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September 2019 - Odds Fish

Quirky Quartet Alt-Rockers Splash Big as Lansing's Odds Fish

Story by LCC Radio Social Media Coordinator Alexander Deitrickson

Odds Fish Promo PicOne might think the phrase Odds Fish is a bit - well “odd”. It certainly isn’t a phrase that’s heard much in contemporary America. That’s because its origins are connected to Victorian England, a time when cursing or mentioning religious figures was extremely taboo. “Odds fish” was a less offensive way of saying ‘God’s flesh”, kind of like jeez, heck, or wholly guacamole! These days, the term Odds Fish takes on a whole new meaning as one of Mid-Michigan’s favorite indie alt-rock groups. Whether you find them a little odd, or maybe even a little taboo, this school of fish is comprised of Meagan Earls (vocals), Will McCullough (guitar), Nick Kressler (bass/vocals), and Tony Rodebaugh (drums/vocals).

Lansing’s music scene can be tough, some bands rise to the top, while others fade away. You’d think a young band would be scared off by this fact of life, yet Odds Fish has embraced the tension of Lansing’s competitive opportunities and still continued to thrive in Lansing’s musical pond. The band first hit the live scene in October of 2015. Two years later, they took part in the Q106 Homegrown Throwdown, an annual battle of twenty-four bands fighting for the musical spotlight over five nights, with two runner-up prizes and the grand prize of sponsors, cash, and media support to launch the winner into the stage of their musical destiny. Although, they didn’t win the tournament, Jeez, Odds Fish put up one Odds Fish Album "Sink Me"heck of a fight, making it to the final round. With the band only having two years of concert experience at the time. Holy guacamole! We’d call that a triumph!

“The ability to share what we love doing, and the ability to inspire people is why we started a band,” said Earls, “What makes us love it so much is when we do reach people and create an emotional response.”

The band lends their success to the combination of skills and talents within the band. With Earls as the Odds Fish frontwoman, lyricist, and vocalist, she’s made great use of her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. She utilizes her background in music theory and vocal techniques to give their band an edge in their composition and flair. Watching a live show, one can tell Earls is brilliant at employing her strong feminine energy to set them apart from other bands. Meanwhile, McCullough supplies the band with its musical panache as Odds Fish guitarist and composer. While Kressler adds to the mix as the band’s bass player and backup vocalist, his childhood isn’t what you’d expect from most rock musicians. His father is a renowned jazz pianist and his mother, a local director. An upbringing that gave Kressler a taste for jazz and classical music, along with an appreciation for theater. Finally, Rodebaugh rounds out the quartet on drums and assisting on backing vocals. His knowledge audio and sound reinforcement was instrumental in the recording process of the band’s debut release, Sink Me.

Odds Fish keeps their music focused on live performances, avoiding auto tune and digital effects; instead favoring acoustic techniques that can be used on stage without a studio. The feel you get from listening to Odds Fish comes from their musical inspiration like Beatles, Queen, Muse, Chad Smith, and Dave Grohl. When Odds Fish isn’t swimming in venues across the Great Lakes State, you can findOdds Fish Live them working on their follow-up release, and enjoying their time at “county fairs, renaissance festivals, casinos, playing with our cats and dogs, and spending copious amounts of time on YouTube.” If you haven’t had a chance to check out Odds Fish yet, it’s time to take a swim, get hooked, reel ‘em in, catch the wave, and/or any other odd fish pun you can think of!

“We hope those who hear us are moved, touched, and inspired by our music. We hope they enjoy what we do because we enjoy doing it for them. We also want to play on Conan. That would be nice. Conan O’Brien, we want to play on your show.”- Odds Fish


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