Lansing Community College

Many online courses at Lansing Community College require one or more proctored exams. Check your syllabus or contact your instructor to determine if you will be required to test in a proctored environment.

LCC Testing Center Options

  • East Campus does not providing test proctoring for online courses.
  • Hours subject to change during break periods and holidays.
  • Testing Center - GB 2228

    Monday - Tuesday 8am 5pm 6pm
    Wednesday-Thursday 8am 4pm 5pm
    Friday 8am 3pm 4pm
    Saturday Closed  
    Sunday Closed  

    Locate Downtown Campus

  • West Campus Student Services - Hours of Operation*

    Monday - Tuesday Closed temporarily due to COVID
    Wednesday - Thursday Closed temporarily due to COVID
    Friday Closed temporarily due to COVID
    Saturday - Sunday Closed temporarily due to COVID

    *Hours subject to change during break periods and holidays

    • Bring a picture ID!  It is required to take your test
    • Tests are administered on a walk-in basis
    • Contact us by calling: 517-267-5452

    Locate West Campus

  • Placement testing and proctored testing for online courses are done on a walk-in basis and picture ID is required. Students in online courses can take their proctored exams at West Campus, the Livingston County Center in Howell, or an approved non-LCC testing site, typically another college testing center. For more information please contact the Livingston County Center at 517-545-3522.

    Livingston County Center Testing Hours

    Monday - Thursday Closed temporarily due to COVID
    Friday Closed temporarily due to COVID
    Saturday-Sunday Closed temporarily due to COVID

    (Hours vary between semesters)

    For more information about LCC's assessment process, visit the LCC Placement Testing Center, or call the Livingston County Center at 517-545-3522.

    Locate Livingston County Center


Off-Campus Testing Options

You may also request to test at an approved off-campus (non-LCC) testing site, preferably another college testing center. Test proctoring fees may apply at non-LCC testing centers. If you need assistance locating a proctor, contact us at 517-267-5503 or Complete the Proctor Request Form listed below to designate your proctor.

To ensure that proctors are approved in time for final exams, we encourage students to submit their proctor requests at least three weeks before the end of the semester. Requests received after that date will still be processed, but risk possibly not being set up in time for final exams.

Student Testing Guidelines

  • Tests will be given out up to one hour before closing time.
    Hours and Locations
  • Bring a picture ID. If you do not have a picture ID you will not be able to test.
  • You will not be able to leave testing room without submitting your work, finished or unfinished.  It is advisable to use the restroom before you come to the Course Testing Center.
  • Be prepared to know the following information:

    • Your instructor's name
    • Your class code (e.g. PSYC 200, BIOL 120)
    • Your test name (e.g. Test 1, Midterm, Quiz 2)
  • Cell phones, smart watches, and other electronic devices are prohibited in the testing room. Cell phone lockers and cubbies for storage are available in the testing center lobby.
  • The only materials allowed at your desk are the materials allowed for your test, as noted by your instructor.
  • Instructors can contact Testing Services directly to extend their exam due dates.

Please Note

The Testing Support Office requires five to seven business days to process a request. The Testing Support Office reserves the right to deny services and will notify a student if they are unable to approve a proctoring services request.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding proctor requests or off-campus testing, please contact the Testing Support Office at 517-267-5503 or by email at

Room of Student Testing

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