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This week's employer spotlight is with Liquid Web. We asked Nicky Bulmer-Jones some questions about working within the company.

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What makes your company a great place to work?

While the culture is a big draw, the people are what make Liquid Web a great place to work. It is nice to work with like-minded tech enthusiasts and fellow nerds. It is encouraged to learn what you like and forge your own path.

Describe the culture of your company.

Liquid Web is like that family reunion where you bring a variety of personalities to the table but at the end of the day, everyone wants to see each other succeed. People work to lift each other up and to help them along whatever path they choose to follow.

What majors do you hire?

We aren't looking for any specific major. However, those that tend to gravitate to us are studying Computer Science, Information Security/Technology and Computer Programming.

What skills and/or experiences do you look for in candidates?

You can always teach the tech side of things, what you can't teach is a passion for technology, a passion for learning, and the ability to interact with people in a meaningful way. We look for people that can provide exceptional customer service, collaborate with co-workers, and keep up with the ever-changing world of technology.

Do you offer internship programs?

Not at this time.

Do you have any open positions you would like to highlight?

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What is one piece of career advice you would give LCC students?

Figure out where your passion lies and strive for that. Don't be afraid to apply for positions that you don't necessarily meet all the listed criteria for, it is rare to find anyone that hits every bullet point. Be prepared and ready to sell your skillset, and don't forget that you are interviewing an employer as well.

How can students connect with you?


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