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December 2019 - Greet Death

Each Day’s a 'New Hell' for Greet Death (But In a Good Way)

Story by LCC Staff Reporter Katie Gleason

Greet Death BandLogan Gaval and Sam Boyhtari met in 1st grade and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Their decades-long music career (which is impressive for a band full of twenty-somethings) started in middle school band class, and only grew from there. What started out as a mutual appreciation for Neil Young, Nirvana, and old classic country, slowly evolved into the now nationwide-touring band, Greet Death, named from the famed quote “greet death as an old friend,” putting a positive spin on a rather grim topic, which seems to be the boys’ primary goal as a band.

After adding on drummer Jim Versluis, the Davisburg locals quickly began to make a name for themselves throughout the local Michigan Music scene. Their first record, lovingly titled Dixieland after their Flint-area roots, took off rather quickly. Since its release and subsequent popularity in the summer of 2017, Greet Death has released two other albums that have carried them all around the country.

Logan, Lead GuitarThe band’s newest album New Hell, released last month, is a darker themed album. Sam explains that many of the songs have to do with coming to terms with depression and change. Those lyrics, backed with a hardcore loud rock sound is a far step away from the album named after a Flint flea market. However, according to Logan, the name for the album New Hell came about in a similar way. He was working over the summer in food service, and one of the men he worked with would come in everyday and say, “Well, you know what they say; each day’s a new hell!” The sentiment really amused Logan, so he named their third album after his coworker’s unconventional catchphrase.

Being among such talent doesn't come without tribulation, however. Logan explains that they do their best work on the road while touring and around other bands, but seeing the strides that these bands make around them, the boys feel that they start setting impossible goals for themselves in a need to keep up. This overexertion leads to a loss of confidence, which surprisingly, is reflected in the music of their newest album. “So I guess it works out okay,” Logan laughs.

Logan and Sam
Sam and Logan are incredibly passionate about what they do, and are very proud of their most recent release, New Hell. You can buy their album digitally, or on vinyl from them online or at any of their shows! (I did after this interview! All three of the boys were also more than happy to sign the front cover as well.) You can catch them in Grand Rapids at the Pyramid Scheme on December 21st, at 7pm.

Don’t forget to greet them as old friends!


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