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LCC Sustainability Events and Projects

Get Involved!

Dumpster Diving - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM at the Washington Mall area. 

The Fourth Annual Eco-Scholars Day is scheduled for Friday, April 19, 2013 from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM at the West Campus.

This event is an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in sustainability and the environment presented by LCC students, faculty and staff.  Anyone is welcome to attend and explore the outstanding work done, both in and out of class, that focuses on broad themes of sustainability.  Recognizing that these subjects are interdisciplinary, students, faculty/administrators, and staff from any program, department, division, or office at the College are welcome to Apply to give a presentation at the event.  LCC will provide transportation between Main Campus and West Campus for students participating in the event.

Tom Diets, Ph.D., Project Director, Innovation 5, will be giving a presentation on "Nanotechnology and the Built Environment."  For most of us, nanotechnology is a word that conjures up images of nanobots and other exotic technologies.  However, in the past decade, some of the key principles of nanotechnology have begun to positively impact how we create and maintain our built environment.  Architects, builders and even homeowners are learning that applying nanotechnology to the elements of the built environment, can conserve materials, improve energy efficiency and enable entirely new ideas for living and work spaces.  Tom will describe some products already on the market, others soon to appear and some new building concepts that are truly far out. 

Rent a Bike and Check Out Old Town

What's the perfect way to soak in Old Town's attractions and the sun at the same time?  Bike around Old Town!  If you don't have a bike, the Old Town Commercial Association has one for you.  A grant from the Governors Council on Physical Fitness has allowed OTCA to rent out four bikes, any day Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  All you need is to leave your license with us and you're set to ride around and check out Old town for a day!

Old Town Commercial Association
1232 Turner Street
Lansing MI 48906
or email:
Check out for more membership info

Let's Garden Lansing

Check out full calendar of gardening classes, groups and events in the Lansing area:

Lansing Walkability Survey Seeking Volunteers
Walk and Bike Lansing! is seeking volunteers to help with a condition inventory of Lansing sidewalks in 2010. Training will begin in March, assessments in April. Contact Payal Ravani to sign up and get details: or 248-342-1695.

Lansing *Draft* Non-Motorized Plan

Can be viewed online at Check it out and send feedback to

City of East Lansing Recycling Events

Recycling in Meridian Township

Delta Township Recycling

Ingham County Parks

Ingham County is facing budget deficit problems, and may cut funding to the Ingham County Parks (Hawk Island, Burchfield, Lake Lansing, Potter Park). To voice your thoughts and feelings, send a quick e-mail to the County Services Committee (Becky Bennett at and Commissioner Dale Copedge, and contact other County Commissioners at:

New Healthy Lifestyle Newsletter from Ingham County

The Ingham County Health Department, Public Health Services Division announces the release of the first issue of 'Our Health: Examining Topics from Our Health is in Our Hands.' 'Our Health' is a 1-page, quarterly brief focusing on a specific health topic among residents of Ingham County. The first edition of 'Our Health'  entitled, "Physical Activity in Middle-aged & Older Adults in Ingham County", focuses on the physical activity habits of middle-aged and older adults, one of the fastest growing segments of our population. You can view the current issue in the 'Publication' page of the Ingham County Health Department website or by clicking on the following link  Upcoming topics of 'Our Health' include diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular disease related deaths. Email to subscribe. 

Space to Plant Your Garden - Ingham County Land Bank

Have you considered growing a garden but don't have the space?  Would like to grow a garden but don't know how?  Would like to show students how to grow a garden?  Or maybe partner with that wonderful Senior neighbor who has always told those great stories about their past gardening? The Ingham County Land Bank, has many vacant lots around Lansing that are just waiting for a new look and the possibility to help feed a family, teach our students how to tend a garden, simply beautify an area with flowers.  Contact the Land Bank for more information on this wonderful idea and a way to help build a new relationship with someone by sharing time, teach kids how to grow plants, or simply enjoying some down time for yourself. Ingham County Land Bank:, 267-5221,

Tri-County Appropriate Transportation Coalition

Tri-County Appropriate Transportation Coalition is a group of advocates in the Ingham, Clinton, Eaton areas of Michigan who are interested in promoting bicycling, walking and other modes of transportation which are generally more affordable, fun, healthy and not as polluting as other modes. Join the google group at  or the facebook fan page at Tri-County Appropriate Transportation Coalition or contact

Michigan Now -

MICHIGANNOW.ORG is a one-stop resource for news and information about how Michigan can succeed in the new economy. Beyond being a public radio news series, we showcase new thinking, new technology, new products, and new ideas that have the potential to be catalysts for Michigan's recovery. 

MICHIGANNOW.ORG is also featured in online magazines promoting Michigan cities and metro areas, including Model D, Metromode, Concentrate, Capital Gains, and Rapid Growth.   Chris McCarus created our public radio news series in 2005.  A former Peace corps volunteer and BBC reporter, McCarus has traveled the world getting the story.  He is committed to covering news from around the state and the country that reflects ingenuity, vision, hard work, and perseverance, and that has the potential to put Michigan at the forefront of the nation's economic recovery.

Asian Carp

From Bighead carp grow to 100 pounds, have no stomach and eat up to 40% of their bodyweight every day, eliminating food supplies for native fish and causing their populations to crash. Visit the website to read more and sign an online petition.

Energy Tidbits

Want to get a monthly summary of energy-related project in Michigan? Energy Tidbits is free and is prepared by John Sarver, Michigan Dept. of Energy, Labor, & Economic Growth.  To subscribe, contact  Previous copies can be found at under Publications.

Sustainability at Lansing Community College

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