Lansing Community College

LCC commits to Equity Action Plan

In December, LCC finalized an Equity Action Plan that outlines the college’s “strategic intentions to increase diversity, promote equity and foster inclusion within the LCC community over the next three years and beyond.” It builds on the work LCC employees and students have been doing for years, and on the Board of Trustees’ June 2020 “Resolution Addressing Racial Injustice through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

It includes five key action areas drawn from the Board of Trustees’ resolution.

  1. Address racial injustice collegewide.
  2. Embed diversity, equity and inclusion into the academic curriculum/program designs, thus increasing career readiness and placement for all, and combat inequities in student achievement and close equity gaps through increased retention and completion rates, particularly for students of color and those who are low-income, first-generation, adult learners or from marginalized populations.
  3. Create guided expectations around student and employee orientations in diversity, equity and inclusion as well as increase cultural awareness and understanding of students with disabilities.
  4. Establish systemic changes in the hiring and recruitment processes, particularly for faculty, thus incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion in our workforce.
  5. Ensure equity in law enforcement procedures, policies and behaviors in the Public Safety Division.

Each area includes concrete action steps and a timeline for implementation.

Diversity at LCC