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Documentation with a full name and test date is required, but can be unofficial. After you submit your documents we will reply with placement and testing information (if necessary). Use the links below to access your document(s) if you have not already done so.

The following form requires you to log in to your LCC student account. Use the "Activate my account" link if logging in for the first time.

Assessment Level Chart Assessment, Pre-Requisite, and Orientation Waiver Form

Get Your High School Transcript

Submit your high school transcript or online grade report that shows your overall GPA (e.g. PowerSchool). These can be unofficial documents. If you do not currently have access to either of these you can use the Parchment service and return to this form when you receive a transcript.

Go to to create an account. IMPORTANT: On the final form waive the FERPA statement and check the box that says, "I authorize a copy of my credentials to be stored in my Parchment account where I can view and manage the documents." This allows you to view an unofficial document.

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