This form is meant for minor problems, such as broken assistive technology or malfunctioning automatic doors. To learn how to file a formal grievance, please use our grievance form.

Disability Grievance

Please use this form to notify us of any problems relating to accessibility or disability that you may have encountered on campus.

Personal information is optional for this form, but strongly encouraged. Including information about yourself may help us resolve problems more quickly.


Disability Grievance

Lansing Community College is committed to providing services and accommodations necessary to make its programs and activities accessible to all qualified students, regardless of a disabling condition. Services coordinated through the Center for Student Access (CSA) ensure eligible students equal access to an education.

The goal is to maximize the student educational potential while helping to develop and maintain the student independence. The program philosophy is one that encourages self-advocacy. An important activity of the office is to inform students of services and adaptive equipment available to them on campus and in the community. Students are encouraged to independently access services and to best meet their individual needs. Students are required to identify their needs and to register with CSA to be considered eligible for accommodations. All services are based on individual needs.

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Student chats with helper at the StarZone in the Gannon building

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