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M897 Artists Update 2017

Major Labels, Moves, & New Music

Story by LCC Radio Reporter Sarah Spohn

We’re never one to boast here at LCC Radio (well hardly never), but we are proud to promote and give credit where due to our massively talented artists and groups that make up the unique and diverse sounds of the musical mitten state. It just so happens that plenty of our past M897 archived artists (we won’t say we told you so) have gone on to do even bigger, better things over the years.

So, to kick off January 2017, here’s a beginning of the year look-back at some of our former M897 artists and an update on what’s been going on with them since we last spoke.

The Outer Vibe
The Outer Vibe (January 2016):

The Surf Disco, sun-drenched sixties-inspired tasty colada tunes band, The Outer Vibe, uprooted from Beer City USA:Grand Rapids and made the trek to the musical motherland, Nashville, Tennessee in the fall of last year. Since then, they have set up camp in a rental house near Music Row and signed a three-year publishing contract with Catch This Music in Nashville. Given their new proximity to the many halls of fame and rich musical history, the band has been writing and collaborating with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). The Outer Vibe is currently recording new music, and have released special EPs available for purchase only at their shows.

 Greg Nagy
Greg Nagy (August 2015):

Flint-born and bred blues singer Greg Nagy has seen it all over his lengthy decade-spanning career in the biz. Luckily, the past few years, despite many changes, have brought good things for the good old fashioned true-blue jam singer songwriter. His record, “Stranded” was named one of the Top 50 Albums of the Year by Living Blues, and number two for the year on the Roots Music Report for R&B/Soul. “Stranded” also was featured in Downbeat Magazine’s Best of 2015.

Flint Eastwood
Flint Eastwood (June 2015):

The Spaghetti-Western inspired eclectic indie outfit continues to ride the wave of creativity, right into the New Year. Her single, “Can You Feel Me Now” was featured in an episode of FOX’s T.V. show “Gotham” in 2016. The artist also wrote melodies with one of her favorite bands, MUTEMATH’s track, “Vitals.” The front woman Jax Anderson is also heavily involved in supporting and promoting the creative, collaborative efforts of Detroit musicians and artists with ASSEMBLE. The former Church-turned-crazy cool ASSEMBLE headquarters is a hip music haven with recording studios, residencies, music licensing, supervision, educational programming, concerts and more. Keep on rockin’ girl!


The Accidentals
The Accidentals (December 2014):

Founding members of The Accidentals, Katie and Savannah could not even legally have an adult beverage the last time we spoke to them. Now the Traverse City based alt-rock acoustic indie folk group are likely cheers-ing it up with fellow bandmate Michael Dause to signing with Sony Music Masterworks. They’ve also been named Takamine artists, showcasing the Japanese brand of guitars and listed in Yahoo Music’s Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2017. The Accidentals major-label debut is due this Spring. (SPOILER ALERT!) The record will feature surprise appearances by The Decemberists’ Jenny Conlee, Jack White’s bassist Dominic John Davis, Keller Williams and Kaki King.

Kari Lynch
Kari Lynch (November 2014):

Clare, Michigan's queen of country continues to prove Michiganders can get down with the best of ‘em. Kari Lynch and her band also made the journey to Nashville, Tenn. in the last few years. Her first full-length album, “Little Games” was recorded and the Legendary Sound Emporium Studios with Andy Sheridan (producer for Hunter Hayes, Jason Mraz). The album has been nominated for Album of the Year at the WYCE Jammie Awards and the single, “Sweetheart” won the country/folk music category at the ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids.


James Gardin
James Gardin (October 2014):

It’s only right that Lansing’s “good guy” of hip hop have good things in turn happen for the twenty-something lyrical artist. The start of 2017 brought great news, after the upbeat rapper announced he landed a record deal with Illect Recordings. His Illect debut single “Promise Land” will be released January 2017.
The heart-on-his-sleeve recording artist often uses his music to deliver positive, uplifting and unifying messages through his art. He’s also working closely in REO Town’s newest music spot, REO Town Recordings, helping others find their voice and promoting positivity through the arts.


James & June
James and June (August 2014):

Real-life husband/wife duo James & June (Dustin and Sarah Lolli) charmed their way into many hearts and playlists with their folk-pop inspired project. In January of 2016, the duo announced a shift in things. After Dustin accepted the position of lead singer with Grammy-nominated band Sanctus Real, James & June took an indefinite hiatus from the world of live shows. Sanctus Real released a three-song EP “This Is Love,” in February 2016, the first self-produced product since the band’s indie days back in the beginning.

The Lash
The Lash (June 2014):

The Irish-inspired celtic rock band was a mainstay in the Lansing area for the last twenty years. Fans and friends alike were saddened to hear of the band’s plans to call it quits in April 2015, but it was a natural progression and no hard feelings that led members to do so. The lineup had varied over the years, with an estimated 40 different members, all of whom were happy to be a part of the Lansing music scene spanning two decades. For a band that started as an “off project” with unsure whereabouts, The Lash did pretty well for itself.

Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis (March 2014):

You’ve probably heard the name before, maybe it’s because you caught one of the impressive sets by Lansing-based band Steppin’ In It during its 13 year residency at The Green Door, or maybe you’ve seen a little T.V. show called “The Voice” on NBC. Traverse City resident Josh Davis auditioned for the hit vocal competition-based television show with a version of Bob Dylan’s “I Shall be Released” in 2015. The audition aired Feb of 2015 and before we knew it, Joshua Davis became a household name. Finishing in third place of “The Voice” created plenty more touring opportunities for the already-established “weathered and warm” singer songwriter and guitar player. His latest recordings from Ann Arbor were released on a 7” vinyl Spring 2016.

Taylor Taylor
Taylor Taylor (February 2014):

Given the last time we spoke with the soulful pop singer-songwriter Taylor Taylor was when she was a sophomore in high school, it’s safe to say a lot has happened. Taylor Taylor (or T-squared as she likes to say) has been named Indi’s Artist of the Year for 2015, released her music video for “Candy,” performed at Common Ground Music Festival. Currently studying commercial music at Lansing Community College (we just had to plug it there). Taylor continues to perform all across the mitten, continuing to make a name for herself in the music business as a strong, independent female musician.


Lansing Unionized Vaudville Spectacle
The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle (Feb. 2014):

The Lansing-made “old-timey razzle dazzle” troupe features accordions, vibraphones, fiddles, banjos, kazoos, ukuleles, horns, flutes and plenty more where that came from. The LUVS have continued to entertain and brighten crowd after crowd with their bedazzled costumes and camaraderie and even opened up their own theatre. Located in Lansing’s REO Town, father-wife members Dylan Rogers and Jeana-Dee Allen of the LUV’s opened the Robin Theatre in late July of 2015. The community-minded performing arts space hosts musical acts, talent competitions, pop-up eateries and comedy acts on a nightly basis.


Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers
Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers (June 2013):

Our third M897 artist EVER, Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers, a group of multicored misfits from Lansing and Kalamazoo, the group has been consistently in the studio and on the road the past few years. After performing at Common Ground Music Festival, SXSW, Electric Forest in Rothbury, the now-described “Post-Motown folk rock” band landed a distribution deal with Bad Mascot Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group and released their album “Terra Incognita” with night after night of tin-foil hats and quirky themed concerts.


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