Lansing Community College

LCC recognizes Native American Heritage Month

LCC is proud to celebrate Native American Heritage Month Nov. 1-30, 2022.
LCC and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion celebrate diversity 365 days per year, but we pause with the nation this November to highlight the proud history of Indigenous people in America.
We are proud to recognize and celebrate the rich and diverse tribal cultures that continue to thrive across our nation.
In September 2021, the LCC Board of Trustees approved a Resolution to Support the Recognition of the use of Land Acknowledgement and to Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day at LCC. LCC will continue to celebrate the traditions of Native people to ensure their rich history and contributions are passed on to each generation.
You can read the full resolution here and learn more about the Land Acknowledgement on the website.


Head staff of Lansing's Riverbank Traditional Pow Wow, featuring several LCC alums.

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