Lansing Community College

Chosen name form now available at LCC

All students can now request their chosen name be used on D2L and the system used by the Academic Success Coaches. LCC recognizes many students use a name that is different than their legal name, and that identity should be respected whenever legally possible.

If you are interested, fill out the “Chosen Name Change Form,” located on the Registrar’s website. If you do not fill out the form, your legal first and last name will continue to appear in D2L and all other college systems.

Any student is welcome to request a chosen name. Common examples of reasons to use a chosen name include:

  • If you prefer a nickname form of your name, like Bill for William or Katie for Katherine
  • If you primarily use your middle name instead of first name
  • If your legal name conflicts with your gender identity
  • If you are an international student (or any student) who prefers to use an Americanized name while in school
  • If you use a last name that is different than your legal last name

Your legal name will still appear in a few college systems – like financial aid and paychecks – where we are required to use legal names, but it should not appear anywhere your classmates can see it.

Please note: Only one chosen name form can be submitted per semester, and the college reserves the right to deny chosen names for reasons including but not limited to those that are inappropriate, discriminatory or used to substantially interfere with identification.

Learn more about chosen names online.