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The Coffee Break on LCC Radio

Connect with Lansing on The Coffee Break!

Coffee Break Co-Host, Jack RobbinsThe Coffee Break Morning Show is LCC Radio's morning program that focuses on creating a platform for non-profits, community organizations and local events to get the word out on what's happening in Mid-Michigan. Tune in and you'll hear from a variety of local groups like the Mayor's Office of Lansing and East Lansing, Wharton Center for Performing Arts, LCC Performing Arts, Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau, Capital Area Humane Society, Old Town Main Street, Potter Park Zoo, and the Michigan Historical Society. That's just to name a few! All told, the Coffee Break features over 100 nonprofits, local organizations, and businesses as local guests from the Mid-Michigan area. Find out who'll be on next with the Coffee Break Guest Calendar located below. Just click on the guest's name to find out extra details!

To be a guest on The Coffee Break Show contact:
Jack Robbins
Coffee Break Producer
Email Jack

Thanks to local artist and musician Dennis Preston for the great caricature art of Jack & Karen!


Tune In!

The Coffee Break can be heard on 89.7 HD-1 & HD-2 from 9am -10am every weekday morning. You can also watch a simulcast on LCC-TV at 9am with a re-broadcast at 6pm. LCC-TV is available through Comcast Cable on Channel 15 in Lansing and Channel 31 in East Lansing and Meridian Township. Our video stream of The Coffee Break can be viewed weekdays at 9am.

History of The Coffee Break

September 11, 2001: The day was filled with confusion, shock, dread, sadness, anger, and a multitude of other emotions. WLNZ suspended regular programming for the day and reported the news revolving around the terrorist attacks. In the aftermath, the staff began to ponder the implications of what happened from the local to global level. Many organizations began trying to find ways to raise the funds and provide aid to deal with the tremendous needs created by such a tragic event.

It was the culmination of these events that would lead to the creation of The Coffee Break. Former WLNZ Station Manager, Dave Downing noticed that most of the news coverage was for fund-raisers, but it was all after the fact. His vision was to create a program that would allow groups and organizations to get that information out before the events take place. In the weeks following 9/11, Dave talked with the staff of WLNZ about how they could address meeting the needs of a nation in mourning. Collectively, they decided to transform an hour of the station's morning program to concentrate on what nonprofits and other organizations were doing in the area. They invited spokespeople from the various groups to talk about their upcoming events, their goals, and needs. The first week of October, 2001, The Coffee Break Morning Show made its debut.

Over the years, the hosts of the program have changed from time to time and the overall vision has expanded but the mission remains the same; to provide a platform for the community of Lansing to "get the word out". The Coffee Break has grown to include over 100 nonprofit organizations from the Mid-Michigan region that make regular appearances on the program. A wider community focus now includes community events such as festivals, concerts, and performing arts. And on any given day, you can hear from breadth of community members such as authors, artists, musicians, teachers, community leaders, and politicians. The Coffee Break is currently co-hosted by Jack Robbins and Karen Love (with occasional guest hosts). Jack and Karen are both veterans of the Lansing media as well as long time residents of Mid-Michigan.
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