list according to score;
  • Apprentices are hired in descending order from the highest score

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