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November 2016 - The Go Rounds

Ready. Set. Go Round time!

Story by LCC Radio Reporter Sarah Spohn

The Go RoundsKalamazoo psychedelic pop rock band The Go Rounds have been there, done that and came back for seconds. The quartet has seen changes in sights, sounds and lineups since their debut in 2010. Today’s roster features Graham Parsons (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Adam Danis (drums), Drew Tyner (bass), Mike Savina (guitar, vocals) hasn’t always been the furious foursome. Lead singer Graham spoke about The Go Rounds, and their somewhat cyclical changes and shifts over the years.

“The Go Rounds started as a quintet in 2010, and in 2012 grew to anywhere between15-21 people in support of the release of Feathername, an expansive album that featured string and horn arrangements.” 

Getting everyone in the same room at the same time proved to be a “logical nightmare,” and led to restructuring in January 2014.

“We have been rocking this arrangement since, and it’s much tighter and succinct,” Graham said. “The sound continues to evolve as we continue to explore new instruments and refine our talent, as well as think of exciting new ways to engage a listener.”

The band’s bio leaves plenty up to the listener’s imagination, something that’s very intentional, according to the group. Their website describes The Go Rounds “like little bits of all your favorite bands exploded into rock ‘n’ roll confetti; where Beauty meets Fury, The Go Rounds wail like the sonic love-child of Nashville and L.A.”

Influenced by Roy Orbison, the Sun Records years of Elvis Presley, St. Vincent, Alabama Shakes, Patrick Wilson and more, The Go Rounds never feel the need to fit into a specific genre with their music. And it’s that progression and hard-to-pinpoint sound that’s enabled the Kalamazoo quartet to stick out in today’s mainstream music scene.

The Go RoundsThe band has spent a good amount of time traveling on the road for shows, tours, and festivals over the past few years. They spoke about their hometown and the cultural community Kalamazoo is home to.

“The past three years we have been around the state and region more often than at home, for better or worse. IN a college town like Kalamazoo, the turnover rate of young minds is frequent, especially for Western Michigan University, the campus infrastructure is secluded from the thriving art and cultural scene downtown. However, there is a thriving do-it-together community in Kalamazoo, with many active musicians playing and hosting shows. The town also does have a rich musical history, providing homes for many working musicians. And let’s not forget Kalamazoo’s place in musical history as the original home of Gibson Guitars, and the current home of The Heritage Company.”

Part of that thriving community is thanks to original founding member of The Go Rounds, Graham. After a tragic loss of his musical brother, Dan Schmitt in 2007, Graham’s family started Farm Block, a music festival in Northern Michigan each July.

“Since 2008, the festival serves as an annual fundraiser for the Dan Schmitt Gift of Music Foundation, a non-profit organization that has provided funding and administration of musical education and art in both the Keweenaw Peninsula and Kalamazoo,” the band said.

The Go RoundsAnother creative collaboration the group has remained close with is the Double Phelix, a studio in Kalamazoo spearheaded by the band’s friend and original member Andy Catlin.

“For a period of probably three and a half years, we produced numerous recordings, often utilizing the talents of musicians involved in the collective to arrange music around a songwriter’s tune. So many varied styles were explored and cherished recordings were produced. Double Phelix isn’t really active anymore, but lives on in the way we all came together as young artists and friends.”

On the band’s latest release, “I promise I wont get hurt,” the group continues to go onwards.

“We felt like we were taking another step forward with sound capture.” The previous release, “Don't Go Not Changin” was described as an endeavor that brought about valuable lessons in recording and capturing solid rhythm and vocals.

Currently working on another upcoming EP to be released this winter, and likely to be returning to the studio before Christmasttime, The Go Rounds continue onwards and upwards with plenty of momentum, with plans of a Southeast, Texas, Mexico and the East Coast tour and anticipated full-length album out in 2017.

It’s that gusto that has led the band to many spaces and places all across the country, but some of their favorite festivals to play still remain here in the mitten state. Having jammed on stages at Wheatland Music Festival, Earthwork Harvest Gathering, Buttermilk Jamborre, Blissfest, and Hoxeyville, the Go Rounds have nothing but love for the state that has given the quartet a home for the past few years. A place that’s also home to some pretty great brews, a favorite concert locale for The Go Rounds to frequent.

“We have also enjoyed playing some of Michigan’s best breweries at their respective anniversary celebrations,” they said, “Short’s Brewing, Founders, New Holland.”

The Go RoundsOther career highlights have been playing with Kansas Bible Company, Vulfpeck, Divino Nino, and Heavy Cooler. Of course, a musical career can’t be complete without a few wacky gig stories scattered throughout, here and there. The band discussed some of their most silly stories.

Having been kicked out of Des Moines dive bar, destroying amps, catching bluegill with their merch pocket mirror as bait, and speaking in different accents while on stage, The Go Rounds certainly know how to have a good time.

“It helps us understand in an obscure and unclear way why we’re doing what we’re doing,” they said.

The band is also quick to give credit to community radio stations for support on the airwaves. “Big thanks to all of you in Lansing, as well as 89.1 WIDR Kalamazoo, 88.1 WYCE Grand Rapids, 90.7 WNMC Traverse City, 107.1 WQKL Ann Arbor—you all are huge supporters, thank you, thank you, thank you” the band said.



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