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We asked Staci Little some questions about working within the company.


What makes your company a great place to work?

Brookdale has so many opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally. There are so many benefits, Flexible work schedules.

Describe the culture of your company.

The culture at Brookdale is great my residents and coworkers are my 2nd family. The culture is fun and upbeat so that work doesn’t feel like work. The overall focus is being solution-minded with a "Yes, we can" attitude.

What majors do you hire?

We are open to any and all majors. We look for CNAs LPNs, RNs in the healthcare field.

What skills and/or experiences do you look for in candidates?

We look for people who have a strong drive in customer service. People who truly understand the "Be our Guest" mentality. People who are caring and compassionate. People who are solution minded and willing to offer suggestions for process improvement. We do look for people who already have skills in helping residents with ADLs however we will always train the right person. We also look for people who want to engage with the residents as people and not as tasks.

Do you offer internship programs?

To my knowledge we do not offer internships. However, we have filled paperwork out for college students to receive credits toward their degrees. They hired in with us and completed however many hours that were required and we made sure to look over the course materials and expectations prior to agreeing to do it.

Do you have any open positions you would like to highlight?

We would like to highlight our caregiver positions, cook positions, and our programs coordinator position.

What is one piece of career advice you would give lcc students?

Keep learning and growing - Learn something new everyday

How can students connect with you?


Staci Little

LCC Student Spotlight at Brookdale

Staci Little, Health and Wellness Director II

Current or Former LCC student?
Former LCC Nursing Student

LCC Major and Education/Career goals

What I like most about working for Brookdale
Brookdale gives me an opportunity to pass on the skills and knowledge that I learned while attending LCC to others. I feel empowered to use what I’ve learned to help care for and enrich the lives of the residents in the community. The people I work with are fantastic and a true joy to work with.

How I heard about employment with Brookdale
During my nursing clinicals I researched the companies in the areas that I wanted to work in and found Brookdale had great opportunities in Michigan and around the country.

Advice to anyone applying for jobs/internships
I would suggest researching the fields you find exciting and look for opportunities within those companies. Internships can be a great way to find out how much you will enjoy a potential career in that field.

Any other information you would like to share with LCC students
I recommend always looking to continue education to further yourself in and out of your field of choice.

When applying to job postings and creating resumes please create a professional email account, standing out is important but not in your email address.

Do some basic research into the companies that you are applying for and have a few questions ready for the company to answer that are not yes/no type of questions.

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