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Feburary 2014 - Taylor Taylor

taylor taylor sparkles

Sixteen-year-old singer/songwriter from Lansing dazzles. By Staff Reporter Karen Hopper

Taylor TaylorWe'll have our feature on Taylor Taylor on the way, in the meantime, don't forget to check our archived Spotlight Artists located under the banner.

Sixteen year old Taylor Taylor is our February M897 artist because she’s just so darn dedicated. And she’s got a big moment coming up in early March, opening for Jared Lee and Pia Toscano at the LCC Spring Concert, an event she says she’s excited for.

But before that, she’ll head to the studio to record new songs this month. So far, she’s released her self-titled EP and a 2.0 version of it with extra music (including “No Stopping Us,” the single available for free this month here on the LCC Radio website), but she’s been working on a new batch of songs for an updated EP and is planning for an additional five songs.

Taylor SquaredHer songwriting philosophy stays true to her age. Some of those songs on that first EP were written when she was just thirteen and fourteen years old.

“My lyrics now are more thoughtful, and are more relatable . . . when I was thirteen or fourteen I was just trying to write a song to write a song . . . now I’m thinking about how the songs and lyrics relate to each other and relate to people.”

There’s romanticism and determination in her lyrics “My Love is on the Way” and “No Stopping Us,” that is typical of her age--she says “My Love Is On the Way” isn’t about anybody in particular--but that’s not simply a product of being a young woman; it’s also the result of a decision to write songs about being a young woman.

“One of my songs is called ‘Right Here,’ about how I am where I’m supposed to be, that my life’s not perfect but things will fall into place . . . It’s really honest, I think.”

Lyrics can be hard, she says, because the music comes much more naturally to her. She knows what she wants the song to sound like, but she worries about “messing up the song” with the wrong lyrics.

Taylor TaylorThen last year in her English class, an epiphany:
“We had a poetry unit so we had to write some poems, and that came pretty easily to me . . . I realized that if I can write a poem, I can write a song.”

Taylor Taylor--so named because her mother had always wanted to name a child using her maiden name and decided to stick with the name when she found herself pregnant but unmarried; Taylor says she likes it because people always remember her name--has been studying guitar for eight or nine years and drums for a good length of time as well. She’s got a songwriting instructor who helps her out and a serious momager who books gigs, hauls gear, and drives her around the state.

So what’s it like to be a teenager beginning a professional music career? Are her peers jealous or catty?

"Not really," she says.“I’ve found that everyone is super supportive.”




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