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All events are free unless noted otherwise ($).  For additional information, please call (517) 483-1488.

The shows listed on this page are performances involving LCC students.  For information about other shows that may be held on LCC's campus, that are not listed here, please contact LCC Conference Services at 517-483-9300.

Dart Auditorium

Friday & Saturday
January 21 & 22
All The Lives of Me
A one-man variety show, music and comedy, created and performed by LCC Theatre alum Nathan Oesterle.
Donations accepted a the door
for The Stan Hartman Scholarship Fund; no advance reservations.
LCC Black Box Theatre, 168 Gannon Building
February 11
Theatre Fundraiser
The Public Offenders present a night of comedy, music and film to benefit the LCC Theatre Scholarship Fund.
$5 donation at the door.
Dart Auditorium
Fridays & Saturdays
Feb 18-19 & 25-26
Endgame by Samuel Beckett, directed by Andy Callis
Taking us on a powerfully sad and hilarious journey into meaninglessness and nothingness, Beckett's absurd comic masterpiece contains beautifully terse language and unforgettable characters.  A blind man unable to stand, his servant who cannot sit, and has parents who have no legs share a tiny room and approach the end with routines, rituals, remembrance, remaining, and remains.
$5 LCC faculty, staff, alumni & all students, $10 adults.
Tickets available at the door.
LCC Black Box Theatre, 168 Gannon Building
February 27
La Batterie Drum Concert
Directed by Mike Daniels
Dart Auditorium
March 3
An Evening of Jazz
Featuring the LCC Jazz Band directed by Jon Gewirtz and the LanSwingers Vocal Pop & Jazz Ensemble directed by Lara Wagner
Dart Auditorium
Fridays & Saturdays
March 25-26 &
April 1-2, 8:00pm,
Sunday March 27,
Pentecost by David Edgar, directed by Chad Badgero
A fresco is unearthed in an abandoned church in Eastern Europe.  Similar to "The Lamentation" by Giotto, it will revolutionize Western Art if proved to pre date the master's work.  The discovery causes a dramatic struggle as representatives from the worlds of art history, religion and politics stake their claims for the ultimate prize.  The unexpected arrival of twelve refugees sets events spiraling toward an explosive climax.  This powerful play by Tony Award winning adaptor of Nicholas Nickleby, and author of numerous plays, won the Evening Standard Award for Best Play of 1995.  "One of those rare works that makes you want to climb on to roof tops to shout about its merits.....Funny, frightening and deeply moving." Daily Telegraph.  "Cuts to the heart in a smashing ideological epic." N.Y. Times.
$5 LCC faculty, staff, alumni & all students, $10 adult.
Call 517-372-0945 for reservations or purchase at the door.
Dart Auditorium
Friday & Saturday
April 8-9, 8:00pm
April 10, 3:00pm
Sidewalk Fairytales
A Broadway musical revue directed by Janine Novenske Smith.
$5 donation at the door
Dart Auditorium
Thursday & Friday
Apr. 21-22, 8:00pm
April 23, 2:00pm
LCC's annual spring dance concert directed by Roberta Otten
$5 LCC faculty, staff, alumni & all students,
$10 adult.
Call 517-372-0945 for reservations or purchase at the door.
Dart Auditorium


Dates and events are subject to change.
Call 517-483-1488
for the latest information.

Want to take your place on stage?  LCC offers associate degrees in theatre, general or commercial music, music management, stage technology, and dance courses and internships.  Courses can also be taken as electives for other degrees or transfer programs, or simply for personal enrichment.  Call 517-483-1018 or visit for more information.

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