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Frequently Asked Questions

LCC Information

I completed the General Application and I do not have LCC information on the Applicant Record tab. What should I do?

LCC information is imported regularly.
If you are a new LCC student, we encourage you to review your scholarship application for LCC information the next business day.

If you have not taken a class between Fall 2015 and Spring 2017, your information will not be imported and you need to contact the Foundation Office at the email address below.

If LCC information is not visible after 48 hours, you should email so your application can be reviewed.

The LCC information on the Applicant Record tab is incorrect. How can I correct it?

You cannot make updates to the LCC information through your scholarship application. You should contact LCC Admissions, Registration and Records at 517-483-1200 selection 2.


How can I tell if my reference has submitted the letter?

You will receive an email notifying you when a reference has been submitted.  You can check the status of your references by signing into your application using your username and password. Click on References found in the blue navigation bar. Your references and their status will be visible.

Can I resend my reference request?

Yes. Sign into your application using your username and password. Click on References. Click the resend button. A second reference request will be sent.

Can I change my reference contact?

Yes. Click on Applications found on the blue navigation bar. Click on view box on your General Application. Find the reference request question in the list of questions and click on Add a New Reference. Enter the name and email address of your new reference and click on the Update General Application blue box.

What if my reference does not submit a letter?

It is your responsibility to make sure references are received. Please check your references on a regular basis to ensure they are received. If a reference is not received on a timely basis, please enter a new reference contact on your General Application making sure you allow sufficient time for the new reference to be received before the application deadline.

Scholarship Opportunities

How can I see the scholarship opportunities that I was automatically matched to?

Students are only able to view the recommended scholarships for which they supplied additional information and submitted an application. Students may see scholarships that do not require additional action by clicking "All Opportunities" to review criteria for the opportunities that auto-match eligible applicants.

How do I know my recommended opportunity application was submitted?

Click on the Applications in the blue navigation bar. Select Active. Your General Application must say complete in the lower left hand corner and the active application should have submitted in the upper right hand corner.


When will I know if I have received a scholarship?

Scholarship award notification emails will be sent out on April 30, 2017 to your College email.

Can I be awarded more than one scholarship?

Due to the high number of eligible applicants and limited scholarship funding, both Lansing Community College and the Lansing Community College Foundation strive to assist the most students possible. Students may receive only one award per academic year. If you do accidentally receive two awards, you will be asked to select which one award you wish to keep.

Financial Aid at Lansing Community College

Financial Aid Office
Gannon Building
2nd Floor - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1200 (option 1)
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